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10 Free Things To Do Around Ryerson University

10 Free Things To Do Around Ryerson University

Ryerson University has a lot of free things to do. Here are free things to do at Ryerson University that will not cost you a penny. Find out what to do here

The craziest part of university is understanding that we are adults. Therefore, we need to go out and pay for our own things. Gone are the days when our parents would give us allowances, or the days when our family members would give us money for presents (now they give us nothing for Christmas because they only get presents for the little kids – ummmmmm I need at least a $2 food gift card for my next meal, please and thank you). Here I help you figure out what to do FOR FREE (because that is the main goal   of every student) around Ryerson University.

1. Go “Shopping”

This is one of my favourite things to do because Ryerson University is so close to the Eaton Centre. I mean, yeah, I can’t afford 90% of the things I see in the store; but a person can dream, right? Whenever I have breaks between classes and don’t feel like studying, I’ll most likely be walking around the mall, or down a few stores on Yonge and see what I aim to buy, and put them on my wish list for “Treat Yourself Day,” purchases. Also, you can also stop by the food court or chocolate stores around the mall to get some free snacks (if they’re giving out samples).

2. Go to Some Tourist Attractions

Ryerson University is in the Downtown Core, you have the greatest opportunities to see some tourist attractions. You can go near Union to see the CN tower or Rogers Centre. Or walk a few minutes (or take the subway, if you’re lazy like me) to Kensington Market, Korea Town, or Parks, to see what Toronto has to offer. If you’re going to take the time to commute to Ryerson everyday, why not explore Toronto while you’re at it?


3. Go to the Library

Alright, I get it, you came to this article to find some great and fun things to do, but you are going to school so you’ll have to study at some point. The scholar in me wants everyone to get a 4.0 GPA (which is very difficult to achieve, so do not beat yourself up if you don’t get a 4.0), so a free thing to do around Ryderson University is… study. You can book a room at the SLC or Library with your student ID. Just make sure you book it ahead of time, especially if it’s about to be Exams or Midterms, the rooms might be fully booked around that time. Or you can find a table around the school at the SLC, TRSM, the ENG building, and more. Finding a table is extremely difficult, so if you find one, CLAIM IT.

4. The SLC

Many times, there are free events at the SLC. Sometimes, there will be performances, fundraisers, movie marathons, or sport live streams. The SLC is one of the busiest places at Ryerson University. It is attached to Kerr Hall, the POD, and LIB building, so students are running in and out of the building 24/7. The SLC offers great services and places to relax. For example, you can head to the DMZ to get some creative work done, or to Floor 6 where the beach is, or even stay in the lobby and head to the seating to relax before class.

5. Museums

There are many museums in Toronto, and there is free admission on certain nights (and times). The AGO has free admission for students on Wednesday nights, also the Aga Khan Museum has free admission for students on Wednesday nights from 4 to 8. There are many more discounted tickets, and free admission events throughout Toronto’s attractions. If you know a place you want to visit, give them a call, or visit their website to see if student pricing (or free admission) is available.


6. The Gardens

Another place with free admission (and parking, because I think we all understand how expensive Toronto parking can be) is the Allan Gardens. With the busyness of Toronto, going here is a great departure from that. Even if you visit for an hour, you’re able to see the beauty of Toronto’s gardens.

7. Skating

It’s almost Winter, so that means Nathan Phillips Square will open up their ice rink. Here, you can bring your ice skates (or rent them) and skate for free. Bring a group or friends (or your partner for a date), then go out for hot chocolate to get that warm winter-feeling. A great experience for a a very low cost.

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8. Free Food

This one is a but tricky, but since we are so close to Yonge and Dundas Square, it’s a little easy. Many companies give out samples on Younge and Dundas (for marketing, of course). One time, Google was there and were giving out doughnuts and Google Tech. Sometimes people will be giving out drinks, chips, chocolate bars, and candies. The best time is during the World Poutine Competition because they give out free poutine. Of course, this isn’t a full meal, it’s more of a snack, but it’s free so it just feels so much better.

9. Free Concerts

The Concerts are extremely hard to track. Sometimes, at the beginning of the school year, the RSU has a concert and will sometimes have big names (one time we had Drake, and another year we had French Montana). Other times, there will be concerts around Toronto, either at Yonge and Dundas, or other places like the Bay. A few weeks ago, Pentatonix performed Christmas songs at the Bay. I’m not sure how to tell you how to track the free concerts, but most of the time people talk about it, or the artist will advertise it on their social media!

10. Parades

Now, Parades are not common, but they do happen a few times a year. Since Ryerson is on Yonge and Dundas, the Parades almost always pass by our school. So when you see a parade is coming to Toronto, look at the route they are taking, and if they’re at Ryerson University, go. At least you’ll know where to go to the bathroom when you’re standing in the crowd. You can even go to one of the floors on the SLC if you’re claustrophobic, so you can see the parade from a bird’s eye view.

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