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6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

Painting your nails just one single color is a thing of the past! Nail art designs are all the rage right now. You can have practically anything on your nails these days! Check out these nail art designs and swoon at how cute they are!

1. Dot-icure

First up is what we’ve dubbed the dot-icure or dot manicure. This nail art design is actually very simple to re-create but will wow people with how complex it looks!

Begin by painting a base coat over all of your nails. Next, get a dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can use a bobby pin!

You can use white polish like the photo or you can choose a different color.

The key to this nail art design is to keep an even distance between all the dots. You should also do your best to keep your pattern consistent all the way through.

The photo below creates vertical lines of evenly spaced dots. Then, it will stagger the next vertical line so that the dots fall in between the first line of dots. Repeat these steps until your whole nail is covered and do this on all of your nails.

Finish this design off with a base coat and there you have it! A fun dot-icure that will make everything seem fun and lighthearted.

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

2. Drip

Next up is the drip manicure! This nail art design mimics dripping paint.

As always, begin with a base coat. This is integral for helping your design last for as long as possible.

Next you can paint your nails a bunch of different colors like the photo or you can just choose one color for your background color.

Next is the trickiest part: the drips. You can use small nail paint brushes for this, or you can just use the brush that comes with the bottle. You can also use a dotting tool. It may even be helpful to outline the area you’re using before filling it in with polish

Start by making two to three big circles of polish. Then, drag these dots to the edge of your nail. Connect all these dots that you’ve dragged along the edge of your nail.

The drips look great when using a metallic or glittery polish. This helps them look more 3-D and stand out more against the base color. Lock your drips in with a topcoat.

These drips are so realistic you’ll have people thinking you’re going around with wet nails!

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

3. Foxy Fall

This nail art design is perfect for fall. Start with a gradient background of blue and white. You can achieve this by using a makeup sponge with blue and white painted onto it. When you press it onto your nails, you’ll have a gorgeous gradient!

First we’ll explain the leaves. Using fall tones of red, orange, and yellow, create your leaves by making oval shapes on all of your nails but one. A small dotting tool will work best for this.

Next, create a line down the center of the ovals and outline the ovals as well. The black outline will bring the design together. These skinny lines can be made with a striping tool or a toothpick.

Next is the star of the show- the fox! Create a rectangle of orange that’s a little bit wider towards the top. Next, along the wide part of the rectangle, make two white ovals. This will be the fox’s head and cheeks!

On the bottom left side and right below the face you can also dab a bit of white. This will be the fox’s tail and chest.

Then, use the black outlining technique you used with the leaves to outline the fox. Add two black eyes and a little black nose. Create pointy ears and a sharp tail.

This little fox design will leave you smiling all fall long!

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

4. Fruit

These fruit nails are adorable. You don’t have to every single fruit shown in the picture. You can just choose one!

We’ll explain how to achieve the bananas. Start with a base of white polish. Then, use a dotting tool to drag some thick curved lines using yellow polish.

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Next, use a black striping tool or toothpick to outline the yellow. Drag one or two lines within the yellow to create the illusion of a 3-D banana. Add dots at each end of the banana to complete the design.

This nail design is worth going bananas over!

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

5. Galaxy

These galaxy nails are out of this world!

Start with a matte black polish. Next, create stars with a dotting tool or toothpick. These can be just little white dots or you can get fancy and draw some lowercase t’s that appear like larger stars.

Be sure to make some large white dots as well; these will be the planets. The white will help the colors stand out against the black.

Using various metallic polishes, fill in your large white dots to create planets.

This nail art design is gorgeous and whimsical.

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

6. Gradient

Last, but not least, are the gradient nails!

Pick any color of polish and line each shade up from darkest to lightest. Paint each nail one of the shades going in the order you lined them up in.

This creates a gradient that goes across your whole hand! This look is very classy and seamless looking!

6 Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

What nail art design are you going to try out? Comment your favorite design down below!

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