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11 Aesthetic Gainesville Locations for Good Photo Opportunities

11 Aesthetic Gainesville Locations for Good Photo Opportunities

Gainesville is filled with numerous locations that are pleasing to the eye, and to our Instagram accounts. If you are searching for an aesthetic and trendy location to take some fun photos with your friends or partner, Gainesville is the perfect place to travel to.

  1. Century Tower

The century tower is considered to be one of the main staples of the University of Florida community. Built back in 1953, this tower was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the university and dedicated to the UF students killed in World War 1 and 2. The tower lights up with vibrant orange and blue colors at night, and during mid-day it a loud bell chimes at its center. Taking a fun photo with this tower in the background, day or night, is an exciting way to represent UF while also getting a cute photo for your Instagram story. 

2. Karma Cream

Another trendy shop located in downtown Gainesville is the aesthetically-pleasing ice cream shop, Karma Cream. The shop sits on a shady and inviting corner with neutrally toned colors and beautiful, natural lighting. Snapping a quick photo inside the shop with an ice cream cone in your hand is the perfect way to show everyone that you’re enjoying of streets of downtown Gainesville. 

3. Union Streets Farmers Market

Located in downtown Gainesville on Union Street, this farmers market brings a friendly environment with tons of interesting vendors offering produce, food and more. With photo staples such as flowers and smiling faces, this is an excellent place to take your next social media photos with some friends during your travels. Along with this photo op, you can also snap some quick pics of the live bands that play during the market, showing everyone your intriguing farmers market experience. 

4. Sweetwater Wetlands Park

Wearing a cute outfit for the outdoors and need a good place to take an Instagram photo? Sweetwater Wetlands Park is an ideal option. Because of this local Gainesville parks’ amazing views of wetlands, nature and wildlife, any photo you take here will be a good one. The park offers convenient boardwalks around the area for sight-seeing and hiking. You can also book a range-led tour to experience everything that this park has to offer for visitors. 

5. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Located on Savannah Boulevard in Gainesville, this park is a go-to for college students in the evenings. Due to the beautiful sunsets that often take place, students find it essential to take some friendly photos at the park, usually on top of their cars or near the fences. The wide open view of the prairie makes the perfect spot of sunset-seekers and photo-takers. Be sure to find a spot at Paynes Prairie when looking for a location to take your next sunset photo. 

6. Depot Park

Located near University Heights, Depot Park is a great spot for enjoying a nice and sunny afternoon while also taking some photos in the meantime. The park offers a reflective pond, playground, large grassy area and aesthetically-pleasing walkways. This park is the perfect spot to lay down a blanket for a picnic with some friends or your significant other, and take a cute picture while you’re at it. Next time you travel to Gainesville, be sure to stop by Depot Park!

7. La Chua Trail

To find an excellent wildlife-watching location, just near Paynes Prairie, the La Chua trail makes a great spot. With tons of interesting wildlife surrounding the area and reflective ponds, any photo you take here should be a good one. The trail includes boardwalks for visitors to view the wildlife, including gators, birds, horses, wild boar and more. Sitting on the boardwalks rails with your significant other will make for a great photo update on your sunny afternoon in nature. 

8. Pascal’s Coffee House

Everyone loves to take a satisfying picture of their coffee and pastries before eating, and at Pascal’s this dream can be achieved. Located at a christian study center in Gainesville, the shop is warm and inviting to friendly faces and coffee lovers. Featuring delicious pastries like apple turnovers and cheese danishes, these desserts go down great with one of their fresh lattes. Be sure to take a pic when stopping in at this cordial coffee house. 

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9. Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Want to take a beautiful photo with some free-flying butterflies? The butterfly rainforest locates at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville is a great place to travel to for this. Within the rainforests enclosed sunroom you will find tons of butterflies, plant life and small birds from around the world. With mini waterfalls and butterflies perching on guests noses, you couldn’t ask for a better place to take a quick pic of a vibrantly colored butterfly with some friends. 

10. Harn Museum of Art

Located just next to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Harn Museum of Art offers the view of paintings, sculptures and changing exhibitions for locals and travelers to see. With large open rooms and natural lighting, the museum is a beautiful place to snap a photo in an elegant outfit during the day. While enjoying and learning about the pieces this museum has to offer, it is also considered to be a great photo location. 

11. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

If you ask anyone who lives in Gainesville, they will most likely tell you that the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is a great place for a photo opportunity, especially on their extravagant game days. Also known as “The Swamp,” the stadium constructed in 1930 holds a seating capacity of 88,548 people, standing tall in the midst of the Gainesville community. When traveling, stop by this stadium for free during the day to take a fun photo with some friends, but don’t forget to wear your gator gear for school spirit!

Gainesville is an ideal place for photos with the people you love. Appreciating these intriguing locations is a fun past time for visitors and locals in the Gainesville area, especially when you can grab a delicious pastry or scream inside of the The Swamp. 

Nadine Wilson

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