10 Cute Summer Hats We Know You’ll Love This Season

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the sea side is beckoning. Summer’s finally here, and whether you’re looking to add some variability to your warm weather wardrobe or you just want to protect against those ultraviolet rays, a beautiful summer hat provides the perfect solution. From traditional to preppy to stylish, we’ve got the entire spectrum (to protect you from the solar spectrum) of cute summer hats for 2018.

1. The Cute Pastel

If you’re into the classic straw hat but you also love to show your cute feminine side, a pastel pink sun hat is the perfect fit for you. A bow takes the look to the next level, making this look super sweet and innocent. Pair it with your bathing suit and white lacey cover up and you’ll be all set for the beach or pool side.

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2. The Bold Ribbon

This look uses the classic straw hat and pairs a lovely floral pattern with a bold color pop. Folded with a pretty bow in the back, this would be a beautiful piece to sport in the garden with some denim.

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3. The Tea Hat

This adorable sun hat is reminiscent of English fashion. Short brimmed with a floral feel, this is perfect if you’re looking to attend an extravagant garden party and sit down for tarts and tea. You will radiate elegance with this old time look.

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4. The Black Floppy Hat

Like to be in the sun but not exactly the pink pastel type? Wear a gorgeous black floppy sun hat and you’ll be halfway between edgy and conventional. Pair it with another black item from your wardrobe, such as a long maxi dress, and you can be a true elegant beachside queen.

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5. The Visor

This is an extremely versatile option suitable for many different warm weather occasions. This visor isn’t quite a full hat, but it certainly offers all of the benefits. Avoid hat hair with the open top and enjoy the sun while keeping your skin happy and safe. This is definitely one of the cute summer hats that is a really hot item right now-the visor.

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6. The One With Straw Tassels

This style offers a little more emphasis to the straw in straw hat. These fun tassels give the hat a personality that is sure to amuse everyone around you. Pair this sun hat with a cute swim suit to take a stylish picture in the sun. Take tassels to the next level with these cute summer hats.

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7. The Fiddler Hat

This hat is definitely meant for the trendier of folk and not necessarily made for days at the beach. This fiddler fisherman cap can be worn on a day in the city with leather, denim, or even a sundress, and you’re sure to turn heads with your individualistic style.

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8. The Field Hat

Planning on spending the summer traveling? This structured wool field hat is perfect for an outdoorsy adventure. You’ll feel one with nature as you walk around looking like you’re exploring the tropical rain forest or scribbling notes in a field journal. This neutral toned pick is one of the cute summer hats you can wear to work or brunch.

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9. The Rancher Hat

This tall number is a fun spin on the typical floppy summer hat. It’s versatility and uniqueness make it a fantastic addition to the closet and it goes perfectly with a bright swim suit or any country concert attire you plan on wearing this summer!

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10. The White Cut-Out

A dainty white summer hat can be worn with almost any summer outfit. This straw hat variation has small cut-outs providing eye catching detail. You’ll definitely find a few of these on the beaches this year, and for good reason! This is one of the lightweight cute summer hats.

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Which of these cute summer hats will you be wearing this year? Let us know in the comments!

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