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Blair Waldorf Outfits You Can Recreate

Gossip Girl is known for its crazy drama and its characters’ great fashion sense. The character that had some of the most iconic outfits in the series was Blair Waldorf. Everyone wants to be able to wear her looks, and you still can today! Here are Blair Waldorf outfits you can recreate to look as cute and stylish as her. 

Cute Floral Dress

Blair’s summer dresses are some of her best looks. This dress, in particular, is one that always catches everyone’s eye.

It has a bright and vibrant floral pattern. She has on a pink belt to cinch in her waist. Her bag continues to have the same bright pink accents of the dress and looks like if it were a picnic basket, which is perfect for a summery look. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Blair Waldorf outfit without a headband.

You can recreate this outfit by picking out a floral dress that you like and feel confident in. Then find the matching accessories, the belt, bag, and headband, and you are ready to walk the streets of the Upper East Side! 

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Bold Plaid Blazer

When Blair attended Constance Billard School, her outfits were very preppy and the schoolgirl look really took over her style. Cute outfits like this one are what Blair Waldorf would wear to school. And we all wished we could be her!

Her plaid blazer is what makes this outfit stand out. Her shirt underneath is a long sleeve, and the sleeves have a ruffle that peaks out of the sleeve of the blazer. She is wearing a black skirt and white tights underneath, because of the chilly New York weather. Her heels are black and white, which combines the colors of the shirt and skirt perfectly.

Finally, you will never see Blair wearing a backpack, her school bag is a big handbag, that is in a staple color that goes with the outfit. In this case, her bag goes with the plaid of the blazer.

You can recreate this preppy school girl outfit by finding a cute plaid blazer, a black skirt, white tights and don’t forget the bag! This outfit is great for going to class in fashion, just like Blair would do. 

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Classy Top and Skirt

Blair Waldorf is a lady that means business, and it’s reflected in the classy, and chic outfits that she wears in later seasons. This outfit makes her look really mature, but it still incorporates the pieces that Blair is known for.

Her top is in a large houndstooth print, with a tie in the front, which continues Blair’s preppy style but in a more classy way. Her skirt is black and knee-length, with some button detail going down along both sides.

You can recreate this Blair Waldorf outfit by finding a similar top, and a long black skirt! And you too can be a classy boss lady! 

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Incredible Yellow Look

Other school girl outfits that Blair Waldorf wore were dresses and on top, a coat that complimented the colors of the look. What made these looks so incredible is the way she would use different combinations of colors.

In this outfit she uses the primary colors red and yellow, which she matches with black very well. She has on a black dress, and underneath she has on her white button-down. For her to not lose her waistline, she has on a yellow belt. The yellow belt matches the color of the coat that she has on over her dress.

She has on red tights, which brings in the pop of color in this outfit. For her accessories, you can’t have a Blair Waldorf outfit without a cute purse and a headband!

The way you can recreate this look is quite simple. Find a long sleeve black dress, and you can pick out a yellow coat and belt. You could also switch it to blue to match with the red tights. Then a caramel bag and a red headband. You are ready to go hang out with Serena and the minions! 

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See Also

Iconic Paris Dress

Paris was always a place where Blair had a blast shopping and wore iconic outfits. This Blair Waldorf outfit was simple but still very cute. Perfect for an afternoon at a museum looking at art and meeting new people.

This dress was really cute and it will be easy for you to recreate the look. The dress is white with black polka dots. She has on some black heels and her purse is a bright red color to add the pop of color into her outfit.

All you need to recreate this outfit is finding a similar dress, some comfortable black heels, and a bright red purse. A great look to be walking around Paris in! 

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Mix And Match Schoolgirl Look

It wouldn’t be a Blair Waldorf outfit if it wasn’t perfect to do some scheming in! This outfit is a perfect example of how Blair would make different patterns and fabric textures work together. From head to toe, there is a lot happening but it’s impressive how it comes together at the end.

Her long sleeve top has ruffles going down the middle and around the collar, this goes with the preppy style that Blair always has. Her skirt is all black but has a small honeycomb pattern. Her tights are a navy green color and have a pattern on them as well. For her shoes, she has some simple, black ballet flats.

For accessories, her bag is red with a plaid pattern on it. And of course, her infamous headband, for this outfit it is red and white, which ties back to the top and to the bag.

You can recreate this outfit by getting a top that is similar to the ruffles. Then find a black skirt, some green tights, black flats, a purse and a headband that goes with everything. You may not think this look is for you, but Blair makes it work! So, it’s worth a try. Then you’re ready to plan a scheme and try to figure out who Gossip Girl is!  

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Which Blair Waldorf outfit is your favorite? Which outfit are you eager to recreate? Let us know in the comments below!

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