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12 Habits You Should Pick Up Before You Start College

12 Habits You Should Pick Up Before You Start College

From having a healthy diet to staying organized with a planner, these are healthy and beneficial habits to pick up before freshman year of college!

Saying hello to the start of college means saying goodbye to the curfews, parental supervision, and many other things you had to endure in high school. And while you may be more than excited for this newly gained freedom, you also have to face a new dreaded obstacle; adulting. With the last few weeks of summer left at your disposal, you still have time to establish a few habits that will make your life at college much easier. Here are 12 habits to pick up before you start college!

1. Staying Hydrated

Drinking enough water is important for a number of reasons. It helps you feel more energized and is necessary for your body to function. The summer is the perfect time to make sure you get used to drinking enough water everyday. This habit may be simple, but it will help ensure that you are feeling great! After all, no one wants to feel drowsy or light headed- you don’t have time for that!

2. Eating Breakfast

Another component of feeling great throughout the day is always eating breakfast. I understand that you may not always have the time to whip up a gourmet meal, but grabbing a granola bar before heading out the door is better than nothing at all. Eating breakfast is an easy way to jump start the day and wake your body up, even if it is for those dreaded 8 ams.


3. Keeping an Agenda

While not all of us are artsy enough to keep a bullet journal, keeping an agenda is a vital part of staying organized. Whether it’s homework assignments or important dates, your planner will quickly become your best friend. Saying your dog ate your homework simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

4. Establishing an Exercise Routine

While you still have free time during the summer, figure out an exercise routine. This might mean running on the treadmill or doing a few sit-ups during commercial breaks of your favorite show. You can make this whatever you want. Between trying to make new friends and juggling your course load, you won’t have time to figure out an exercise routine when college starts.

5. Doing Laundry

If you don’t know how to do laundry, you should probably learn how. Your parents won’t be there to do your laundry. It’s all on you once you start college. Figure out how often you need to wash your clothes and how to do it properly so that you don’t have to struggle with never having anything to wear.


6. How to Study

Everyone studies and learns differently. While the last thing you want to think about during the summer is studying, knowing what works for you is important for your success in the college classroom. Thinking about what may or may not have worked for you in high school might help prepare you for college.

7. Being Organized

I get it, being organized is easier said than done. While your dorm doesn’t need to be spotless, it might be nice to keep your dorm at least semi-organized. Make it a habit to pick up after yourself and not throwing your stuff all over the place. I’m sure your roommate will appreciate it when your dorm doesn’t constantly look like a tornado blew through it.

8. Budgeting and Controlling Spending

Everyone has heard of the tight budget college students are forced to live off of. Try to limit your spending habits and make sure you are spending wisely. If you don’t absolutely need it, think twice before buying it. Furthermore, try to establish a budget for yourself so that you don’t go broke. No one wants an empty wallet right after the first week of college.


9. Creating a Morning/Evening Routine

Establishing a routine for your mornings and evenings will allow you to feel more ease in adapting to college life. This may be as simple as doing the same thing you always do, or trying to break some of the habits you’ve made over the summer. Watching 4 hours of Netflix every night might not work in college. Figure out a plan to start your day right along with a routine to prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Your body will thank you.

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10. Finding Your Stress Reliever

Stress seems to be an inevitable part of college. It’s so inevitable that some colleges even offer stress-relieving classes to their students. Whether it’s coloring, exercising, taking a walk, etc., find an outlet that works for you. We all experience stress, but it’s up to you to choose how you wish to control it.


11. Staying in Contact With Those You Care About

Let’s face it, no matter how excited you are to leave home, you will surely miss your friends and family. Make sure you have a way of staying in contact with those you love. On the other hand, college means you get to start over and that you can cut out the people you don’t care so much about. You don’t have to keep talking to that one person you pretended to be friends with all of high school. You have the opportunity to pick and choose whom you want to stay in contact with, and whom you wish to leave behind.

12. Setting Goals and Being Positive

It’s not always to easy being positive, but it is important to always try and lift yourself up. College isn’t going to be easy, it simply isn’t meant to be. However, setting goals will help you focus on the things that matter to you the most. Additionally, they act as a reminder of what you are fighting for and will help motivate you. Continue to look on the bright side, you are going to do great!

I hope you found these tips helpful and I wish you the best of luck!

Do you have any other tips for freshman before they start college!? Share in the comments below!

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