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15 Edgy Fashion Instagrammers You Need To Follow

It truly is amazing how technology and social media have become an outlet for creativity and expression. Currently, people are not using as many words to describe themselves online, but are illustrating their passions through pictures. Instagram, the popular online photo sharing social web service, “capitalizes that people are visual creatures.” With over 400 million engaging users, Instagram is the perfect place to transform your content into something visually appealing to all. This is what these successful fashion Instagrammers have done along with many others who have became famous for their Instagram account.

1. Chiara Ferragni


This Italian businesswoman and fashion influencer knows how important it is to live your life, while stopping along the way to take pictures. She has generated her fame from being a blogger, however, her claim to fame is her own collection of playful and stylish shoes. With 10 million followers and 16,958 posts, Chiara is a fashion icon and you must give her a follow! Also follow her collection @chiaraferragnicollection

2. Danielle Bernstein



First of all, I love her creative username! Having a unique username that is catchy and easy for followers to remember is key! From NYC, Danielle’s style is a mix of feminine and rock chic (like my personal style.) Like Chiara, Danielle Bernstein also started a company, called Second Skin Overalls, inspired by her own love for overalls. Danielle refers to this seasonless staple as her second skin. But don’t worry, her Instagram doesn’t just feature overalls!  Many, including myself, have been inspired by her edgy street style!

3. Amanda Shadforth


Another clever username that captivates her followers is that of Amanda Shadforth. The art director, photographer and stylist has made her name known in the blogger world, with 848k followers and 5,093 posts. Being a photographer empowers her to construct amazing images along with having fascinating style. From Queensland, Australia, her hobbies include swimming, surfing, and painting on top of being a style expert. Her website is also a must-see, containing more about her and all the things that make her who she is!


4. Evangelie Smyrniotaki


Evangelie is a high-end fashionista, luxury traveler, and image maker from Greece. She has worked with internationally renowned luxury brands including Valentino, Elie Saab, Gucci, and Chanel. Her username “styleheroine” is defined as a female who is known for being courageous. This describes Evangelie without a doubt! Her Instagram describes her as adventurous, courageous, unique and most of all STYLISH!!


5. Gizele Oliveira


A model from Brazil, Gizele is the epitome of style! Represented by many agencies, this girl has got her work cut out for her! Everyone from NYC to Munich knows who Gizele Oliveira is! She really is Gizele on the go which is the name of her website and personal blog. So definitely give this perfect girl a follow!

6. Aimee Song


This fashion and interior design blogger is also a New York Times best selling author. Check out her book titled Capture Your Style. It’s about how to showcase your life through beautiful photos on Instagram. I also love that Amy sees Instagram as “the fastest-growing social media network with an engaged community; a major marketing tool for brands,” and includes everything from travel, fashion, food décor and more. I just ordered her amazing book from Amazon, I’m so excited! So, everyone order her book and give her a follow on Instagram!


7. Charlotte Groeneveld


Charlotte has a cool story beginning in the Netherlands, her hometown, moving to London for four years, and now living in NYC! She has worked for several fashion blogs which led her to eventually start her own! And what a success it is! While running this full-time blog and business, she is also a mother of two and has a loving husband! She has a busy life living in NYC with a family and running her own business! But nothing will slow her down, she is dedicated to her fans and loves inspiring them everyday.




Though I cannot identify Hello Malone’s real name, she is a hardworking mother, a fashionista, and a traveler living in the South of France. Not a bad life…mot to mention she has pictures of the most beautiful cat I think I have ever seen on her feed! She adores her baby girl, and of course they are both always dressed to perfection! She also has found the perfect man who is pictured as well. So give this French mom a follow!

9. Jessie Bush


Once again I love the original username! Once Jessie was just a New Zealand street style blogger, but now she is an inspiration for fashion, beauty, and travel around the world. She has partnered with many known brands such as Jimmy Choo, Topshop, Harrods and Net-a-Porter. What a successful fashionista! She is also a photographer and this talent displays in her one of a kind Instagram feed! Give her a follow and check out her website!


10. Ruth Rose


I just discovered this amazing account and I’m already obsessed. Ruth is a fashion and celebrity photographer based in London. What a cool life! Just glancing at her feed you can already tell how talented she is! Only 27 and has clients such as Revlon, Glen’s Vodka, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Already a legend! Some of her celebrity clients include Louise Thompson, Lilah Parsons, and Hermione Corfield. She really does have the dream job, so be a part of her life and follow her Instagram. Also don’t forget to check out her website!

