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10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

Everyday is leg day! When working out sometimes we lose focus of what’s important and only focus on maybe losing weight or even trying to bulk. And we sometimes don’t target certain muscle groups on our body. When I workout I try to target every area on my body but the most important is always the legs. Below are some of my favorite booty workouts and some that you have to try. 

1. Squats

It’s all in the bend. Squats are the quintessential booty workout. This workout targets your lower core, quads, glutes and hamstrings. You bend in the knees, drop your hips low and make sure that you’re at a 90 degree angle parallel to the floor. And move back up. Don’t lean too forward. If you do you may either fall over or strain the muscles in your back. You can either do this workout in intervals or in increments. The squat is probably the most common and most effective to the booty. 

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

2. Kettle Bell Swing 

Adding weight to the squat! The kettle bell swing works all that is listed above and more. Taking a weighted kettle bell (a weight of your choice) and get into a squat position. Swing the weight forward and squat as you swing forward. Do this workout in 1 minute increments to be the most effective. The trick is to not fall over and lose balance and to not hyper extend your arms and strain the muscles. This workout targets the arms as well as the lower legs. 

3. Lunges

If you want a workout that won’t destroy your knees but will work the booty then the lunge is perfect for you. The lunge works the lower booty as well as the thighs and hamstrings. You can also switch this workout up. You can either do these while walking or jumping. They can also be weighted with either dumbbells or kettle bells as well. You want to do lunges in the proper form. If not then you risk the chance of damaging your knees or straining your back muscles and lower leg muscles. 

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

4. One Leg Dead Lift

This is the first of two different variations. The one leg dead lift is usually done with kettle bells. You plant either your right or left leg and then lift your back leg off the floor. As you go forward the leg stays planted. The trick is to never let your leg touch the floor or to go to forward and loose your balance. This targets the hamstrings and quads and teaches you how to have balance and core strength within the workout. 

5. Dead Lift

The second variation of this workout. Instead of using just one leg this requires the use of free weight. While using the weights get into a half squat position and use your arm strength to lift the weights. Lift the dumbbell and squat at the same time.  Try not to strain your muscles while lifting the weight off the ground. When starting to do this workout the less weight you use is better. This targets the quads, arms and hamstrings as well. 

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

6. Hip Thrust

Another workout with multiple variations on the list. The hip thrust works the legs and abs. You can either just do it in a bridge position or use free weights. If using the free weights make sure you have a foam roller or mat on top. Use the weight that is most comfortable to use and position yourself with your butt off the floor. Slowly push yourself forward and clench your butt cheeks while going forward. This is good workout to be done in intervals as well. 

7. Glute Bridge

The unweighted variation of this workout. Using the same movement as before. Move yourself into a bridge position and move the hips forward. Instead of thrusting the hips and moving back and forth move yourself into a hold. You can hold the position for however long you want it to. You can also lift one leg yup and plant the other. The most effective way to not injure yourself while doing this workout is to grab your ankles while doing this to keep the balance. You can risk either a back injury or even an ankle issue if too much weight is put on the body. This targets your legs, hamstrings, quads and lower abs. 

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

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8. Donkey Kicks

It’s not really the act of kicking a donkey. This is the booty workout that every fitness influencer lives by. The donkey kick is simple. You get down on all fours. Plant one leg and lift the other. Move the other leg back at a 90 degree angle and remember to keep control of the leg that swings. Make sure the leg is also parallel to the floor. This workout targets the lower booty as well as the lower abs to be effective. 

9. Plank Jacks

Jumping jacks on the floor. The plank jack is very simple. Getting in a plank position lower yourself to the floor. Spread your legs to where they are equal distance apart. And jump with your legs apart in the plank position. Do this workout in intervals and not all at once. This is not only an intense form of cardio but also works your legs, abs and arms. 

10 Best Booty Workouts You Have To Try

10. Wall Sits

What I truly think is the hardest of all the workouts….Wall sits are truly difficult. They require immense core strength and leg strength.  It’s pretty simple in nature. While sitting on a wall lower yourself to a sitting position and hold yourself up in a straight position. and hold for however long it takes. It targets abs as well as the legs. 

Targeting your muscle groups is an important part of getting the perfect booty. Working for your best is always important and can be done with just a few simple exercises. Exercise is essential to living a healthy life. 

Comment below or share some of your favorite booty workouts. 

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