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15 Easter Nails We’re Obsessing Over

Easter is right around the corner, which makes Easter nails are something to celebrate! Spring is all about sunshine, bunnies, florals and bright colors. These manicures will put you in a hoppy mood! If you’re a nail guru give these nail looks a try on your own, otherwise, head to your favorite salon and request one of these Easter-inspired manicures. Chose your favorite manicure below and hop on to it!

1. Neutral Floral Nails

This Easter inspired nail look may take more of a precise hand, but it looks beautiful when done!  Use a neutral color as the primary coat that will cover your entire nail. Picking a blush pink, or nude color will keep the look simple and have the focus onto the flowers. When its time to do the flowers don’t worry about being too precise! This look is feminine and floral!

2. Polka Dots

Polka dots are a playful Easter inspired nail look. Choose your favorite pastel or bright color to paint the nails and then use a white fine brush to create the polka dots. This nail look is a bit easier to do, but still looks incredibly cute for the springtime!

3. Speckled Egg Nails

It doesn’t get more Easter than this inspired nail look. Speckled egg nails are another simple design that is perfect for spring. Paint each nail a different pastel color. A violet purple, blush pink, light yellow or robins egg blue would all fit this design so well. Use different colored sparkles to create the effect of egg specks!

4. Pretty Pastels

Keep it simple and paint your nails a pretty pastel color. This Easter inspired nail look will go with any outfit. Pastels are trendy during the springtime and they will leave you looking classic. Chose one color, or paint each nail a different color! Either way, you’ll be hopping into spring with the cutest nails.

5. Easter Basket Nails

A pastel manicure filled with squiggles, dots and colors! This Easter inspired nail look lets you get creative and have fun with it. Turn your nails into Easter eggs by adding different designs and colors. This look shows you’re fun and ready for Easter!

6. Accent Bunny Nails

The Easter bunny is hopping onto your nails for this Easter-inspired look! Paint your nails any color of your liking and then add a pop-up bunny onto one or two of your nails on each hand. Still use bright colors and a styling brush to create the bunny!

7. Pretty In Pink

Keep your nails classic and cute this Easter with pink nails. No need for any designs, or patterns, just one color needed and paint! This is best if you like something simple, but still want to be in the mood to celebrate! Get ready to be pretty in pink this Easter!

8. Diagonal Colored Nails

Chose two of your favorite spring colors and create a diagonal design on each nail. It creates a shape onto your nails, but still looks fun! This is a perfect nail look for you to do because it’s easy, but still looks professional and well done! Try this nail look now to shine this spring!

9. Striped Nails

Striped patterns are a playful and colorful nail look that should be tried this Easter, or spring. It isn’t quite an Easter basket, but it still gives that feeling of spring with bright colors and designs. Pick a few of your favorite colors with a neutral undercoat and you’re all set to try out this design!

10. Bright Plaid Nails

This preppy nail look is perfect for Easter and spring! It adds a touch of color to an otherwise simple nail and it’s relatively easy to do! Pick two or three colors and start an Easter inspired plaid design. It’s fun and will look cute with any look!

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11. Easter Chick Nails

The next animal that comes to mind when thinking about Easter is a chick! So why not put chicks on your nails too?! A chick may seem hard, but you just need to draw circles and lines for this design! Paint all your nails a bright yellow and only have an accent chick on one nail, so the design doesn’t come off as too childish. This is one of the perfect nail looks for Easter!

12. Mint Nails

Mint is the perfect color for spring. This nail look is simple and fresh, keeping your look chic and cool. This nail look is more simple which will make it more appropriate for work, or for church. This is a classic look you can wear for Easter, but also all spring long! Try this Easter-inspired look now!

13. Colorful Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are the most glam Easter nail look you can get! You can paint your nails a simple color and top them a variety of glitters. Top your nails with one color, or add a few different ones to make a more festive look! These nail looks will definitely catch people’s eyes and scream spring!

14. Gradient Nails

These nail looks are much like ombre but use more than two colors. It has become a very trendy look and is perfect for spring if you use spring colors. Combine 3 or more of your favorite spring colors and it looks beautiful! It has the perfect blend to look fun, but simple! Don’t be afraid to give this look a try for Easter!

15. One On Each Finger

A different color on each finger is the trendiest nail looks of all. Keep a theme with the colors so it doesn’t look too hodge-podge. Pick out different shades of orange or pink, or do all pastels! This look is unique and fun! Definitely, a nail look you can be doing throughout spring!

Try these nail looks now for Easter and throughout Spring! Pastels, patterns and designs are what all these looks are about! Comment below what your favorite nail look is!

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Allie Russotto

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