Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips

Justin Timberlake, AIM, razor phones, and lip gloss were popular in the 2000s. But I strictly remember how the fashion during that time was rebellious and hot AF. And when everyone dressed, it was never mainly to impress but to express who we were. And although times are different now from then, I do see a lot of old fashion trends resurfacing today, mainly from the 90s like neon and mini backpacks. So, why not bring back the 00s with these fashion tips? I see a lot of 2000s tv, movies, and music throwbacks but barely any fashion. 

1. Low-Rise Jeans

These were super sexy and perfect with a crop top to show off that thong or perfect tan. I like to call them a tease because they didn’t reveal too much but just enough. Celebrities like Christina Milian made me fall in love with them. For the 2000s fashion tips, this definitely makes the top of the list of what you should wear when you travel back in time. 

Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips


2. Bell Sleeve Tops

I love the off-the-shoulder bell sleeve tops that show a little stomach. It’s angelic because of the bell sleeves but sexy because they showed a little skin on the shoulders. This was big in the 2000s and should be brought back. 

3. Tube Tops

Tube tops are still worn this day. Unfortunately, a lot of schools require you to wear some sort of cover because, apparently, shoulders are very distracting. But they are extremely sexy and were popular in the 90s and 2000s. 

Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips


4. Yoga Pants 

Don’t sleep on yoga pants! Yoga pants were worn as regular pants because they were fashionable and comfortable, the perfect combination. As fashion tips on how to make yoga pants look fashionable, you should choose a cute off-colored tank top with a belt that matches the color of the yoga pants. Simple but still cute. 

5. Whale Tail

This does not literally mean a whale tail if you were thinking that. Remember that episode of Degrassi where Manny walked into school with her thong showing from her low-rise jeans? That’s called Whale Tail and it was hot back then. Sadly it’s frowned upon now, but who cares? Why don’t you do what Justin Timberlake does and bring sexy back? 

Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips


6. Baggy Cargo Pants

Avril Lavigne’s music video to “Sk8er Boi” made me fall in love with baggy cargo pants. Yeah, they were boyish but they gave the cutest edgy look. It is imperative to add these pants to the list of best 2000s fashion tips because Avril Lavigne is the queen of the 2000s and it would be disrespectful to not include them. 

7. Puffer Jackets

Puffer Jackets were big in the 2000s. Although they weren’t my favorite, a lot of people loved the way they looked. So, when winter comes around, go ahead and rep the 2000s with the puffer jacket. 

8. Capris

Capris aren’t so big now but they are the epitome of the 2000s fashion. If you need fashion tips for capris, they are cute with some ankle boots or heels and a sexy spaghetti strapped blouse. 


Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips

9. White Tank Tops

Although this is plain, white tops were famous in the 2000s, they were called “wife beaters” because men who did abuse their wives would wear white sleeveless t-shirts. But for women, white tank tops were fashionable and went with EVERYTHING.

10. Bedazzle

In the 2000s, you bedazzled everything! Your jeans, jacket, wallet, etc. Some may think bedazzling is over the top, but, let’s be honest, it’s totally adorable. 


11. Dresses Over Jeans

Some think dresses over jeans are atrocious but the style was adored back then. Kelly Clarkson really rocked the look, especially when she included a fashionable hat to go with it. 

Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips

12. Wide Belts

Wide belts were popular in the 2000s and looked great with anything. Fashion tips for wide belts include wearing them with dresses and knee-high boots, or blue jeans and a cute blouse. 


13. Uggs

Don’t think Uggs were only worn in the wintertime, they were hot back then and need to be brought back. Uggs were popular in the 2000s and needed to be worn with skinny jeans or leggings. 

Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips

14. Mood Rings

Hands down, mood rings are the definition of the 2000s. Whether your mood was accurate or not, it was a must to have them on your finger because they were cute. 


15. Ying Yang Charms

I don’t know why Ying Yang charms were popular but they were. You would either have one on a necklace or bracelet. 

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16. Power Bead Bracelets

Power bead bracelets were big in the 90s and 2000s and need to return. I know a lot of people had them stacked on their arms. 


Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips

17. Baby-G Watches

I have never had a Baby-G watch but they were big because they were waterproof and they looked cool to have. 

18. Tattoo Stretch Jewelry 

For the 2000s fashion tips, I encourage you to find these. Now they are seen as gothic but everyone wore them back then because they did resemble a tattoo a little, but they were cool to wear. 


19. Lucite Rings

A lot of people bought these because they resembled candy, which some still chewed on them. But these were popular because they were colorful and fashionable. The best fashion tips for lucite rings are to wear them to match the colors you’re wearing or to make a single color pop more. 

20. Best Friend Necklaces

These were kiddy but still cool to have and a cool way to show off your best friend. 

21. Toe Rings

Toe rings were super uncomfortable to wear but were very pretty especially with fresh pedicures. It’s not a necessity but if you want to travel back to the 2000s, this is a way to go. 


Travel Back To The 2000s With These Fashion Tips

22. Watch Rings

Whoever thought of this invention must’ve been a real rebel. Travel back to the 2000s with a watch ring and flex it when you’re asked for the time. 

23. Nameplate Necklaces

I always thought nameplate necklaces were cute, especially when the guy gave the girl one with his name on it and he had one with her name on it. But these were big back then and although they aren’t big now, a lot of people wear them because they were given it by someone close to them. 


The 2000s were awesome and memorable. If you’re born in the 2000s or remember the 2000s comment below some of your favorite fashionable things!