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20 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

20 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

If you want some good cheap xmas gifts, then these affordable Christmas gift ideas are great for those on a low budget, looking to buy some presents!

With Christmas getting closer and closer, it can sometimes be hard to know what to get people for gifts, especially if you are strapped for cash! With these affordable Christmas gift ideas, you’re sure to find something that’ll please and put a smile on the receiver’s face!

1- DIY Cookie Jar

This little cookie jar is such a great idea as it is so easy and affordable to make and the person who receives it will love it! The good thing about this DIY Cookie Jar is that all of the dry ingredients are in the jar ready to be mixed, so all the gift receiver has to do is add the wet ingredients (e.g.; egg, butter or milk). This DIY Cookie Jar can make whatever cookies you want them to, so if you know what cookies the person you are giving the gift to likes, you can create a jar which will make their favourite cookies! The key to this one is using a glass jar and layering all of the ingredients so it looks visually appealing to the person you are giving it to! This is a great gift for people who love to cook and spend time in the kitchen! (Be sure to add cooking instructions to your jar so the person knows exactly what to do!)


2- Keep Cup

For your environmentally conscious friend! Everyone should have a keep cup because they are so much better for the environment than take-away coffee cups. Not only do they keep your drink hotter for longer, but they look super cool too! You can definitely find some cheap keep cups in shops like Target and Kmart, or if you’re looking for more something more sturdy you can head to General Trader or Home-Ware Shops! To add a little something more to this gift, put some treats like candy canes and chocolates in the cup! That way when they open the lid, they are treated to a nice surprise!

3- Tie Dye Kit

One of the ultimate affordable Christmas gift ideas for those with a creative heart! The DIY Tie Dye Kit is perfect for aristic people as they can create cool patterns with bright colours to wear! How cool is that?! This is a great idea for older kids/young teens or just anyone who has a creative flair! And lets be honest, who doesn’t love awesome colours and rainbow patterns!!


4- DIY Water Marble Mugs 

These mugs are so cool and make for a unique gift! All you need is nail polish, warm water and a plain white mug! For instructions, you’ll need to pour nail polish into warm water and then dunk your mug into the water mixture and move the mug in order to get the desired design you want.  Once you’ve decorated the mug in a way you like, put it in the oven at around 250 degrees for around 20 minutes in order to set the design effectively!

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5- Frank Body Scrub Combo (Mini)

This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves and has a great sense of humour! Frank Body Scrubs leave your skin feeling soft, and is great for exfoliating. Frank Body does a really great job of adding humour to their products too, which will be sure to make whoever you’re gifting this to giggle! This is a super affordable and high quality gift that really does aim to please with both a coffee and a coconut scrub included in the pack!


6- DIY Plant Terrarium

A DIY Plant Terrarium is a perfect gift for somebody’s home and is sure to make them smile. The two main bonuses about making the terrarium yourself is that you will save a lot of money and you can personalise the terrarium to the persons taste who you are gifting it to! You can pretty much grab any big bowl or old candle jar (doesn’t really matter as long as it is clear) and start layering different soil, pebbles, sand, rocks and whatever you want really! Get some cacti and succulents and plant them in the soil and decorate it however you like! There really isn’t any set way on how to make a terrarium, its all about doing what your creative senses tell you!


7- Movie Night

This is a great gift for someone who you’re unsure about what gift to get but still want to get them something they will enjoy and appreciate! You can easily put together a ‘Movie Night’ package by getting a basket and filling it with a double pass movie voucher and movie snacks such as microwave popcorn, bags of lollies and chocolate. The gift voucher is really great because it allows them to choose what movie they want to go to, but the added treats for them in the basket allows the present to feel a little bit more personalised.

8- Affirmation Jar

This gift can be slightly time consuming but it is by far one of the most affordable Christmas gift ideas on this list! All you need is a jar of some sort with a lid that you can easily open and close, different coloured paper (or popsicle sticks) and a pen! Basically you want to write anything positive about the person you are giving the gift to, or certain memories you cherish with this person. It can be anything you like as long as it is something positive that will make the person you’re giving it to smile. You can fold the papers in half, roll them individually and ribbon them, write on different coloured popsicles or customise it however you want! Chuck the affirmations in the jar, decorate the jar how you like and there you have it- a lovely affirmation jar which will definitely put a smile on the gift receivers face!


