Fun Hairstyles To Do With Pixie Cuts

The pixie cuts life is a real-time job, for most women who decide to cut their hair into a short style. The maintenance of it is a lot, where you would have to get a touch-up, or a line up a 2 to 3 weeks top. It is a job, but it is a cool creative one to have to deal with especially if you have a lot of patience.

Curling Iron Curls

The curling iron gives the pixie cut a new look, once the curls prior drop and make the hair look boring, all you need to do is a quick touch up with the iron. The curling iron allows you to do different styles of curls to your liking to achieve the desired look.

Once the curling iron is now being put to use then there is a level of expectation that is being put into play. So using the curling iron not only increases the amount of hope and faith, but it enhances the look as well.

Bang It Out

Nothing like having a bang. The bang is what sets off the whole hairstyle, once you incorporate the bang into the equation, the solution is set. Back in the day it was referred to as a “china bang”, I honestly don’t know why, but the bang was a go-to accessory to your hairstyle

I know when I first pixie cut my hair, I always wore bangs, but my bangs were always curled to the side of my head because I didn’t like to have hair in my face. It also gave the chic, mystery vibe, because the hair was in front of the face, covering the eyes.

The Shortie Cut

The shortie cut, is basically you being bald but not completely bald. You have a very low fade, similar to a boy cut and you have very little to work with. So when getting a shortie cut, the options you have to spice it up a bit is getting designs and hair colors.

The designs and hair colors are what help make the cut of the style standout from all the other haircuts that people see on the day to day basis.

Braid In The Front

Having a braid in the front of your hair, was a classic but cute signature design that a lot of girls and women tend to do. The braid is easy, go to a quick look in case you are running late and you don’t know what to do with your hair.

The braid in the front exemplified a lot of what people were willing to do to their hair. It also just spoke a lot about what type of person that you were, many people would be able to get a sense for how you were as a person.

See Also

Twist it, Pin it

Twist it, pin it and lock it, sounds just like the game bop it lol. But, on a serious note, the twist and pin it updo is also one of the easiest hairstyles you can achieve when you have a pixie cut.

I could attest to that myself, all the mornings that I woke up rushing and all I had was Barbie pins to twist and pin my hair together.

Layers on layers

You got layers on layers when it comes to doing a nice simple pixie cut look. For me personally, I love the amount of volume and fullness that getting layers gives. Layering your pixie gives the cut some extra bounce and movement compared to just having it curled.

Pixie cuts are life and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try any of these hairstyles in the near future. Yes requires you to maintain it, but it will all be worth it in the end. Comment down below what pixie hair cut you could see yourself trying out.

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Toni Harris

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