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10 of the Worst Dating Apps to Use

10 of the Worst Dating Apps to Use

Take it from me, dating in today’s generation is not what it used to be like twenty years ago. We would think being able to use dating apps to meet new people can help us solve relationship problems. Turns out that’s not always true. Just like there are some couples out there who have a difficult time getting to know each other, some dating apps do not live up to their expectations.   

1. Tinder

You can already tell by the name by the name of this app that it means more than just wanting to offer intimacy for couples. Tinder is pretty much a lowkey soft version of wanting to hook up for one-night stands and leave. Unfortunately in this generation, that’s what most people prefer rather than seeking a long-term relationship because we value taking care of our sexual desires more. 

2. Hinge

This app was launched back in 2013 and from its marketed commercials, it was giving off the positive idea of people being able to finally get into a long-term relationship. I mean the app is designed to be deleted when you finally meet someone. Unfortunately, a lot of people deleted this app for an entirely different reason. Some of the major problems with this app have to do with catfishing where some people fake to be who they say they are and poor matching capabilities where some 18-year-olds were matched up with people in their 60s. I can see why a lot of people are deleting this app.     

3. Bumble

If you want some feedback on how Bumble is, take it from me. I have used this app a couple of times and if there is one thing that I learned from this app, do not fall for whatever he or she wants from what their profile says. The idea of Bumble is using “clickbait” where a girl or guy will find a nice picture of someone, act all flirty with them at the beginning but then will soon go ghost and talk to someone else. This right here shows you that the people on bumble don’t want a relationship, rather they prefer the attention of having their inbox filled with messages. 

4. Grindr

Do not get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, some apps have taken advantage of the fact that some people who identify as LGBT are easy to fool especially in a dating scenario. Grindr is a based dating app that is specifically targeted towards the LGBT community. The biggest issue about this app would have to be the  lack of customer support where the support team is unresponsive not caring about their technical difficulty. I think it’s wrong not to give another gender group more support than the other allow over their sexual preference. Because let’s face it, this generation still finds a way to degrade someone just because of their sexual identity. 

5. Badoo

Badoo at the time was said to be more of an oriented app for more younger adults back in the early 2010s. However, one problem that this app could never fix was its finances. A lot of people would report unauthorized charges on their credit cards without their consent. This tells you right here that any app that tries to get more money out of you is not worth it.

6. Hot or Not

Just by the name of this app, you can already tell that its purpose is far from helping people find their soul mate. Rather, it just allows people to rate them off of their appearance if he or she looks attractive or not. I don’t know about you, but allowing strangers to rate you off of your appearance is just another way to start a conflict over the internet. It also seems like something a bunch of 18 year old would do rather than grownups. This may be an easy way to find a relationship, but is also a way to lower your self-esteem just to play a game of swipe left/ swipe right. 

7. Christian Mingle 

If finding a relationship was hard enough, try doing adding the understanding of religion into it. My advice is if you are looking to have a relationship with someone who is Christian and you aren’t, it most likely will not last that long. When it comes to dating, Christians can have such high morals and standards but the biggest one is judging. If you choose not to live by the word of God, in their eyes not only do they see a relationship with you not working out, but he or she will view you as some kind of evil wicked person not having faith. 

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8. Ugly Schmucks 

I’m not sure who made the idea it was to create a dating site for people who see themselves as ugly. But whoever it was, clearly he or she was not thinking it through. This website is designated for people who feel they come across as unattractive to meet people who will value their appearance. But all that your doing joining this site is not giving yourself enough confidence and choosing to pity which is very negative. I get it, some people can be intimated by the competition to look good online, but have to start with loving yourself first so someone will give you the same energy. 

9. Sugar Daddy for Me

If you’re just looking for an older male to pay your bills or buy you expensive gifts, this website is for men who love to spoil and pamper young women. As fun as this might seem in the eyes of women, this website not only has nothing to do with finding love, but it can also be dangerous when each person has a different level of equality. 

10. Meet an Inmate

Meeting your soulmate is fine, but unless you don’t have any experience in jail then Meet an Inmate is probably not the safest app for you. 

Finding that one relationship can be very difficult. Even if you want to look for a relationship online, it all starts with having respect and loving yourself first.