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Good Goals To Set For Yourself For 10 Years Down The Road

Have you ever sat down and just thought about your future goals and aspirations?

It’s never a bad time to begin plotting out where you want to be in life years down the line. Whether you want to keep things simple or get a little outlandish with your dreams, you should always be pushing yourself to achieve something great in life and to never settle for less.

It’s smart to begin mapping out your future as you move through your twenties, but if you’ve been more focused on living day by day and in the moment, don’t sweat it. Here are a few good goals to set for yourself for 10 years down the road that are realistically attainable!

1. Move Into Your Dream Home

Close your eyes and picture the most perfect house that comes up in your imagination. Imagine the size of the house. Is it two stories? Three? And the smooth concrete or asphalt driveway with the built in basketball hoop, and the two, no three car garage. Picture where the windows are, how big the windows are, and how basic or fancy your front door is going to look. Is your house made of brick? Wood? What color do you envision your house as? Will you have wood floors, tile floors or carpeted floors? Now picture your kitchen, and the living room, and the staircase down the basement and another up to the bedrooms.

A good goal for the future is moving into a dream home you’ve helped model yourself, or moving into a perfect home you find on the market someday!

2. Open Up A 401k

Anything that involves putting money into a retirement fund is a good goal for the future, and though this is more of a smart investment to make, I strongly advise you look into as you begin working more for a living than for some summer cash.

A 401k is a retirement fund that you make contributions to from your own pay that may or may not be matched by your employer. Usually, you can only qualify for this if you’re being paid by salary instead of wage, but it never hurts to see if you could possibly get a plan set up where you work now!

3. Purchase Your Dream Car

How sweet would it be to pull out of the lot of the car dealership with a spotless new whip to pull up to that dream house in. Better yet, what if you pulled off in the car of your dreams?

Buying a brand new 2020-something model vehicle, an old school classic model or a Hummer or Jeep model if you’re feeling them with the window tint, rims and paint job of your liking is a dope goal for the future!

4. Follow The Career Path You Want

This goal for the future should start sometime during your school years, and should start really formulating once you reach college and start studying all you need to know as you move toward your career path.

Once you have your diploma, degree and other credentials, the next step is to keep working hard. Some grinds take longer than others, but with determination and patience, making your way into your desired career path is something that you should strive to for in the next 10 years!

5. Get Married To The Love Of Your Life

Somewhere down the line of all this living, someone more special than the rest is going to come around. The two of you will have an unbreakable bond, create everlasting memories and grow to love each other more than you love yourselves.

If you come across this special someone or think you already have, your eventual goal for the future should be to tie that knot!

6. Start A Family

The excitement of becoming a parent is something that very few things can match. Just imagine a bunch of mini yous running around tearing things up, along with your partner and maybe a pet to tie the whole family together.

Ideally, it will take some of these others goals on the list to be met, but wanting to start a family at some point isn’t a bad goal for the future!

7.Visit X Amount Of Different States/Countries

The best chance you have to travel the world, see new things and meet new people is when you’re still young, so take advantage of the opportunity!

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Save up for vacations overseas, road trip across the country with old friends or your significant other, maybe even find a job that allows you to travel for work. However you find ways to travel, make visiting new places a goal for the future!

8. Reach A Comfortable State Of Financial Stability

Being a millionaire would be a monumental accomplishment, but in reality, we really all just wish to be able to have a comfortable amount of money in our bank accounts.

A great goal for the future is to reach true financial stability. Being able to pay off all your bills on time, store away some money into your savings or aforementioned 401k, and still having enough to go do the things you want to do in life (travel the world, perhaps?) is a great luxury to have!

9. Live A Happy And Healthy Life

Above all else, isn’t our ultimate goal to live a very happy and healthy life?

We should all strive to reach our highest levels of happiness the further we get into this thing called life. Reaching goals we’ve set from earlier can go a long way toward helping us reach this ultimate goal for the future.

As for being healthy, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial health are all of the same importance. When one area isn’t at full strength, it can begin to bring down your other areas of health.

Make it a long-term priority to never settle for anything that isn’t healthy and doesn’t provide happiness. That goes for jobs, your love life and everything in between!

What kind of goals do you have set for the future? Tell us your hopes and dreams in the comment section!

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