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The Importance Of Acquiring Self Love

What is the reason behind having self  love, what does it do for our confidence as woman and in general? acquiring self love means loving the skin you are in, accepting the flaws that you have and embracing the things that you can’t change about yourself.

Acquiring self love, is love that can’t be shown it has to be felt. It has to be craved, you have to want it for yourself and being able to give yourself the love that you deserve is one that should be the main priority.

Body Image Love

Body Image love is a version of self love that has been pushed through the media and different platforms that encourage loving yourself. When you are able to feel comfortable about the body that you are in then you will be able to appreciate yourself more.

Growing up body image was all I was seeing, from movies, to magazines and television shows. All it expressed to young girls especially was that their body was considered something like art or a prize possession.

Haveself love for yourself not because I am saying so, but because you should want to have it for yourself.

Acquiring self love means acquiring the love that you should give yourself in all the way that love has to give you.

Self Affirmations

Wake up in the morninig and tell yourself how beauitful you are, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself, what your goals are in life and what you expect for yourself in the future. Telling yourself what you expect for yourself is jsut a reminder of where you see yourself going in the near future.

I use to do self affirmations in the beginning of my freshman year of college after I started watching the tv show “Being Mary Jane.” On the show, the introduction of every show, Jane has new quotes that she finds and lives by, she writes them down on stickies and posts them throughout her house.

So I thought that would be interesting and a good change that I should try, and when I tell you that it sure made a difference for me in the most positive way.

Conquer Your Dreams

Conquering your dreams is the purest way to show yourself self love. Being able to conquer your dreams that you set for yourself is a version of self love. To put yourself first and excute the goals that you set for yourself is a beautiful sight to witness.

Everyday that you wake up you should have a set of goals that you want to reach, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, if it is important for you to reach it and achieve it, then do so. There is nothing that you can’t do because you can do all things that you put you mind to.

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The Beauty

I know it’s hard at times to think of yourself as being beautiful, but being beautiful is not just about what you look like on the outside, the beauty is what comes from the inside out. They say that the beauty lays in the hands of the beholder, but that isn’t always true.

Let your beauty come through showing who you are and what you put out to the world on the daily basis. Let your beauty shine and the love that you grow to have for yourself will be one that will last a lifetime.

You define your own beauty, whether you want it to be your physical appearance, your mental state or the way that you just perceive the world around you.

Self love is the best love, love yourself and enjoy what love has for you. Enjoy self love, treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated and it all starts with you. Comment down below and let me know what you consider self love to be.

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