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9 Summer Hair Styles To Try Right Now

Summer is all about having fun with your girlfriends and living life to the fullest. What if you could look gorgeous while doing it? Here are nine trendy summer hairstyles to make you feel and look your best this summer!

1. Low Messy Bun With Braid

This summer hairstyle is perfect for a day lounging by the pool or staying in to watch movies with your crush. To get this look, dutch or french braid a small piece of hair on the side of your face and secure it to your head with a bobby pin or two. Then take the rest of your hair and put it in a low messy bun with a telephone chord hairband. Pull a few pieces of hair out in the front to create some face framing. So cute!


2. Half-Up/Half-Down With Braid

This hairstyle is absolutely stunning for summer. If you’re like me and love wearing your hair half-up half-down because Arianna Grande is your spirit animal, then you will think so too. You can do princess braids on either side of your head or just twist two pieces of hair on each side, braiding the pieces down the back. You can do a fishtail braid or regular braid, depending on how talented a braider you are. Perfect for music festivals or weddings!

3. Low Pony With Scarf

This look is so effortless and perfect for lazy summer days. This style is particularly good for longer hair, but anyone can pull it off. To make your pony look voluminous and lush, curl your hair into big, loose waves. Leave some pieces out in front to frame your face and add to that naturally pretty look. Finally, tie a silk hair scarf around your pony and you are reading for your close-up!

4. High Pony With Waves

Who doesn’t love a good high pony, especially on hot days? This is one of our fav summer hairstyles right now. To achieve this look, curl your hair into big, bouncy waves. Don’t forget to alternate the direction you curl each time so your pony doesn’t look like one giant curl. Volume is the goal here! Once again, pull out pieces in front to get that chic look. Add some gold hoops and chunky sunnies and you’re set.

5. Beachy Waves

If you are spending most of your summer at the beach, this one’s for you! Sexy beach waves have always been a go-to hairstyle of mine for summer. This one requires minimal effort but jaw-dropping results. After you going swimming, either in the ocean or pool, let your hair air dry.To get that extra wavy beach look, I recommend twirling your wet hair until you see little ringlets forming. If you do this enough, your hair will start to take the shape you want. You can also invest in a beach hair spray and add that to your hair as soon as you get out of the shower or ocean. 

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6. Half-Up Bun With Braid

This look is unique and fun for date nights or girls nights. If you are someone that likes to stand out in the crowd, you will be all over this hairstyle. Start by pulling half of your hair up, but instead of doing a pony, make a messy bun. Pull out a few pieces in the front and add a braid down the side of your head. Summer won’t be ready for your hair game this year!

7. High Messy Bun

This high messy bun screams casual glam! This look is made for summer weddings, photo shoots or events. Adding some jewels along your bun will instantly dress this style up, but making it loose and messy will give it some edge. 

8. Single French Braid

Messy French braids are meant for the beach. Of course, you can wear them anywhere, but there’s something about throwing your hair into a braid for a beach day. What a mood. This look is so effortless it hurts. 

9. Summer Hair Styles For Shorter Hair

I didn’t forget about your short hair beauties out there! Of course, you can do any of the ideas listed above, but this one’s just for you. Middle parts are so in right now, along with soft, teased waves. This look is perfect for shoulder-length or bob cuts.

I hope you enjoyed these fabulous summer hairstyles and are excited to get styling! Make sure to comment which looks you are excited to try next!

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Bianca Lancia

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