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The Top 5 Ways To Organize Your Makeup

The Top 5 Ways To Organize Your Makeup

With multiple products being used, it can be hard to organize makeup functionally. Organizing makeup can uplift your makeup routine and ensure that you use all of your products to the best of your ability. Here are the top 5 ways to organize your makeup to guarantee a more stress-free space!

1. Ikea Alex Drawer 

For those with several makeup products, having a drawer that is designated just for makeup products is ideal. With that being said, it can be tedious to find an item of furniture that works efficiently for makeup purposes.

The Ikea Alex Drawer is a great option. This drawer is for those who need a lot of space for makeup organization. The nine multi-sized drawers included makes it easy to organize makeup based on the product size and type.


The smaller drawers at the top of the drawer can be used for makeup products such as lipsticks, concealers, and mascaras. The larger drawers can be used for bigger makeup products, such as setting sprays and bigger palettes of makeup.

The dimensions of the Ikea Alex Drawer are great for rooms with limited amounts of floor space as well. Whether stuck in a small dorm or apartment, storing makeup in a makeup drawer can be a great option for lifestyle convenience.

2. Ameitech 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer 

When needing to organize makeup while having limited storage space, looking for an item that fits on a vanity or shelf is the way to go. There are many different designs for this type of storage. Looking for a smaller-scale organizational method that is functional and decorative can be tedious.


The Ameitech 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer is a great option to organize makeup in smaller spaces. This item is made with an acrylic material and is a clear surface. With 27 shelving compartments, this item makes it easy to store multiple makeup products.

Once installed, the shelving can be adjusted to be higher or lower than the standard product build. This feature makes it easy to store larger products in the larger compartment, such as setting sprays and foundation bottles. The smaller makeup products, such as lipsticks and concealer tubes, will be secure in the deeper, shorter shelving options.

Thes compartments also create easy access with the rotating 360-degree feature. The Ameitech 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer will spin easily and give you quick access to all of your products. Ultimately, organizing makeup with this item means an easier routine with extra placement personalization!


3. Vtopmart 25 Piece Clear Pastic Organizer Set

It can be very easy to throw different makeup products into your vanity drawer after a quick morning and not organize the makeup as you go. For those with drawer space but still lack makeup organization, it is best to find an organization item that can tidy up the drawers.

The Vtopmart Organizers will help with the initial organization to create a more functional space. This will make it easier to find the makeup products quicker and ensure that you have all makeup available to use. It can be hard to use all of your makeup products if you can’t see them!

In addition to organization, the Vtopmart Organizers will also help create a quicker morning routine in the sense that you won’t have to be searching through your deep drawers for a specific product!


The Vtopmart Organizers includes a variety of container sizes that makes it easy to create a functional makeup space. The organizers are also made of clear plastic. This will be beneficial to make it easy to see the makeup products and to create visible labels if you’d like!

100-piece silicone pads are also included. This added feature makes it easy to place the Vtopmart Organizers in proper places and not have to worry about them moving when the drawers are opening and closing. The stackable design also allows you to organize makeup in deeper drawer space.

4. Hansong Makeup Mirror With Lights and Bluetooth

Storing organized makeup next to a mirror is beyond convenient. By having a mirror next to your stored makeup, your space will be amplified and functional!

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The Hansong Makeup Mirror With Lights and Bluetooth is a great product for this use. This item has multiple features that will bring convenience and enjoyment to your makeup space.

The Hansong Makeup Mirror With Lights and Bluetooth includes a makeup organization cube at the bottom of the mirror. This provides room for makeup products that are of different sizes.


The mirror that is included with this product also includes bright light and HD mirrors with a variety of magnification. The mirror can tilt at multiple angles making it easy to apply makeup no matter the surface level the mirror is sat upon. This will make it easier to apply mascara and more tricky makeup techniques.

Lastly, the Bluetooth speaker is built into this product. The Bluetooth speaker is great for those who have a long makeup routine. The Bluetooth speaker will bring some fun to makeup time. The mirror’s lights and speaker are rechargeable and last up to four hours after a full charge.

5. Bagsmart Traveling Bag

For those constantly on the go, it can be difficult to pack and repack makeup without causing some sort of disorganization. Organizing makeup in a way that accommodates this type of lifestyle can be beneficial.


The Bagsmart Traveling Bag is a great product due to its functionality and size. Once opened, the Bagsmart Traveling Bag includes four zipped compartments that make it easy to store various sized makeup products. When zipped, the item has a carry handle and is water-resistant, which makes it easy to travel!

Lastly, for accessibility, the Bagsmart Traveling Bag has a 360-degree swivel metal hook. This hook makes it easy to hang the bag up no matter your location. Once open, the compartments create an effortless way to get and put away makeup after use.

What are your favorite ways to organize makeup products? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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