7 Lifestyle Vloggers That’ll Make You Rethink Your 9-5

Blogging and Vlogging has become a major career path for social media users worldwide. Through using Instagram and YouTube as the main platforms, influencers continue to inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be through following their dreams and passions. Along with this comes a lot of hard work believe it or not and juggling this alongside a 9-5 job for instance can be extremely difficult. This is why some people may quit their jobs to work as a blogger/vlogger full time. Money can be made from this if you work hard and produce great content! If you’re not convinced check out some of the most famous lifestyle vloggers to get inspired.

1. Nakita Johnson: @kitagirl921 on Instagram; 735K followers

If you’re an Instagram addict you may remember Nakita from her YouTube channel with ex-boyfriend Terrol Lewis. They were one of London’s cutest couples but after parting ways, Nakita immediately began focusing on herself and moving onto much better things might I add… since then Nakita has continued to pursue her passion for fitness by sharing her workout journey and creating her very own 4-week workout plan. She has attended various beauty and fashion events and took part in the #BoohooInParadise Campaign in February this year along with Jordyn woods, best friend of Kylie Jenner.

Nakita was also the only UK influencer that was invited to attend Beautycon NYC 2018. If you are feeling inspired to become lifestyle vloggers, Nakita has also teamed up with @hypefactory_com to create videos with tips on how to grow your own online presence on various social media channels.  Why not check it out?

2. The Ace Family: @austinMcbroom; 3.9 Million followers, @catherinepaiz; 4.6 Million followers, @elle; 2.8 Million followers

If you haven’t heard of The Ace Family have you been living under a rock?? This family are the ultimate family goals and reside in the famously known California. Parents Austin and Catherine started their YouTube Channel when their two-year-old daughter Elle, was was born. Now with 8.2 million subscribers, they have become extremely popular on social media by sharing many life experiences with their subscribers such as getting engaged, moving into a beautiful new home, surprising their other half with a Lamborghini and celebrating every moment of their daughter’s life. They even do the funniest pranks on each other and their family members. If you think dropping your 9-5 to become lifestyle vloggers is crazy you’re wrong! Both Austin and Catherine admit they had no idea what they were doing at first but they got used to it and learnt how to devise creative content ideas. Austin’s advice is to just ‘stop worrying about views and just pick up the camera and start filming’. Of course this does not mean you should instantly quit your 9-5, but vlogging on the side for a while may be your best bet. Follow them on Instagram or subscribe to them on YouTube now to get inspired!

3. @BBXMBAF on Instagram; 77.3K followers

She may be leaning to the blogger side but her fashion choices certainly reflect a luxurious lifestyle worth living. From Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and many more, this full time female boss has captured her followers with her numerous designer purchases. We have witnessed her creative outlook on fashion when she customised her own pair of Louboutin’s, wore a Versace nightgown as a dress and has recently developed the idea of turning a rain mac into an off the shoulder top!

She also works as a part time as a celebrity stylist. Her iconic style has become so popular that she now has her own clothing line (also branded as BBXMBAF) which resembles her own effortlessly sophisticated style. New pieces are in the process of being added onto the site which was even created and coded by herself!

4. Carms London: @x_carms on Instagram; 155k followers

Ever wanted to travel the world non-stop? Well Carms lives this very lifestyle as seen on Instagram. Whether its LA, Bali or Mykonos, Carms is always traveling in style with back to back holidays. However, believe it or not she is actually working by blogging all of her outfits and tagging brands, which is essentially a way of promoting them.  When she lands back home she’s still working by attending events like the #revolvearoundtheworld party by Revolve clothing. Of course these perks come with the ability to be a successful fashion blogger with great content and a unique sense of style. If you’re obsessed with fashion you should definitely give her a follow. If she doesn’t make you rethink your 9-5 I don’t know what will! She is only of the best lifestyle vloggers!

5. Dazhane pronounced Dar-shanay: @dazhaneleah; 105K followers

If you think being a university student or working a 9-5 job may stop you from becoming a blogger and travelling the world…think again! Dazhane is a university student whilst simultaneously being a successful fashion blogger who is also extremely talented in photography! Her fashion style can range from sporty to girly and even both combined. Dazhane has currently been travelling to California with Boohoo and Ibiza with JD for women. She has also travelled to Kenya, Mexico, Miami, NYC all in 2018! She is definitely inspiring us to embrace our talents and hobbies alongside any other academic studies or 9-5 jobs!

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6. Estare: @estaregrams; 135k followers

Travelling has to be the best lifestyle and Estare shows how and why! Being a young mum does not stop her from living life to the fullest and it definitely should not stop anyone for that matter! Estare has visited the most beautiful places including Bali and the Maldives and she shows us through Instagram and her engaging vlogs on YouTube. She is definitely one of the most interesting lifestyle vloggers!

7. Patricia Bright

Last but not least! As another young mother, Patricia does not let her mother duties prevent her from following her enthusiasm for all things fashion. Her fashion sense is ever-changing and always provides an inspiration. She has proved to be the queen of clothing and makeup hauls and doesn’t disappoint her followers and subscribers with her beautiful outgoing personality. Patricia used to work as an accountant whilst blogging so this could be an option for you. Watching just one of her vlogs will brighten your day and will almost make you quit your 9-5!

Although these vloggers are successful now, it doesn’t mean they were never at a ‘9-5’ stage at least once in their life or had a job they detested! Sometimes people prefer a 9-5 job. If you don’t and feel there is something more out there for you, save up for a camera, a tripod and a ring light and get vlogging!

What do you think about these lifestyle vloggers? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alisha Bhakta

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