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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Harvard University

Despite going to class, studying and spending our life savings on school; we still want to spend some time with our S.O. Here’s some fun things to do with your Harvard honey. Bonus: everything is local, easily accessible by the T and less than $20.00 per person!

1. A night at the local comedy studio

Looking for some laughs? The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA has unique comedy shows, independent and up-coming comedians. Plus, Thursday night shows are only $10 a person!

2. Ice skating, because freezing weather can be fun

If you’re hoping for a “Serendipity” moment like John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, try ice skating together. Falling down offers the perfect opportunity for kisses when you get back up. During the winter months, the Boston Common Frog Pond offers skating; at only $6.00 per person and $12.00 for skate rentals, it seems like a no brainer.

(If one of you has a car, Lynnfield’s MarketStreet mall also offers ice skating, at $8.00 per person and $4.00 skate rentals.)

3. Take a romantic ride on the Swan Boats

During the warm weather months, you can hop onto the swan boats for a short ride in beautiful Boston Common. With a price tag of only $3.50 a person, per ride, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the pond with their sweetheart?

4. Go to a sports game

Sports fans? Root for your team at a Harvard game! Current Undergrads can go to games for free and tickets are under $30 per person for everyone else. GO CRIMSON!

5. See a theater play, when movie theaters become overrated

About a 10 minute walk from campus on Brattle St. is the American Repertory theater Loeb Drama Center. They offer a Harvard student discount and shows are unique, entertaining and usually quite funny.

6. Get your spook on in infamous Salem, MA

Interested in history? Witches? The Occult? At only about 20 miles away you can hop on the commuter rail or bus and head over to Salem. There are lots of free things to do such as the Olde Burying Ground, the Salem Witch Trials memorial, Proctor’s Ledge or Historic Chestnut St.

7. Enjoy a study session together in Harvard Yard

Want some time with your significant other but still need to study? While it may be illegal to “park the car in Hahvahd Yahd,” cuddling and reading is certainly allowed.

8. Take a walk along the Esplanade

The Charles River, colloquially known as “The Chuck” has the esplanade – a beautiful 3 mile path utilized by walkers, runners and cute college kids who like to hold hands and enjoy nature. It’s totally free and definitely worth a stroll.

9. If you prefer salt water, take a stroll in Boston Harbor

The Boston Harbor is free to walk around and look at the beautiful ocean; you can also download a free audio tour!

10. Try a Dollar Tree gift exchange

It sounds totally strange, but head into any local Dollar Tree and separate. Buy each other a gift, at only $1 an item, this should be easy on your wallet. Check out at different registers and then give each other your little gift. It’s sweet, corny and totally cheap.

See Also

11. Enjoy a free show at Shakespeare on the Common

During the warmer months, the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company has free Shakespeare plays in Boston Common. Bring some snacks and drinks and enjoy the great acting!

12. Go on a Taza Chocolate Factory Tour

Who doesn’t love chocolate? For only $8 a person, you can tour the Taza Chocolate Factory in nearby Somerville and see how their unique stone ground chocolate is made.

13. Have a movie night in

Stay in your comfy clothes, cuddle and watch a movie together. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

14. Cafe Lunch

Make use of your Crimson Cash and grab lunch together in between class.

15. See Boston’s Chinatown

Head to nearby Boston’s Chinatown. You two can walk, shop and then enjoy some delicious and authentic Chinese food.

Do you have any other cheap and fun date ideas near Harvard University!? Share in the comments below!

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