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Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

We all know by now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? It helps keeps us energized and more full to be prepared for the day that awaits us. The best part about the first meal of the day is that there are so many breakfast recipes that you can make to help motivate and enlighten your mood to look forward to the day. Here are some delicious breakfast recipes to try out before you get ready to begin your day.

Creamy Bacon And Egg Breakfast Enchiladas

Bacon and eggs are part of the important breakfast essentials to help us feel full. You can make a lot of creative meals with them, especially when it comes to your morning meals. The first dish you should try with these breakfast delicacies are creamy bacon and egg breakfast enchiladas. Imagine a usual Mexican-styled enchilada, but you substitute all of the usual ingredients such as chicken, steak, or beef for a homemade creamy cheese sauce, bacon and egg combo! Combining these two together will help create the ultimate breakfast dish that’ll have you ready to go on a full and satisfied stomach.

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

French Toast Dippers With Hot Chocolate Sauce

French toast is definitely another breakfast classic that millions of people love around the world. The best part about this is that it can be made in different ways that will further emphasize the world’s love for it even more as well. Picture eating french toast with-wait for it-chocolate sauce! The kicker to this recipe is that you cut the bread up to make french toast sticks so you can dip it in the chocolate sauce. This breakfast recipe will be the ultimate treat of mixing a sweet cinnamon treat with a delicious, rich syrup. Prepping homemade french toast while having chocolate syrup on the side will provide the ultimate energy boost and sugar rush to help you fight back fatigue during the day. 

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

Breakfast Crunchwrap

Breakfast cravings can be easily satisfied within a matter of moments, but having the ultimate breakfast dish will leave you with an everlasting feeling of joy. If you want a substantial breakfast meal that comes with a combination of your favorite breakfast essentials, then a breakfast crunchwrap is what you’ll want to try next! This crunchwrap will come with all of your breakfast basics (bacon, eggs, and cheese) while also adding in peppers, onion, a mixture of spices and potatoes. Try dipping it in salsa to add that extra spicy sensation to your meal as well. Skip the trip to Taco Bell and prepare this excellent wrap that will leave the most wonderful taste on your taste buds!

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

Cheesy Bacon French Toast Triangles

Sometimes we need to make something quick because we have a busy day ahead of us that requires a lot of our time. If you need a breakfast dish that’s quick to get you out of the door super fast, try out cheesy bacon french toast triangles. Once again adding in french toast as a major breakfast favorite, you can enjoy this treat while being filled with the best ingredients. Combining cheddar cheese, bacon, and adding jalapenos for some extra spice into the mix, you can please your breakfast cravings while still being able to make it to your first stop for the day.

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

Mini Breakfast Tacos

Another quick breakfast dish that can help you kick-start your day fast are mini breakfast tacos. Substituting taco shells for bread by cutting them into circles and baking them into a taco shape, you’re simply adding in the primary ingredients that help comprise a traditional breakfast meal (eggs, bacon, and cheese). Once the bread is finished baking, add in these breakfast classics and then bake for an additional eight minutes and you will have your favorite breakfast combo with a taco twist.

Breakfast Dishes That'll Kick-Start Your Day

Red Velvet Pancakes

We can’t forget that pancakes are also a morning favorite for a lot of people. However, instead of trying your average pancakes, add a little bit of a sweet kick to it by making homemade red velvet pancakes. Red velvet is a very popular sweet treat that a lot of people like to indulge in. So why not add that as a breakfast delight mixed with your favorite breakfast dish? While following the usual steps of making the pancake mix, simply add in red food coloring and cook it to give it that sweet, delicious taste. Top it off with some icing, blueberries, and strawberries to give it a sweet, decadent taste that’ll have craving more and more of this delicious breakfast treat!

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Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

French Toast Nuggets

French toast is usually a common factor when it comes to making the best breakfast dish. That also means that it can be made in a variety of combinations to create the ultimate breakfast meal. While serving a small portion for breakfast but still giving you a sweet, cinnamon taste, try out french toast nuggets. French toast nuggets can also be best served while dipping them in classic syrup or served on top of ice cream! Try making this delectable treat for breakfast to give you the instant morning sugar rush to help boost your energy as well as leaving you with a joyful feeling. 

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

One last breakfast dish to try out that’ll help appease your breakfast cravings is a waffle breakfast sandwich. Waffles is another part of the breakfast essentials that is very popular amongst millions of people around the world. Cooking eggs while adding bacon, cheese, and/or sausage together, it will produce a delicious and cheesy breakfast aftertaste. If you should happen to be in a rush, you can take the sandwich on the go with you, which is the best part about this easy-to-make and quick breakfast delight. When combining all of the best ingredients together with this American classic breakfast treat, this sandwich will be sure to satisfy your taste buds and will make you want to come back for more. 

Breakfast Dishes That’ll Kick-Start Your Day

Take some time in the morning to invest in cooking up these delicious breakfast recipes. Starting your day off the right way by having the right breakfast dish and a side of coffee or orange juice will help relieve you of your breakfast cravings while also waking up your taste buds.

Which one of these breakfast delicacies would you try out? What are some other breakfast dishes that’ll entice your taste buds? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below!

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