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8 Tips For When You Have Too Much On Your Mind

8 Tips For When You Have Too Much On Your Mind

Sometimes we all have a stack of things to do in the back of our mind that give us stress and anxiety. Having that subconscious weight on your shoulders in no way helps you get them done. Life certainly does not come easy, and a lot of that has to do with all of the responsibilities we have as human beings. No matter what those things are, there are ways to help you get them done and relieve stress so you are not too overwhelmed.

1. Make a To Do List

When you make a to do list, everything you have to do is organized instead of jumbled in your head. To make it even less daunting, you can separate your tasks up by category to make it less overwhelming. Imagine how great it will feel when you can cross off an entire category instead of just one little thing!


2. Listen to Music

Listening to music increases productivity. Pump up music will help you get more out of a workout, classical music helps you retain more of what you are studying, and your favorite song can improve your mood. All of the above reduces stress and makes you work smarter instead of harder.


3. Go to the Gym

Going to the gym has been proven to decrease stress levels. It naturally creates adrenalin, which is the chemical in your brain that makes you feel happier. While reducing stress you are also burning some calories, which can make you feel more productive. The less stressed you are the more productive you will be. You will be reducing stress while getting ready for the upcoming bathing suit season.

4. Prioritize

Get the more important things done first instead of all of the less important ones. If you can get your more tedious work done earlier you won’t have to have the thought about doing them hanging over your head. The little things will seem easier once you are done too and you will feel more and more productive every time you get a huge assignment done.

5. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has been proven to have oodles of benefits in every cup. Not only does it help your immune system, digestive system, your body’s ability to burn fat and reduce your risk of cancer, but studies also show that it has mental health benefits and can literally make you smarter. Have a cup in the morning to relieve stress and start off on the right foot. You will increase your brain activity so you can get your stuff done. Not only are you helping your productivity, but you are also helping your body out in endless ways also!

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6. Cry

Yes, I said cry. Crying rids your body of a chemical called cortisol, which is the chemical in your brain related to stress. When you cry, you are actually ridding your body of stress and anxiety. With your new cleansed body, you can sit down and conquer your long list of things to do.

7. Take Frequent Breaks

Do not overwhelm yourself and try and accomplish everything in one sitting. Fun fact about studying: your brain remembers the first and last thing that you try and learn, so the more breaks you have, the more first and last things you are going to remember. During your breaks you can stretch, organize what else you have to do, or take a nap! Make sure you do not make your breaks too long and forfeit too much time. A 10 minute break is perfect if you stop every 30-45 minutes. Another way to work smarter and not harder!


8. Reward Yourself!

I do not know one person that would not love a little reward. Think about what you like, whether it be a cupcake or an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Everyone responds to incentives. You will have more motivation to accomplish your goals if you know that there is a giant piece of cake waiting for you.

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