10 Best FSU Game Day Outfits

With football season now in full swing you may have realized that it is pretty much mandatory to wear garnet and gold on game days, home or away. Yeah, that FSU T-shirt you got at Bill’s Bookstore is great, but you aren’t going to wear that to every game right? Here are 10 of the best FSU game day outfits that will make heads turn.

1. Tried and True

Just about everyone’s go-to game day outfit is their FSU T-shirt or jersey. So if that is yours as well, try to make it your own by jazzing it up with some accessories. Rose gold jewelry featuring feathers and arrows, and comfy shoes such as Adidas superstars make it possible for you to stay on your feet when the Seminoles destroy the other team.

This is one of the best FSU game day outfits!

2. The Sweetheart

Fashion isn’t quite your thing so you don’t want to venture too much out of your comfort zone? Then this outfit is perfect for you. It’s built off of a few staples in every Seminole closet. Everyone will surely know which team you’re rooting for. (The Gators right? lol)


3. Country Chic

It seems like Garnet and Gold pair really well with boots. This outfit is a little dressier, yet still simple. Branch out beyond your typical Fred the Head with this adorable outfit.

4. Tribal Inspiration

Want to rep your Seminole pride? Here’s a hair piece that doesn’t violate FSU’s no headdress policy. Plus it’s totally cute and pairs with any garnet and gold outfit you can think up.

5. (Fall)ing for the Noles.

Come late October and early November those night games can get pretty chilly. A cute outfit like this one will keep you warm and totally helps you rep the best team on the field.

6. Cute ‘n’ Comfy

Whoever said beauty is pain was totally lying. This outfit proves you can have comfort and show your Seminole Spirit at the same time. You can always add some extra gold accessories to vamp this one up even more!

7. Glammed Out

This outfit takes accessories to the max and does it in the best way possible, representing our beloved Noles of course! How cute is that clutch, amiright?

8. The Modern Seminole

This cute ensemble features many Native American inspired pieces, including the arm-band, the arrow head and the wonderful leather sandals. You could almost be down on the field with Osceola and Renegade when they plant the spear, but let’s keep that job for the professionals.


9. The Business Casual

Maybe you couldn’t make it to the game this time, but you still wanted everyone to know who your team was. This outfit is perfect for watching parties and hanging out around Tallahassee on game day. Plus, it’s totes cute for any other occasion.

10. The Afterparty

Of course, the Seminoles have won, again! You know what that means? Afterparty! An occasion like this requires some serious garnet and gold, and I think this outfit has you covered.

Cute outfits like these is the reason that the Noles are #unconquered. Well, maybe not, but how else can we root on our amazing football team? Whatever you choose to wear on game day, make sure that there is no doubt which team you’re rooting for and tailgate responsibly. Oh, and don’t forgot to sing along and get that tomahawk chop going whenever the Chiefs start the War Chant! GO NOLES!

What are the best FSU game day outfits in your opinion? Comment below and share this article!

Featured image source: bedazzlesafterdark.com, bowsandarrowsco.com
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