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7 Tips For What To Wear To A NDSU Frat Party

7 Tips For What To Wear To A NDSU Frat Party

North Dakota State University is home to 12 fraternities and 3 sororities. Because there is literally four times as many sororities as there are fraternities, there are four times as many frat parties than sorority parties. Why would this make any difference to what kind of parties these are you may ask? Well, at a frat party there is going to be roughly twice as many dudes there than girls.It is probably going to get rowdier and hotter (interpret that how you want). In North Dakota, it can get pretty cold at night in the fall/winter/spring so you have to be careful with what to wear to a NDSU frat party at night.

At any kind of party, you are going to be meeting a ton of people, and I mean A TON.
So, whether you are there to have a good time, meet someone, get smashed, or get crazy, you are probably going to want to dress appropriately to make a good first impression.


Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form telling you that you have to dress nice or in a certain way to get attention. Dress for yourself homie. I am just here for if you want some extra help, or if you have no idea what to wear to a NDSU frat party.

Let’s get started, shall we?


1. Dress comfortably for the weather.

First things first, there is a small tradition I’d like to break. Just because it’s a frat party doesn’t mean to wear as little clothing as possible. Time and time again I see girls in the MIDDLE OF WINTER wearing shorts and a crop top. Don’t get me wrong, I am not slut shaming in any way, but please do your poor, cold, little body a favor and at least wear something that you could potentially not die in.

2. My advice for any outfit in general, keep it simple.

These two are so simple and so easy to come up with. Pair some black jeans with a solid top and layer with a nice, light flannel or jacket!

P.S. Don’t let anyone tell you not to wear a jacket to a party in the middle of winter. DO. NOT.



3. Don’t wear blouses with cheesy sayings i.e. “good vibes”.

It is a lot classier and cute with just cute colored blouses like these two!


4. Accents are key!

They’re adorable and they set you apart from the crowd. The power of the bow can make all the difference!

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5. If it’s above 40 degrees in good ole’ ND, consider a dress. A cute one of course.


6. Cute shorts for a nice night, hot jeans for a chilly evening.


7. Ditch the white Converse and Sperrys for once and lace up some stylish boots or some adorable flats!

Thinking about what to wear to a NDSU frat party? Wear these!


I hope you turn heads when you walk in the door. Have the time of your life and be safe while doing it!

How do you decide what to wear to a NDSU frat party? Comment below and share the article!
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