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Where to Buy the Cheapest Swimwear for Summer

Where to Buy the Cheapest Swimwear for Summer

Summer is on its way, faster than we thought. We’re already planning for picnics, beach breaks, birthday celebrations, and vacations. You need a new swimsuit, but there aren’t any that you’ve seen to fit your college budget, and the mall is too far away to drive to just for a simple piece of clothing. Where is the cheapest swimwear to be found when the time comes? No one that you know can say for certain, but thankfully, someone has done the research for you! What a relief that you don’t have to go searching, because that would be such a hassle! So here it is: a list of five different stores that offer the cheapest swimwear for the cutest look!


This website is unusually low in its prices when it comes to womens’ articles of clothing. Look anywhere from inexpensive skirts to cheap swimwear! SHEIN offers a variety of clothing options with price tags that are so shocking, they’ll make your eyes nearly pop out! It’s crazy to think that they’ll give you 3 dresses for $29, but it is absolutely true, and the quality is far beyond worth it. SHEIN has multiple positive reviews from satisfied customers, who love what they get for the amounts they get it for. They are honest and fair with their prices, above and beyond, in fact! Everything is perfectly suited to a budget far below that of even a college student. How can you say no to less than $10? Cheapest swimwear, indeed!

SHEIN is cheaper than you would think!


Forever 21

Another place to find the cheapest swimwear is the ever-popular Forever 21. Teenagers love this store, of course, but it doesn’t mean your business with them ends when you turn 22. Their prices are low for a purpose: they cater to the young ones who can’t afford to pay too much, and yes, that includes college kids and fresh-out-of-college kids. Under $10 for swimwear here too- isn’t this crazy? It’s so perfect that you can’t really want to look anywhere else. You’ll find everything you could want and more here at Forever 21, and yes, in these suits, you will really look like you’re “forever twenty one.” The cheapest swimwear is within your reach, if you can just get to the store in time for summer! So what are you waiting for? Go find the nearest Forever 21 and get yourself a beautiful two-piece for one of the best prices you’ll ever find it at.


Ah, Hollister. Though the dollar signs on the tags aren’t exactly what qualifies them as “cheapest swimwear,” the quality makes up for it, and their prices are not unreasonable for what they sell. The majority of their swimsuits are under $30, and will last a number of years for you in many different scenarios. Vacation out on the beach, over in Europe, or even just walk around on the boardwalk of New Jersey. These swimsuits will hold up to sun, water, and damage better than most others I’ve seen. Hollister makes the best for a decent, wearable, comfortable swimsuit, whether one piece or two. Your chances are good if you’re buying a Hollister suit: cheapest swimwear with the best quality is right there! Do what you know is right, and get the best-priced and best quality suit for your fantastic summer ahead!

Not bad for the price!

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Up to 60% off now if you order online! Cheapest swimwear is within your grasp plus the benefits of coupons! How much more can you ask for when it comes to good prices? Zaful is the best place to go to order online, since they’ve always got a sale going that will make you jump for joy. Their prices are lower than one would assume: we’re talking only about $12 per swimsuit, and that’s before the discount is applied! All in all, we’re looking at about $5 plus shipping for one swimsuit that works like a charm. What more do you want? Take advantage of Zaful while they have this sale, and prepare for summer right now with the swimwear you aspire to fit in by June! Let this be your inspiration to get fit for the summer. Buy the piece now and be ready to cut the carbs to fit into that perfectly shaped suit. Let me just say, if this doesn’t inspire you to get everything in order and throw yourself into working out, nothing will!


Online ordering is great, but nothing ever beats the ability to try the suit on in store and look incredible while doing it. Kohl’s never lets us down when it comes to finding the cheapest swimwear, or cheapest anything, really. Their prices are slightly higher than the other places on this list, but their quality is just as good. Here, you’ll find home in your clothes as you shop, and there is always something in the pattern you love most. The options are endless, from stripped to polka-dot to galaxy. This is the go-to store when it comes to everything you need at a perfect price. The best part comes when you realize that the nearest Kohl’s is probably only a few miles away in that strip mall on the other side of town. What’s stopping you from running over their right now to get a good, solid swimsuit for the summer?


Cheap and lovable by all!

The cheapest swimwear does not have to be hard to find, nor is it if you know where to look. It’s right at your fingertips, right where you need it to be. Cheap does not mean bad quality, nor does it mean that you’ll be replacing your suit next year when the next best thing comes out. These brands are on top of their trends, and they don’t have any problem with looking cute while doing so! Take the time to enjoy what you have bought, and be proud of what you’ve found! These are the best swimsuits for every student who can’t afford much more than a few dollars. Find what works for you in these beautiful brands!