The Best Summer Hairstyles For 2019

This season’s summer hairstyles are in, from sleek and shiny to wearable wet hair, there is something for everyone. To help you find the perfect look to rock during the warm weather days, here is a list of the best summer hairstyles for 2019.

1. Barrettes

The first summer trend for 2019, perfect for keeping your hair out of your face on a hot sunny day and shows off a cute accessory all at the same time, would be barrettes. Both stylish and functional, this fun and cute addition to any ensemble can be used to pin back your bangs, any stray hairs or elevate a side-swept hairdo.

Wear one or two on each side or up to four or five or even seven for a more daring look. Change up the shapes, sizes, colours and materials to complement your different outfits and moods.

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2. The Wet Look

As far as summer hairstyles go, the wet hair trend is one of the most fun and surprisingly simple to recreate. It will have you looking and feeling like you just got out of the shower, spent the day lounging by the pool or have people believing you are a mermaid freshly emerged from the sea.

Super easy to style for any hair type, texture and length, you can achieve this effortlessly sexy look with a simple sea salt spray, hair oil, styling cream or mousse. Make it more wearable by applying less product through your strands and adding volume at the roots.

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3. Loose Waves

This effortless bead head of loose curls relies on natural movement versus full bodied twirls and makes for a perfect summer hairstyle that looks natural and can be rocked anywhere and anytime.

Simple to recreate and ideal for bringing beachy texture and volume to straight or thin hair types, it can easily be achieved by curling a few face-framing strands with a large barrel curling iron, applying a salt spray and finishing off with a body building hairspray. Perfect for mid-length to long hair.

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4. Sleek And Polished

A little trickier to accomplish during the hot and humid days but well worth the effort would be the sleek and polished look. From half-up ‘dos to precise ponytails to perfect buns, this smooth and reflective style is all about keeping things shiny, minimal and not having a hair out of place.

The essential part of making this look work would be to apply a leave-in frizz control cream, a treatment oil or a silk groom cream.

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5. The Long Braid

Finally, it wouldn’t be a summer hairstyles list without adding the latest braid trend. This season, braids are being worn long, low, tough and sleek with extra shine added to the strands. This style will not only keep your face hair free, but keep you cool and can be flattering on almost anyone with any hair type.

Start off with a centre part and tie a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, making sure to hide the elastic band by winding a section of hair around it afterwards. Start your braid a third of the way down from the ponytail and secure with an elastic once again. For an extra touch, try adding a leather cord, metal cuff or other hair accessories to wind around the top section of the ponytail and finish with a ton of anti-humidity hairspray.

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Which were your favourite summer hairstyles on this list? How do you usually wear your hair when its warm outside? Let us know in the comments down below!

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