7 Fun And Cheap Date Ideas Near California State University

Dates don’t have to break the bank. Yes, if modern television is to be believed that’s sacrilege. Nonetheless it’s true. In fact, some of the best dating ideas are cheap ones. So what are some of the things you can do near California State University which will have you both enjoying yourself without handing over wads of cash? Here are some fun and cheap date ideas near California State University.

1. Go skating

The Sacromento skating rink is open! So why not go spend some time on the ice together? Yeah, you’ll have to pay to get in and rent some skates, but after that you’ll be golden for a few hours as you fall all over each other – though it might not be clear if that’s because you like each other or because you’re both bad at skating.

2. Sactown Union Brewery

Or why not go beer tasting together? After all, beer is the new wine. And at the Sactown Union Brewery they’ve got some of the best options on offer.  Try the tasters to get a wide sample. Note you do have to be 21 to drink here.

3. Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Or why not check out Sutter’s Fort State Historic park? You’ll have to pay 5$ to get in, but after that you can stroll around to your heart’s content and find out some of the history of the area. Great idea if you’re both history buffs and like this kind of thing. Also a good choice if you like historic-themed series and movies as it really feels like you’re walking through one.

4. McKinley Park

Don’t want to pay entry? Then why not check out McKinley park and feed the ducks? No it’s not massive, but the rose garden is nice. And if you take a blanket you can have a little pick nick here. Nothing says ‘romance’ and ‘cheap’ as well as a pick nick, don’t you think?

And afterwards you can go make out in the library (which is much more fun than writing your essays there, I can tell you)!

5. Walk over the Golden Gate Bridge

Okay, it’s not a date in itself (unless you walk back and forth a bunch of times, I guess) but it’s definitely worth taking a stroll across the bridge. The trick is to have plans on both sides so that you can take the walk across. Then you can check out the view and have a romantic moment as you watch the river flow by. There are also guided tours if you want to know the history. You know, if that’s your think. This is one of the best cheap date ideas near California State University!

6. Go to the B Street Theater

Or why not go to the B Street theater? Okay, granted, tickets can put you back a bit – about 30 bucks per person on a Thursday – but it will certainly be a date to remember. For there is something magical about people actually doing the acting on stage that the movies simply can’t capture. And you’ll be sophisticated. And that’s worth 30 a person. Do note that tickets sell out very quickly, so make sure you plan this one ahead and you get right on it if you want to go, so that you get to go on the day you want to.

7. American River Bicycle Trail

Have you got bicycles? Then why not go for a long ride together along the river bank. You can chat, take pictures and keep the money in the bank. Just go to the river and keep going till you’re both tired. Then you can always stop for a drink in one of the many cafes. As long as you don’t go all out, you’ll have a truly cheap date that will be good for not just your romantic life but your health as well.

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Last thoughts

Seven cheap ideas which are a little bit different. And the best part is they’re all cheap! So you’ll be able to do go on plenty of them without needing to take yet another job. Because the idea that being romantic means you need to spend serious dough is a consumerist fabrication. Don’t buy in! Go out on these tours instead! Hope you enjoy these cheap date ideas near California State University.

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