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5 Great Vacation Destinations for the Spring

5 Great Vacation Destinations for the Spring

If you’re planning  to go on a trip this spring, why not hit up any of these five great travel destinations? They’re at their best this time of year. 

1. San Diego, California. 

Our first travel destination is San Diego, mainly for its diversity. No matter what kind of experience you want, you can probably find something that will give you it. If you want a sleepy, relaxed oceanside experience, or an energetic, partylike atmosphere, San Diego has you covered.  A universal constant of the area is that you’ll find great food in a variety of styles, and the weather should be warming up enough that at that a trip to the beach is worth it. As it’s not peak beach season yet, you’ll be able to find accommodations much more easily, as fewer people will be there. There will be some crowds due to San Diego’s popularity for spring breaks, but unlike comparable locations on the east coast, all of the attractions should be open despite it not being peak season. The only major downsides are that it might be expensive because California, and the fact that you shouldn’t actually try to go in the water without a wetsuit. Otherwise, it’s a great time. 


2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. 

Travel destination number two is one of the most iconic national parks, the Grand Canyon. Late spring and early summer are some of the best times to view this iconic park. As the river will be at full force and the Arizona summer heat will not yet be overwhelming. Grand Canyon is one of those places that can appear radically different depending on the time of year, but spring is one of the best times to see it. Another reason to go during this time is that many of the animals will have come out of hibernation, providing you with many opportunities to see them. Unfortunately you might not be able to experience all of the park’s attractions, as the North Rim of the Canyon does not open until mid-may. But this can be a plus if you don’t want to be swarmed by many other tourists. Even without access to the North Rim, there are still many activities to do. These range from visiting cultural sites, learning about the indigenous people, taking a mule trip, or going rafting. It can be a little cold, in the early spring, so pack accordingly.

3. Sedona, Arizona

Our third travel destination also happens to be in Arizona, and is considered a Mecca for hiking enthusiasts. Located within the Coconino National Forest, the city sits in the heart of red-rock country, and offers something for just about everyone. If you enjoy hiking, the city offers 400+ miles worth of scenic trails to explore and enjoy. If you just want to enjoy delicious food in town, there are many restaurants to choose from. The nearby Oak River offers fishing and rafting opportunities as well. If you want a nice, scenic place to just relax for a few days, it’s perfect, because its not extremely well-known. It’s a great spot if you’re the outdoorsy type, and even if you’re not it still has plenty to offer. I recommend going just because of how pretty the area is, and the spring is the most lively time for much of the nature there. Also, because this is Arizona, it can get really hot during the summer, so mid-to-late spring should make for a much cooler experience. The area’s just so stunning that it’s a little hard for me to do it justice. It’s just that good. 


4. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada. 

Travel destination number four is the famous Lake Tahoe. Spring is a perfect time to visit this stunningly beautiful place because the ski season has ended, but the summer crowds haven’t yet started to arrive. Lake Tahoe has a variety of places to stay and numerous attractions to visit, especially if you’re a nature lover. The lush greenery, expansive waters, and abundant wildlife are only part of what makes Lake Tahoe such a good spot for break. One of the attractions most people don’t talk about is the fact that on the Nevada side of the lake, there are casinos if you feel like gambling. I don’t really encourage it, but the option’s there. I personally find the main draws of the area to be the nature, the history, and of course the lake itself. As it’s in a more alpine area, the temperatures will be a little colder than most people associate with California or Nevada, but I think that’s part of the charm. There’s so much to do at Lake Tahoe that I couldn’t possibly cover it all. Some highlights include canoeing, tours of historic places, nature hikes, motorcycling, and various other attractions. It’s wonderful all year round, but spring is probably the quietest. 

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5. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. 

Our final travel destination is a lesser-known national park located in colorful Colorado. The main reason I recommend visiting in spring is because that’s when the beach is available. In late spring and early summer, melting snow causes Medano Creek to flow through the sand dunes, creating a sandy beachfront over 1000 miles away from the ocean. The best time to visit this beach is in May, so the window might be a little small, but it’s totally worth it you don’t want to pay California prices. You can also go sand-sledding or sandboarding on the dunes if you want winter-adjacent fun without the downsides of actual winter. There’s also plenty of hikes across various different biomes if that’s what you want to do. Another major selling point of the park is how far away it is from sources of artificial light, letting you see thousands of stars that you wouldn’t be able to view in the cities. The park is also near to several historical towns and sites, and there’s plenty of wildlife to see in the spring.  It’s a wonderful place to visit, provided you don’t mind all of the sand. 


Are there any great Spring vacation spots you know? We’d love to hear about them. 

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