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15 Unexpected Things Women Find Attractive About Men

15 Unexpected Things Women Find Attractive About Men

We don't want manly-man alpha males! Instead, here are some things women find attractive about men that don't fit the mold of super butch bearded boys.

Forget beards and biceps. One can ‘be a man’ without appearing macho, and without showcasing traditionally ‘male’ characteristics. Conversely, women can be drawn to features other than those, too – especially traits that verge towards the opposite, more ‘feminine’ end of the attractiveness spectrum. Here, we’ve gathered 15 of these things women find attractive about men, that men might not know about.

1. Soft spots

Yes, some muscle tone is nice. No, men don’t need to have muscle under every block and crevice of skin for us to find them more appealing. Realistic bodies have deposits of fat sometimes. Realism, as a concept or not, is far more desirable, better compatible and attainably sexier than fantasy ever will be.

2. Playing well

A lot of things women find attractive about men have to do with countering that alpha male metatype. Dreadful men are territorial, aggressive and wall out amiable interactions with others. Most of the time, they believe they must act that way to assert their ‘masculinity’ out of insecurity. Conversely, men that are intentional conversationalists and are approachable transmit a warm, open-minded attitude. The latter, more dynamic man always wins for making us feel heard and respected. 

3. Cradling up

A man who turns his shoulders in towards you and allows himself to be held, stroked, and comforted demonstrates emotional maturity. He recognizes that cuddling is a form of therapy, and seeks to heal from you. Acting in the opposite way of an insecure person, he’s acknowledging that he feels safe enough to flag down the barriers he puts between him and the rest of the world when he’s alone with you.

4. Arm hair

We like it downy. We like the feeling of it grazing and tickling our arms, too. And we like how that tiny interaction makes us curious children, and how we repetitively brush against said hair yet again to satisfy those peculiar thoughts. Such minute sensations keep us coming back for more of his body wonderland.

5. Unabashed crying

Whether we’re at the theatre watching something beautiful unfold on stage, or arguing over a uselessly bitter cause, a man who reveals his emotions in tears is passionate and engaged. Some degree of empathy does exist in his seemingly logical head, and we sympathize with and encourage that transparency. Seeing him in a private state fortifies our bond.

6. Long hair

Down, bunned, frizzy, curly – we like it grown out. Today, long hair equating feminine gentleness and a woman’s careful attention to grooming is little more than a romanticized concept. Men with long hair know their style is unconventional, and are attractive because of their bravery to be associated with such connotations. Perhaps appearances can reveal what’s within, by rightful lengths.

7. Humble bee

Not everyone likes a George Clooney. In fact, men who don’t immediately brag about their accomplishments or jump into the middle of drama prove that they’re comfortable without validation and attention from others. Confidence that radiates silently is the ultimate, most divine form of sexiness. It exists and shines whether or not a man is aware of it.

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8. Sexual respect

Women spend a lot of their interactions with men afraid, and unsure. As we get older, the more motives amongst men seem to narrow and surface as sex. The sheet game becomes obvious and expected. Men who don’t immediately participate in that and instead take the time to build a friendship before initiating anything sexual win our approval. We may even sleep with them (eventually) because of that trust. The things women find attractive about men all revolve around trust and respect.

9. Laugh lines

Wrinkles are unjustly dreaded. While it’s true they display age, their aggregation location is a major factor of how welcoming we are towards them. A man with imprints of crinkles around his eyes displays and invites you to share in the laugh attacks he commonly undergoes and presents the possibility of making you that happy, too.

10. Gravity centers

Some men carry themselves from their chests, others from their stomachs, or biceps. That precise location, along with which body parts are highlighted, can be more telling of a man and his attitude than his words. And, because each person’s center of gravity is uniquely specific, women have the freedom to observe and gravitate to the personality type they feel most inclined towards.

What things women find attractive about men surprised you? Are we missing some? Let us know in the comments below!