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10 Notable Events and TV Shows Affected By The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has effected almost everything around the world, especially Notable Events and TV Shows. Some events have either been canceled, rescheduled, or postponed. Meanwhile, Movies and TV Shows have been affected by the coronavirus in terms of releases being pushed back, filming without a live studio audience (in the case of TV Shows), and filming and production being suspended indefinitely.

Now, with that being said, listed down below are 10 Notable Events and TV Shows Affected By The Coronavirus Pandemic:

1. Daytime & Late Night Talk Shows:

All genres of TV Shows are being heavily affected as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. Some TV Shows, particularly Daytime and Late Night Talk Shows, initially continued to go on the air but without a live studio audience.

However, due to the spread of the Coronavirus in The United States, many Daytime and Late Night Talk Shows have suspended production until the end of March and plan on monitoring the outbreak closely in order to make a decision on when will it be best to return airing. Daytime and Late Night Talk Shows that have suspended production include The Ellen DeGeneres Show (See the photo below), Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, to name a few.

2. Movies:

Besides Notable Events and TV Shows, production and release dates of many films have been suspended or rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many films that were scheduled to be released within the next couple of weeks have either been pushed back or released early online.

For example, No Time To Die (see the movie poster below), one of the most anticipated films of the year, was initially supposed to be released in April 2020. However, as a result of the global spread of the coronavirus, the release of No Time To Die, which also marks Daniel Craig’s final time playing James Bond, has been postponed until November 2020. To see a list of every film released affected by the coronavirus, click here.

3. Production For Season 16 Of The Bachelorette:

Filming and production for many Reality TV Shows have been delayed or suspended as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, including The Bachelorette. After Peter Weber’s tumultuous season of The Bachelor concluded on March 10th, production for Season 16 of The Bachelorette was set to begin on Friday, March 13th. This year’s bachelorette was set to be Clare Crawley (see the photo below), the runner-up of Juan Pablo’s Season (which aired six years ago).

However, filming for Clare’s season has been put on hold indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Harrison, who hosts all of The Bachelor Franchise Shows, said in an Instagram Video: “It was not only the right thing to do, it was the only thing to do. But that doesn’t mean this decision wasn’t hard to make, because this will affect a lot of people. To my friend Clare, you are still my bachelorette and hopefully we’re still going to have the opportunity to help you find love and make this work.”

Prior to production of The Bachelorette being put on hold, the show had to scrap its international travel plans, which included a trip to Italy, due to the coronavirus and film entirely in the United States.

In addition, both Harrison and Crawley have stated that some of the men already cast might change and the latter encouraged men to submit applications for the show during the hiatus. Just like they did the previous year, ABC released photos of the contestants who could be part of this year’s Bachelorette Cast.

One of Clare’s potential suitors includes Matt James, the best friend of Tyler Cameron, who was the runner-up of Hannah Brown’s Season last year. Brown and Cameron are rumored to have gotten back together and are currently quarantining together.

4. Riverdale:

Filming and Production for many of our favorite TV Shows are currently suspended. The CW Teen Drama Riverdale is amongst the list, but stands out as their production came to a halt as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic!

Filming for Riverdale takes place in Vancouver and production was suspended on March 11th after a person working on the show came into contact with a person who tested positive for the coronavirus. At the time of the show’s suspension, only 20 of the ordered 22 episodes for Riverdale’s fourth season (which has been airing since October 9th, 2019) were completed. It remains unknown if those two remaining episodes will be produced later (such as being added as part of Season 5’s episode count) or be discarded.

5. Fremantle TV Shows:

The television company, which oversees many TV Shows across multiple networks, is currently monitoring the coronavirus crisis. Like other media companies have done so already, Fremantle is also encouraging people to work remotely in order to help minimize large gatherings of people and promote social distancing.

The coronavirus has affected production for several Fremantle TV Shows, such as American Idol, Family Feud, and America’s Got Talent (AGT), to name a few. American Idol, which is in the middle of airing the pre-taped auditions episodes, is currently on hiatus. Production for the live show episodes was slated to begin in April but could be impacted by the spread of the coronavirus. Production for Family Feud and AGT has been suspended indefinitely. For the latter show, Judge Heidi Klum (see the photo below) fell ill during filming and is currently waiting for the results to see if she tested positive for the coronavirus.

6. All of Professional Sports:

Many professional sports leagues and sports events around the world have been suspended, postponed, or canceled in the wake of the coronavirus. All major professional sports leagues around the world are currently suspended.  The suspension of the current NBA Season has been the most documented cased by the media after Utah Jazz Player Rudy Gobert became the league’s first player to test positive for the disease. After Gobert was revealed to have tested positive for the coronavirus, several other NBA players and personnel have tested positive as well.

Major Sports Events that were currently going on or taking place within the next couple of weeks and months have either been canceled, postponed, or delayed. Affected Major Sports Events included The UEFA Champions League, The UEFA EURO Tournament (see the photo below), The Masters Tournament, and The French Open, to name a few.

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7. Concerts and Music Festivals:

In order to minimize potential exposure to the coronavirus and to keep up with social distancing practices, many events with large gatherings such as concerts and music festivals have been either canceled, delayed, or postponed.

Music Artists who have canceled and postponed their concerts and/or tours include Madonna, Louis Tomlinson, Billie Eilish, and Elton John, to name a few. The Jonas Brothers canceled their entire April Las Vegas residency while the opening show of Kelly Clarkson’s Las Vegas Residency (which was slated to begin on April 1st), was pushed back to July. Meanwhile, popular music festivals such as Coachella (see the photo below) and Stagecoach, which are normally held in April, were recently rescheduled to take place in October.

8. The Met Gala:

The Met Gala, also referred to as “Fashion’s biggest night out”, takes place each year on the first Monday of May. However, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and after two of its employees tested positive for the disease, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the event’s venue) recently announced that this year’s Met Gala, which was originally scheduled to take play on May 4th, 2020, has been postponed indefinitely. No new date has been announced yet.

9. Production for All TV Shows on Apple TV+:

Many TV Networks have suspended production for all TV Shows in the middle of filming in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Active filming for all TV Shows streaming through Apple TV+ have been temporally suspended. TV Shows on Apple TV+ are produced by outside studios. The list of temporarily suspended productions for TV Shows on Apple TV+ include The Morning Show (see the photo below), For All Mankind, See, and Servant, to name a few.

10. March Madness:

Initially, the NCAA Tournaments (also referred to as March Madness), for both men’s and women’s college basketball were going to go on as scheduled but without any fans. Besides the players, coaching staff, officials, and media, only essential staff and limited family members would be allowed in the stadiums.

However, after NBA Player Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, the NCAA decided to cancel this year’s March Madness. This also marked the first cancellation in the 81-year history of the NCAA Tournament.

Which of these Events and TV Shows affected by The Coronavirus Pandemic Listed Above are you the most bummed out about being Delayed or Suspended? Be sure to let us know which Events and TV Shows (Including ones not listed in the article) down below in the comments section!

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