11. Julie Sariñana



This is your typical Cali girl fashionista! But don’t get me wrong, she is anything but typical! This edgy Cali hippy is every young girl’s inspiration! Her photos feature the beautiful coastal California, along with stylish outfits that will make you feel like a Cali native. From cute swimsuits to Cali evening outfits, Julie will have you ready for your Californian Vacay.

12. Vanessa Hong


See Also

I love this girl! She is the perfect mix of edgy and classy, which is how I define my personal style. She “has subsequently parlayed her success into modeling, styling and more recently, womenswear design.” Further, she is known for her “unique styling aesthetics and distinct minimal language.” Also mentioned in her blog, “In 2015, Vanessa launched her debut RTW collection of luxurious faux fur coats and stoles, which has since been worn by fashion insiders and celebrities like Lady Gaga.” I would die if Lady Gaga bought my clothes! So without thinking twice you need to follow this style icon.


13. Natasa Blair


Currently living in London, Natasa is living the young Brit life! Born in Serbia, she later moved to Milan when she was 19. Natasa is a world traveler and goes anywhere, anytime. She is hoping to make a career out of traveling. She loves sharing what inspires her, in order to further inspire her dedicated fans! I’m in love with all her pictures of the places she’s been, and her outfits that compliment the local vibe! Follow this world fashion traveler! 

14. Lyn Slater



This woman is unlike anyone I’ve mentioned so far… be prepared to see it all! You may not believe me when I say she is a 64-year-old New Yorker who has literally become a accidental icon. In her blog she describes herself “with original style, without being eccentric, open to serendipity; she can let go and let life take the wheel.” With more than 222k followers on Instagram, she was hired by the prestigious Elite Model agency, that has quickly made her name heard in the fashion world. So you can see this is no ordinary hip grandma.

Though it is funny, I actually heard about Lyn from my own fashionable grandmother. Lyn Slater started this famous blog, because she was having trouble finding inspiration that wasn’t just ordinary. She used to be a clinical associate professor for the Graduate School of Social Service, at Fordham University. What a cool teacher to have had! Fordham says she has always had an eye for fashion, and was asked frequently if she worked in the industry, but at that time she didn’t. I love looking at her posts and following her crazy NYC life! Please don’t judge or underestimate her because of her age, this girl is the best in the business!

15. Iris Apfel



This is another unique woman! She and Lyn may be older, but that only means they really know this crazy industry, because they have lived it longer than the rest of us. So, I encourage everyone reading this not to quickly scroll past these last two, but to read these descriptions harder than the rest of the others. So let’s talk about Iris! Born in Queens as an only child to a mother who owned a fashion boutique, the Iris ICON began her NY life. As a young woman, she worked for Women’s Wear Daily, was an interior designer and an assistant to illustrator Robert Goodman. She married her husband and started a textile firm – Old World Weavers – and ran it until they retired in 1992.

Fast forward, Iris has a exhibit about her style at The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Well, I can’t say any of these other girls have been featured in a museum! Now at age 95, she is continuing to inspire all these young fashionistas, such as myself. Also, there is a documentary about her that streamed at the New York Film Festival. I could go on forever about all of her many accomplishments, but this is about 14 other talented bloggers, too. So please let these two accomplished and experienced ladies be an inspiration for your success in life, even if your not studying fashion.

In conclusion, I have to include a personal touch. I also have a fashion Instagram account along with these other 15 amazing ladies. So I’m giving myself a little shout out! I am going to be majoring in Apparel Merchandising at Auburn University, and I have been in love with fashion as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a children’s clothing designer for forty years, and I have had a job at a very prestigious women’s and children’s clothing boutique in Dallas. Growing up with a clothing designer and landing that amazing job, my gut has always told me to study fashion. So, I encourage all of you to follow these amazing fifteen ladies as well as me @ilivforstyle.


Which one of these fashion instagrammers are you going to follow?! Let us know in the comments!

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Olivia Smith

Fashion has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Growing up, my grandmother owned a children's clothing company called Malley & Co. I modeled as a young girl, and as I got older I helped assist her in photo shoots and in her office. Even as a young girl I knew I wanted to be a part of the fashion world. In high school, I landed an amazing job in a local Dallas boutique where my passion for the industry continued to grow. I learned the good and the bad, while working retail. I decided I wanted to study Apparel Merchandising wherever I ended up for college. I was considering going up to NYC, but I just couldn't resist all that Auburn University had to offer! They have the number one program in the south for Apparel Merchandising. Not to mention, they are ranked second  nationally behind FIT in New York. I could not be more excited to start my adventure at Auburn and see what I discover about my passion!

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