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5 Purse Styles To Rock This Summer

Trying to find a purse you like that goes with all of your outfits can be a tough thing to find, let alone one that fits the current fashion trends (if you keep up to date with those, that is). But it shouldn’t be that hard, especially when you can shop online and find some crazy good deals along with it! 

A lot of the styles for purses this year lean on the side of being super boho, which we totally love, but do remember that literally any purse is usually in fashion, and if anyone tells you otherwise they’re a liar (tell them we said so). 

So, for every indecisive lover of purses and handbags like us, here’s the top 5 purse styles that you should rock this summer, with some pretty good price ranges to encompass basically every summer job wage.

1. Straw and circular

The lightweight material and its natural tan hue make the perfect addition to your summer collection, and the fun circle shape also sets it apart from the boxier bags that are in style right now. Plus, you can rock the cute boho type of style from the 70s, which is totally in trend right now. With the multiple difference in possible colours, this style is one of the easiest to pair with both a casual and formal look.

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2. Structured wicker

Much like the iconic basket from a certain wizard of oz, you can look super cute but still totally sophisticated. With a pop of colour in your outfit (either casual or formal), you can prove that baskets aren’t only for picnics… but this style would look really adorable for a date look. Just saying. Also, the material of these purses is harder than straw if you’re looking for added protection.

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3. Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are not only for jewelry anymore (but don’t throw away your big, wooden beaded necklaces just yet — those are in fashion too, my girl). With the ability to still be super lightweight depending on the type of wood used, these purses are a great summer accessory, especially if you’re trying that whole boho early 90s look. You can totally pair this style with any outfit, but we suggest something with a huge pop of colour and a different texture, like fringe.

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4. Pom poms

Another way to add fun to your accessories that’s really in style right now? Grab yourself a purse with multi-colored pom poms. This playful trend pops up basically every summer and totally looks like all those arts and crafts you made at summer camp (but in a really good way). Paired with a straw bag or anything super boho-esque, this trend is a cute way to add colour to your outfit.

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5. Bucket bags

Odds are you have tons of strappy styles and crossbody, so why not switch it up this summer! Bucket bags are coming back with a really good vengeance, and the look of a cute little bag inside another is just a little too adorable for us. Plus, these purses are great for when you just need to carry around a small amount of stuff and is pretty durable considering the style and shape of it.

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What do you think of these purse styles? Would you wear any of them or are you into other purse styles this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Georgia Longphee

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