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Top 10 Netflix Hits that Broke Stream Records

Netflix hits have ruled the world of entertainment. They are super-duper popular and have become household names. Below I listed 10 reasons why Netflix Hits own the TV industry. 

1. Orange Is the New Black (2013)

This is one of the first shows to premiere on the Netflix app and the first “hit” from the streaming service. People went crazy for this show when it was released because of how well-made it was. Before, people assumed Netflix would not have a studio as extensive others. The streaming service proved them wrong with what’s to come.

Orange is about a woman who gets sentenced to prison. Inside the prison cells, we get to know each inmate personally. We get to see what life is like in this specific correction facility. We laugh, cry, and feel with these inmates. This is an absolute treat to watch! 

2. House of Cards (2013)

This is also one of the biggest hits to hit the streaming service. When the show debuted, people were shocked by how dark the story was. After finishing the first season, critics and viewers said that Netflix has produced an HBO. It did feel like that. House of Cards definitely has multiple elements that make an HBO show. It is dark, ethically challenging, and violent. 

The show is about a fictional U.S politician who has done numerous bad choices to climb to power. They are super clever choices, however. The show also keeps you on your toes with the intense suspense it draws upon you. The writing and directing are some of the best I have ever seen on any TV show. It is that good! 

3. Sense 8 (2015)

From the makers of The Matrix and V For Vendetta, the Wachowskis add another classic to their catalog. 

Sense 8 follows eight people from different parts of the world who are connected through a neural network. This means that they can see each other, possess each other, and communicate with one another without the need to Facetime. This concept is hard to describe on paper but once you see this come to play visually, you will understand what is going on. 

This show is incredible. This provides an incredible team of “heroes” that fight against a common enemy. The action sequences are great and the suspense the show draws is heart-dropping. I love this show so much! 

4. Stranger Things (2016)

This is one of Netflix’s most successful shows ever. It was immediately the talk of the town once the show debuted during the summer of 2016. I will never forget binge-watching the show on its first day of release only to hear people talk about it non-stop the day after. There is a really good reason why this Netflix hit has become a cultural reset. 

The show combines sci-fi elements, horror, and a 1980s aesthetic. The characters are really enjoyable and the writing is impeccable. The show does a great job of writing real human characters and contrasting them with the supernatural. The suspense each season builds is also masterful! 

5. Black Mirror (2011)

Black Mirror has an interesting background story. BBC originally had the rights to this show when it was initially aired. It is a British tv show that was a massive hit in the land of the Queen. Later, Netflix bought the rights to this show, making it an American/British collaboration. You can even see half the episodes on the newer seasons taking place in England with the other half in the U.S

This is an anthology series containing episodes exploring situations when technology goes wrong. I’d label this Netflix hit as a tech horror series. You’d understand how scary this show is when you see it!

6. The Crown (2016)

This show is one of the most critically acclaimed Netflix hits. I would even like to explain this show with an English accent to keep up with the flamboyant-ness of this work of art. 

The Crown follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she embarks on the throne of Great Britain. We also get to see how the UK changes politically and culturally during her reign. This is such a great watch because viewers get to see the royal family at their most vulnerable stages. We get to see how human they are! 

7. DARK (2017)

Many people coin this Netflix hit like Stranger Things with a time machine twist. The people are not too far off with the comparison. DARK takes place in a small German town involving a missing child. Supernatural, sci-fi, and horrific chaos ensue when the search for the missing child starts. 

DARK is clearly dark, and that is what made this show super memorable. It definitely goes beyond those Stranger Things elements and surprises us with an incredible show. It has been an international success! 

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8. Love, Death, and Robots (2019)

People call this series the animated version of Black Mirror. And there are some elements of Black Mirror in this show. It is an anthology series that explores different issues involving supernatural situations (mostly sci-fi).

What makes this show distinguishable though is the variety in animated styles. One episode can be handwritten while the other is three-dimensional. The trajectory of this show is unpredictable but that is what makes it memorable. 

9. Money Heist (La Casa Del Papel) (2017)

La Casa Del Papel is a massive international success. It has gathered lots of “papel” in streaming records. I had different family members from Mexico and the U.S who love this show. I also had friends from around the world who would not stop talking about it. 

The show centers around a group of people who plan to rob Spain’s most renowned banking centers. You might be asking why empathize with criminals? You will understand why when you give this series a try. 

10. Squid Game (2021)

Everyone knows this show. This is the world’s latest cultural reset. Millions of memes, Tik Toks, Youtube recipes, and casual chats have been made around this one show. I can even say it is the most successful show of the year 2021. 

I cannot even talk about this show too much. I just think the series will speak for itself once you give this Netflix hit a try! 

Have you watched any of these Netflix Hits? If so, tell us which one of the  Netflix Hits is your favorite in the comments below!

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