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7 Last Minute Christmas Appetizer Recipes

7 Last Minute Christmas Appetizer Recipes


Got a Christmas party to go to, but forgot you’re supposed to be bringing an appetizer? We’ve all been there! Don’t panic, keep reading for 7 delicious last minute Christmas appetizer recipes.

1. Christmas Wreath Pigs in a Blanket

OK, so it is mostly just Pigs in a Blanket arranged like a wreath, but it is still amazing.

Learn how to make this Pigs in a Blanket recipe here!


Yummy Christmas appetizers!

2. Guacamole Cups

Guacamole always a great idea, but it is even greater when you prepare the perfect bite for everyone else. Just fill up a cup and top with some cheese, cilantro, and a tomato.

Find this guacamole cup recipe here!


These guac cups are a great Christmas appetizer recipe!

3. French Onion Tartlets

These tartlets are one of the easier Christmas appetizer recipes to throw together. They only take 10 minutes to throw together, so toss them in the oven before you get ready for your party.

Check out this tartlet recipe here!

One of the best Christmas appetizer recipes!


4. Gouda and Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are a great bite-size appetizer for guests!

Give these gouda and crab stuffed mushrooms a go here!

Delicious Christmas appetizer recipes!


5. Smoked Salmon Cucumber Slices

If you don’t have time to turn the oven on, go the no bake route and try these yummy smoked salmon cucumber slices.

Check out this cucumber slice recipe here!

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Great Christmas appetizer recipes!

6. Fried Pickles

A good fried pickle is always a hit. Paired with a delicious dip, these pickles will be gone in no time.

Learn how to make these fried pickles here!


Yummy Christmas appetizer recipes!

7. Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread

It is named crack bread for a reason! One of the most perfect Christmas appetizer recipes.

Check out how to make this crack bread here!


Delicious Christmas appetizer recipes!

What are some of your favorite Christmas appetizer recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

These are the best last minute Christmas appetizer recipes!
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