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10 Makeup Brands You Need To Know About

With so many makeup brands out there to choose from, it can often be hard or overwhelming to find the right ones to choose. From drugstore and affordable, to high-end and luxurious, here are 10 great makeup brands that you absolutely must know about!

1.) NARS

NARS has been a cult-favorite makeup brand for many years, and for good reason. Founded by French makeup artist François Nars in 1994, the brand is committed to high quality products and offers products that are colorful, fun but also versatile enough to wear everyday. They are most famous for their “Orgasm” collection, which is a collection of blushes, lipsticks and lipglosses that come in a shade of neutral pink that is supposed to be universally flattering on every skin-type. They also offer an award-winning concealer called the “Radiant Creamy Concealer”, and a well-loved foundation called the “Sheer-Glow Foundation”, which are offered in over 16 diverse shades. With so many great products in their collection, you are sure to find a product that you will love as well!



Benefit is such an amazing brand! Not only are their products cute, fun, and affordable, but they offer products that are natural and meant to be used everyday. They also specialize in excellent brow products, and their in-person boutiques offer customized and professional brow services as well to make sure those eyebrows are on fleek!

3.) ColourPop

ColourPop offers high quality products at extremely affordable prices. In addition to that, they also pride themselves on being cruelty-free. Their products come in a wide-range, and are colorful, fun and diverse. You can either buy their products individually for cheap prices (single eyeshadows are about $6), or you can purchase their products in sets. They even let you customize your own eyeshadow palettes if you wish! From “no-makeup makeup” to bold statement eyes, their range will offer something for everyone.


4.) Clarins

Clarins is an award-winning French skincare brand that offers both skincare and makeup products. This brand uses only natural ingredients in its products, and is dermatologist tested so you can rest assured that their products won’t break out your skin. Clarins is a great skincare and makeup brand to consider if you have sensitive skin, or are looking for an affordable yet good-quality makeup brand.


5.) TooFaced

TooFaced is another makeup brand that you should absolute know about. Their products are cruelty-free, are used with only natural and skin-friendly ingredients, come in fun colors and are all wrapped up in fun packaging! Their characteristic product packaging may be reminiscent of childhood, but they do not sacrifice quality. Their range of foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras and face palettes will give you a range of looks to choose from that will last all day.

6.) Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Cosmetics is a brand that combines the best of skincare with makeup products to achieve the most stylish and covetable looks. Also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, their range of cosmetics will make you look good while also feeling good. Plus, they are considered a drugstore beauty brand, which means the prices of their products are very wallet-friendly!

7.) Urban Decay

As a brand, Urban Decay is modern, youthful, and mostly cruelty free. Urban Decay is considered on the higher-end, but is not classified as a luxury or designer brand. Their products always come in good quality, and are heavy-duty and long-lasting. Some of their most famous products are the “Naked Eyeshadow Palettes”, the “Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer”,  and their “Perversion Mascara”. If you’re looking for high quality products that will give you bold and sturdy looks, then Urban Decay will have you covered.

8.) Glossier

Glossier is another brand that combines skincare and makeup, and they are known for easy-to-use skincare and natural “glossy” makeup products. All of their products are natural, clean, and gentle on the skin. Their skincare products help to maintain the natural beauty of skin, while their makeup products emphasize beauty in the most natural way possible. Their products are simple and uncomplicated to help you feel beautiful while also letting you be comfortable in your natural skin. Their products are not full-coverage, so this brand is an absolute must if you’re looking to stay natural, or achieve a “no-makeup makeup” look.

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9.) Kosäs

Kosäs is a low-profile independent cosmetics brand that offers “Makeup That Lifts You Up & Won’t Let You Down”, as their company slogan states. Kosäs is a clean beauty brand, meaning it only sources natural ingredients that are safe, non-toxic and nourishing. Their products are completely formulated without paragons, phthalates, propylene glycol, or other harsh ingredients. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free, and are a great. They offer a full range of products, including lip care, eyeshadows, foundations, sets and skincare. Their products are affordable, easy to apply, highly pigmented, and flattering across skin tones. Kosäs is a great makeup brand to explore if you’re looking for clean products that will provide great looks.

10.) Tarte

Tarte is one of the hottest makeup brands right now that you should know about. They have all kinds of quality products for any look, and are another cruelty-free and natural brand. This brand has a bestseller in almost every category, from their “tartelette eyeshadow palette”, to their “rainforest of the sea water foundation”, to the “shape tape concealer”. Although their prices fall between the mid to high range, you will always get what you pay for in terms of quality, color pay-off, and ingredients. As far as organic and clean makeup goes, taste offers some of the most versatile shades and options in their collection.

Choosing the right makeup brands and products can be confusing at times. Factors like price, quality and safety are all factors to consider when buying new makeup. However, these 10 makeup brands are great brands that you should know about! All of them offer clean, quality and fun products that will be sure to satisfy all makeup needs!

Have you tried any of these brands before? Do you have a favorite makeup product or brand yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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