9- Sukin, ‘Love Your Skin’ Gift Pack

Sukin are a skin care brand which are plant based, not tested on animals and are vegan. Their products feel incredible on the skin and the quality of their products are impeccable. At the moment Sukin has a gift pack which you can find in places such as Coles, Target and at pharmacies. It includes a facial cleanser, mist toner and a moisturiser. It is one of the best affordable Christmas gift ideas for someone who cares a lot about skin care. Sukin does have other skin care gift packs too, however the ‘Love Your Skin’ pack is by far the most popular and has the most generic products which is great if you don’t know the persons skin type or facial routine.


10- Cards Against Humanity Game

This game is not for the faint hearted so make sure you really know the person you are buying this gift for! Its a stack of fun to play cards, and actually surprisingly an affordable gift. If you shop online it is a lot cheaper than buying it in any store, so make sure to get it soon!

11- DIY Photo Frame

This DIY Photo Frame is one of the best affordable Christmas gift ideas for anyone who is sentimental and appreciates effort being put into their gifts! Print out some photos of you and the person you are giving the gift to and position them in a frame with decorations that remind you of the person, or you think they will appreciate (e.g.; confetti, inspirational quotes etc.) Again, this DIY Photo Frame really has no limits, so feel free to let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to produce a Christmas gift that will make your loved one smile!


12- Happy Socks!

Happy Socks are sure to put a smile on your friend or loved ones face! There are so many different colours and designs and they are super cool and relatively affordable. Bamboozled are another great brand which do funky socks for cheap prices and are you can find them in shops such as David Jones and Myers.

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13- LUSH Bath Bombs

LUSH are really great at providing awesome Christmas gifts. Select your own bath bombs and gift wrap them yourself if you are really tight for cash or select from one of their already-made packages for a little bit more money! This gift is another great one for people who love to pamper themselves!


14-Scrapbook Of Memories

This one is a really great gift for a partner or parent who love looking through happy memories and are maybe a little sentimental! Scrapbook books are super easy to find, and places like Kmart sell cheap ones which are perfect! Basically, just print out a heap of photos and paste them in the scrapbook in whatever order you like in order to tell a story, it could be a story about your latest travel adventures, the story of your relationship, or whatever you want! Decorate the scrapbook however you like with stickers, paint, drawings, beads, glitter etc.


15- Tea Pot And Cup All-In-One!

For the tea lover out there. A Tea for one set is a really great idea as it is a teapot and a delicate cup all in one. The teapot basically sits on top of the cup which means it is super easy to store and looks absolutely beautiful too. You can find these beauties in places like The Tea Bar and T2, however, some can be quite expensive, so make sure you stick to the cheaper side of the store if you are on a strict budget!

16- Homemade Truffles

Homemade truffles are a fun and delicious gift for your foodie friends out there! You can make the truffles in any flavour you want to, and personalize them for the person you are giving them to! Wrap them delicately and nicely in order to have that extra WOW factor! These are a super affordable, and super tasty too!!


17- Salt-Lamp

Salt Lamps have incredible powers and can do wonders for the person who is lucky enough to have one. It is a great gift idea as it is simple yet looks stunning and impressive.


18- Calendar And Wall Planner

A calendar and wall planner is one of the best affordable Christmas gift Ideas as it welcomes the in New Years and allows the person receiving the gift to feel prepared to tackle on whatever the New Year brings for them! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this gift either, with places like Kmart selling them or more expensive ones being sold in places like a newsagent.

19- Macrame Kit

A macrame kit is a great gift for anyone who has a creative flair and enjoys interior home decoration. Macrame kits are one of the greatest affordable Christmas gift ideas as the person who receives it will be able to make the macrame however they like!

20- Charity Donation On Your Gift Receivers Behalf

This is hands down one of the best affordable Christmas gift ideas and is something that will truly touch the heart of the person you are giving the gift to. Lots of places allow you to choose the size of your donation and this can be as much or as little as you’s like! It’s a great idea if you can print out a certificate that states you have donated so that the person who receives the gift has something they can open and look at!


What are some of your favorite affordable Christmas gift ideas? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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