10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

Fall is upon us, and that means new fall fashion collections being released! Fall is probably the best season for fashion because it’s not so cold where you have to bundle up, and it’s not so hot where all you can wear is shorts and a t-shirt. 

Fall is the season of layering, boots, and sweaters, and this year, this is no shortage of that in any fall collection so far! Fall fashion collections are still rolling out, but these 10 stores have already exceeded the 2019 fall fashion expectations!

1. Boohoo

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Boohoo is an incredibly well-priced online store based in the UK. What’s fantastic about Boohoo is they are continually adding new products and styles to their never-ending library daily, so you will always find something new!

For back to school season, Boohoo has started to roll out their fall items, and they are adorable, to say the least. In their fall catalog, there is, so far, lots of denim (a fall staple) and t-shirt dresses which are a fall essential when you want to look cute and stay comfy! Boohoo also is releasing gorgeous boots and booties that are ideal for fall and are stocking up on cozy coats for those of you in colder climates! 

The best part? Boohoo always has huge sales, we’re talking 50% off on everything! And if that wasn’t enough, Boohoo offers a student discount for currently enrolled students! Stock up on all your fall essentials now without breaking the bank and look fabulous this fall!

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

2. Lulus

Lulus will forever be a crowd favorite for every possible event! While Lulus is typically known as a one-stop-shop for wedding-goers, they, in fact, have adorable clothes for beyond the big day! 

Lulus has incredible, high-quality clothing for a very reasonable price and are very fashion-forward and have absolutely everything — if you can think it, Lulus has it! From boots to sweaters to pants and skirts, Lulus will now be considered your one-stop-shop for fall fashion!

This fall, Lulus has an amazing autumn collection with lots of comfy clothes and Instagram worthy essentials. This fall, chartreuse is going to be huge, and Lulus has already stocked up on the gorgeous color! What’s great about Lulus is they have something for everyone. No matter what your style, they will have it! And they somehow make tricky fall trends like chartreuse accessible and wearable for everyone!

But if you’re only going to pick up one fall essential from Lulus, browse their boots and booties section! They have some of the cutest shoes for an incredible price, and you will find yourself going back again and again!

Shop the fall collection: 

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

3. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is another one of those stores where you can’t believe the quality you receive based on the price! Fashion Nova is famous for their amazing jeans, but they also have never-ending collections with some adorable clothing for an incredibly low price.

This fall, Fashion Nova has some fantastic releases coming… Think lots of faux fur and gorgeous animal prints. Fashion Nova’s fall collection looks to be very classy but sassy and is something a boss babe would totally wear to the office or classroom! Fashion Nova can take very out-there pieces and make them wearable enough for everyday life, so you will look fabulous every single day!

While you’re there, make sure to stock up on some of their jeans for the colder months! You’ll never wear another pair of jeans again!

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

4. Free People

Lucky for us, Free People has become very accessible in the past years, and you can now buy it at several stores including Nordstrom and Macy’s instead of being limited to just Free People stores and online!

Free People has already launched their fall collection, and it is much different than you might expect! While the brand will probably expand their collection, they have released the Aloha Autumn fall collection! 

The clothing pieces in the Aloha Autumn collection are very beachy yet cozy, making this collection fastly different from many others we usually see in the fall! Yes, their items are beachy, but they aren’t anything you would wear in the summer, so it’s more of a fall-vacation-to-the-Cape vibe. The pieces are rather flowy and neutral-toned, and somehow is very fall despite appearing beachy at first glance! This is the perfect fall collection for the transition from summer to fall, and we are here for it!

So if you aren’t ready for the summer season to end just yet, this might just be the fall fashion collection made for you!

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

5. Missguided

Missguided is very similar to Boohoo but just a little bit better quality. The way I see it, Boohoo is Forever 21 while Missguided is the H&M… they aren’t much different, but it feels like one may be higher quality than the other.  

If you’re looking for quality basics, Missguided is the store for you. Missguided has very trendy pieces for an excellent price, and the quality is totally there. 

