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10 Places To Travel Without Breaking The Bank

Travelling is an expensive hobby but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some budget-friendly travel locations and tips that won’t break the bank!

In the United States:

1. Denver, Colorado

An ideal spot for sunshine and snow? Sign me up. Denver is a pretty affordable destination spot. The flights into Denver are usually cheaper than most places averaging around $150 (sometimes more or less.) Downtown Denver Airbnb’s are as low as $45 a night! These are great prices to admire some scenic Colorado views. Here is a travel tip: you can buy a CityPass for Denver and add museums into a bundled package pass. Usually, they allow you 4 to 5 experiences (such as museums, zoos, etc.) to add to your pass so it is much cheaper than buying individually.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Another cheap destination spot is Las Vegas! Flights are always a good deal on sites like Kayak or Hopper. Las Vegas is definitely a hot spot for a fun time! It can be a cheap experience, as long as you limit yourself on the slots. Since the flights are cheap, it’s not a bad idea to splurge a little more on an iconic hotel on the strip! You will be right downtown and able to take shuttles to events and save money on Ubers! If you don’t want to partake in games or slots, Vegas is a great place to soak in the sun. It can be super hot so don’t forget the sunscreen!

3. New York City, NY

Contrary to first impressions, NYC can be a cheap place to travel! You won’t need to rent a car since everything is typically within walking distance or you can hop on public transportation. The food there doesn’t need to be a splurge! You can get cheap but iconic NYC pizza for a cheap price and don’t forget about the bagels. Airbnb’s are as low as $50 a night, significantly cheaper than a hotel. CityPass also includes NYC so you can visit lots of museums for a lower price than individual visits. It is a great way to fill your time and take in the history of NYC. You can also relax in Central Park or simply take a stroll around the city to see what you stumble upon. It does not have to be an expensive trip to see a lot on your vacation!

4. Boston, MA

Much like NYC, there is a lot of history in Boston. Walking around the city is as much of an experience as paying for entertainment. Boston has a great public transportation system and it is a very walkable city making it a good deal to travel without renting a car. There are lots of museums in Boston and gorgeous green parks to have a fun picnic at. Downtown Boston Airbnb’s range from $60-80 a night! Flights vary depending on where you live but I recommend using Hopper to see the best dates to go!

5. Chicago, IL

Chicago has some of the most affordable flights! As a big airport hub, this city is definitely a deal to visit.  The Windy City is all about food, culture, and art! Airbnb’s in the city are as low as $35 a night. Such a bargain for Chicago! There are many ways to get around the city such as subways, trains, and bikes. They have lots of museums and the iconic Millennium Park to walk around. It would be fun to use some of the money you saved on travel for a whole night of Chicago deep-dish pizza!

Outside of the United States:

6. Mexico

There are several airports to fly into Mexico from the US, making travel a little more affordable depending on where you are going! You can stay in an Airbnb with beautiful views and a pool for under $60 a night! Mexico has many affordable activities to experience the culture and take in the beauty of the country. There are many beaches that face the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of California! You should also visit the ancient ruins, there are seven sites to visit so it is definitely a must-see.

See Also

7. Italy

Flying to Italy can be expensive depending on where you live, but I do recommend keeping your eye on flight trackers because they can range from $300 to 500. If you have your passport ready, you should definitely pack your bags for Italy! It is a walkable city where you can backpack and spend very little to stay in hostels or Airbnb’s. The biggest splurge should be the food! Let yourself enjoy a pasta-loaded weekend! There is so much culture to take in so walking the city is the best thing you can do! If you don’t want to go to museums or want to get out of the cities, there are lots of affordable buses to take you to beautiful scenic hikes or countryside areas.

8. Cuba

Another affordable country to travel to is Cuba. You will feel like you walked into a time machine with the bright colors and old school cars. Airbnb’s start at $16 a night in Cuba so definitely a good deal. You can go through Old Havana or go to the Castillo del Morro for the day. Cuba is a place where you will spend lots of time outside so take in the sunshine and the beauty of the landscape. Visiting Cuba is also a good opportunity to eat traditional Cuban food and appreciate the different cuisines you can try!

9. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a super fun city that is full of history. If you can find a cheap flight, getting around is easy!  Right from the airport, there is a train that can take you close to your destination if not right to it. Amsterdam is a small city so a car isn’t necessary unless you want to go outside of the city. Amsterdam has many museums such as Banksy and Van Gogh Museum. There are also the iconic canals to visit and take a boat ride in! You should also check out the Dutch pancakes and Dutch apple pie!

10. Paris

Just like NYC, Paris is another city that seems to be an expensive travel destination! However, this city of love is actually fairly priced. The city is so beautiful to walk around, especially to view the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame! Average Airbnb’s for Paris start at $40 a night! The city is walkable with good public transportation that can go as far as London in England. There are about 20 museums with free admission, definitely something you don’t want to miss!

What are some of your travel tips? Leave a comment below!

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