Styles Of Jean Jackets You Need To Wear This Summer

Jean jackets are a style that really matters to the individual: you don’t want to be out there wearing a jacket that you’re not completely obsessed with (yes, that is a thing, for those of you who haven’t experienced it yet).

With all the different type of styles that jean jackets come in, we don’t blame you for not knowing what type you want, or even what type would look good on you! Especially when you’re trying to figure out how to fit it into your already existing wardrobe.

So here are some styles of jean jackets to wear this summer (or even to own in general, because a girl can never have too many light weight jackets, trust us).


This is probably the best style on this list for hot weather because it still looks like a classic jean jacket but gives just a little more breathable space when the sun is blistering. Plus, you can pair this type of style with literally anything and have it look super cute, and totally gives you the effortless 90s look that we’re all craving right now. Try looking for a jacket like this with fringed or distressed edges for more of a punk rock look. Forever 21 has some great styles for cropped jean jackets, but if you want a great lasting pair, go to Levi’s.

Get this look:


Now this style is one of, if not the most, popular style of jean jackets right now, especially at the height of obsession with vintage looks (80s and 90s fashion, anyone?) This type of denim jacket is perfect for colder summer nights, or when the air is just a little too breezy for your crop or halter top, and is great to pair with any type of bottoms, jeans and shorts alike. American Eagle currently has some great styles for oversized jean jackets, as does ASOS and Levi’s.

Get this look:

Trucker Jacket

The most classic style of all, the trucker jacket is the best jean jacket for the type of casual look that jean jackets were made for. With the lining of the seams and the hard edge of the style, this type of jacket also makes you look super slim and is great to pair with any outfit for extra coverage, or even to just add a little more texture to an outfit. Plus, this style is usually pretty light weight, which is great for the summer weather. We suggest going to somewhere like Guess or Levi’s for a good, well lasting fit, or the GAP.

Get this look:

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Sheepskin Collar

Now, this look is a little more for colder weather, but it’s still a really cute style to wear during the summer if you want to brave the warm (although some styles don’t have lining and just have the sheepskin or sherpa “look”). Plus, this style is really good all year round and is super comfy, so it’s a win-win in a lot of senses. The jacket pictured below is from Levi’s, but there’s plenty of places like ASOS and American Eagle to get this look.

Get this look:

If you’re looking for something a bit more colourful or adventurous, try trading out the sheepskin collar for another animal print, like cheetah or zebra. It creates a bolder look without the potential heaviness of the sheepskin, which might be nice depending on how hot your weather is! The jacket below is from ASOS from the men’s section for a bit of an oversized option…

Get this look:

What do you think of these styles? Do you own any like these? Let us know in the comments!

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Georgia Longphee

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