This fall, Missguided seems to be going the comfy route and bringing fashion and aesthetic to simple pieces and making amazing outfits from just the essentials. This fall fashion collection is perfect for students because let’s face it, students get sick and stressed in the fall, and the last thing we have to worry about is looking cute. But just because we’re stressed doesn’t mean we don’t want to look cute! We just don’t have the energy. That’s where this collection comes in! Everything is super easy and comfy so you can look cute and kickass in class at the same time!

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

6. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of my personal favorite stores for fall fashion. Yes, the brand is pricey, but you get what you pay for, and the clothing will last you several seasons! Urban Outfitters never really has explicit fall collections, but they do update their website often, and you can find the best fall pieces in their “New” tab!  

For this fall, Urban Outfitters has already started to roll out their fall fashion, and there’s a whole lot of corduroy and vintage trends. It’s been predicted that this fall, the trend wheel is cycling back to the 70s and Urban Outfitters has the items you need to rock the trend!

Urban Outfitters has also released some fantastic jackets and coats that will keep you warm and cozy all fall long! Don’t wait to get your fall essentials!

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10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

7. H&M

Fall has just begun at H&M so you can expect an enormous fall collection coming this year! For the fall, H&M has released an extensive look book that makes you want to buy every single item!

A common theme in the H&M fall fashion collection is a lot of burgundies, camels, burnt oranges, and basic neutrals, which are the hallmark colors of autumn! These are also all colors that everyone can pull off no matter what your coloring is!

The fall collection also features items for every occasion, whether you’re having a lazy day or running the new work meeting! Stock up on your cozy sweaters now and make room for even more as the season progresses!

Shop the fall collection:

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10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

8. Target

In the past years, Target has really upped their fashion game and a shirt you paid $20 for really looks like you paid $50! As the seasons go by, Target gets better and better with their fashion selection, and this fall is the best yet!

Target is already stocking their shelves with adorable fall fashion pieces, and the prices are incredible! Target is very up-to-date with the fashion trends and seems to carry the same type of items you might find at Forever 21 or H&M. 

This fall, Target is stocking up on flannel, plaid, corduroy, denim, and animal print, all of which will be huge this coming autumn! Target is fantastic because they have every size and their return policy is very generous, so if you decide you don’t like that top you bought a month ago, no worries! They’ll probably take it back!

Since Target is so popular, make sure to grab a fashion piece if you like it because it will sell out super fast and there’s no guarantee they will order more!

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

9. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a store that doesn’t get enough recognition! Pretty Little Thing sells adorable clothing for super inexpensive, and the quality is totally there. They also have huge sales very frequently, so it’s accessible to everyone!

Pretty Little Thing is often a go-to store for music festival-goers, but they also have clothing for every day, and it’s adorable. This fall, PLT is also going cozy and releasing lots of comfy clothing like t-shirt, dresses, and jumpsuits.

What’s great about PLT is that they don’t sacrifice comfort for style and vice versa. Even though the items are simple and basic, they make cute outfits that will make you look put together and like you put a lot of effort into your outfit when you really didn’t! 

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

10. TopShop

When I think of TopShop, I think of fall fashion. No matter what the season is, I will forever see TopShop as an autumn store. Why? Because no one does fall fashion like TopShop. 

Every year, TopShop comes out with arguably one of the best fall collections, in my opinion. TopShop incorporates all the fall colors, patterns, and fabrics that you think of when you think of fall fashion, and this season is no different!

TopShop’s fall collection this year is titled “Idol,” and you will most definitely be a fashion idol in these pieces! The collection is still rolling out, but so far, I like what I see, which is a lot of suede, corduroy, denim, and leather. Within this collection, there are lots of fun patterns and colors, but they all somehow embody fall perfectly!

Keep an eye out for more products rolling out in this collection because it looks like it’ll be a good one!

Shop the fall collection:

10 Stores With Amazing Fall Fashion Releases

What do you look for in a fall fashion collection? Is there a store you’ll be visiting this fall to stock up?

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