10 Signs You Are Childhood Besties

Everyone called you two childhood besties, but now you’re both wondering if you two make the cut. Well if you can tick off this checklist of 10 signs you are childhood besties, I can guarantee your childhood best friend is one you can declare.

1. You Know Each Others Parents Rules Inside Out

If you know what always got your bestie in trouble and see their parents as your second ones, then you can count that you’re childhood besties. Come on, you remember those days where your bestie would get you to ask their parents for something, because they knew if they asked it would be a no, yep that’s bestie code.

2. They Have A Library Of Embarrassing Photos Of You

I’m talking about those photos where you’re wearing that embarrassing outfit your mum put you in because she thought you looked super cute. Yeah you know the photos I’m talking about, the ones you wish your crush never sees, only childhood besties have those. But wait you guys don’t just have one you have an album of each other’s not so flattering photos!


3. Most of Your Summer Holidays Was Spent With Each Other

Childhood besties always hated the thought of being apart. So if you two spent the whole summer holidays convincing your mothers to organise another play date, or have another sleepover watching scary movies you can count your childhood besties, I mean you guys created childhood memories together.

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4. You’ve Been There Through Each Other’s Not So Forgettable Fashion Statements

Remember that time your mum cut you that ridiculous fringe, hmm bringing back some memories for you. You might have forgotten all the bad fashion statements you pulled off as a child, but I can guarantee you your childhood bestie hasn’t. If you remember each other during the bad phases, you are childhood besties.

5. You Both Remember All The Stages Your Bedrooms Went Through

From that cartoon bedcover that you envied of theirs to those pop star posters all over your bedroom, they wish they had. If you both remember each other’s bedrooms and all of its stages, you are screaming childhood besties.

6. You Know The Quirky Little Things About Each Other

You know the things that not everyone knows about you. Like how you never ate your peas or how they were scared of the dark. Yes these quirky little things that came to make you up today, only childhood besties still remember these.


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7. You Guys Have A Least One BFF Charm

Okay, so what childhood besties didn’t have at least one BFF charm to represent their eternal friendship. From BFF necklaces, bracelets to even teddies, anything that had BFF on it had to be claimed by you both and kept for goods. I mean just in case anyone on the playground questioned your friendship right.


8. You Had Silly Fights But Always Rekindled

You know those ridiculous petty fights that you both look at now and laugh at, but also the ones that never lasted because you both couldn’t stand the fact of being apart. Only childhood besties had a hundred of these fights and always rekindled, your love for each other was always too strong to end from that fight over a skipping rope.


9. You Remember All Your Inside Jokes And Still Laugh At The Thought Of Them

Remember all those cute innocent jokes you two would laugh your head over, yeah the ones you still remember today and they still bring a giggle or two. Only childhood besties still remember and laugh over the same inside jokes, you two have that mutual bond and it always ignites when funny memories arise.

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10. You Guys Always Envisioned A Future As Forever Besties

You both would make plans of how you two would be when you grew up, you two never saw a future without each other. Your plan to run away and join the circus may have just been a fantasy, and although you two have grown up and maybe even drifted a little. You both still hold onto that childhood friendship, after all, childhood besties are forever.

So you’ve reached number ten and can tick all of these off, well it’s safe to say you two are childhood besties that share a bond like no other. Can you think of any more signs that declare you’re childhood besties? If so, leave a comment down below.

Featured Image Source:https://unsplash.com/photos/eWRFfSE_srY
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