Best Thrift Shops In Gainesville

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Out with the old and in with the new – kind of.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your closet with unique, local items, Gainesville is the place for you; shopping local from second-hand stores a great way to make both your wallet and wardrobe happy.

From University Avenue to Main Street, thrift stores have found their way into the culture of the city, fueled by their proximity to the Gator Nation.


1. Flashbacks Recycled Fashions

818 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Flackbacks buys and sells clothing, housewares, furniture, retro and vintage decor. The store offers a wide selection of both vintage and modern fashion for great prices which gives its customers a lot of choices. You’re guaranteed to find one-of-a-kind pieces no matter what you’re looking for, like bell-bottom jeans, vintage rock band tee shirts, fur coats, unique apartment decorations,  antique jewelry, a themed party costume or ugly sweaters. Even if you aren’t looking for anything particular at all, if you search through the racks long enough you’ll stumble upon a gem. The store itself is a little rough around the edges, but its retro vibe and great selection make this one of the best thrift stores in Gainesville.



2. Urban Threads

1236 NW 21 Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609

Urban Threads is a local Gainesville boutique that sells brand name clothes like Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, and more as well as upcycled vintage fashion for discounted prices. The store has a down to earth, trendy vibe perfect for people looking for boho fashion or college students on a budget who can’t afford to buy from these brands at full price.



3. Goodwill

1223 NW 23 Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609

Everybody loves Goodwill. It is the go-to place to find super affordable pre-owned clothing. The one in Gainesville is no different, with racks full of color coated shirts, shorts, jeans, skirts and jackets in good conditions for unbeatable prices. Its the perfect place to find anything you’ll need for a themed party (or a costume party now that Halloween is approaching) because this is where everyone else goes to donate their old costume pieces. The best part about Goodwill is, the money you spend there goes towards a good cause.

Best Thrift Shops In Gainesville


4. The Repurpose Project

1920 NE 23rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609

The Repurpose Project is a little different than other thrift stores. Instead of focusing on clothes and items traditional thrift stores look for, they specialize in taking in junk to reduce items going into the landfill and instead allow people to repurpose them for art, education, or other purposes. Their mission is to reduce the need for buying new products and wasting materials. While the store itself is like a big pile of junk you have to sift through, you can find some really unique items among the random piles that you cannot find anywhere else. You can even make a day trip out of going to this store just to look around for a fun alternative to the typical activities in Gainesville.



5. Outreach Thrift Store

2430 NW 6th St Gainesville, FL 32609

Outreach has been a staple in the Gainesville community for over 20 years and has been helping local families in need of clothing and household items through their sales and by partnering with local churches and community agencies. They offer gently used, high-quality clothing for all ages and sizes. The store is clean and organized and the staff is friendly, making the shopping experience for customers very enjoyable. This is a thrift store you can feel good about shopping in and is a must for any Gainesville resident who loves their city.

The outside of outreach thrift store


6. Sandys Savy Chic Resale Boutique

4148 NW 13th St Gainesville, FL 32609

Sandy’s buys and sells trendy clothing, furniture and home decor. They specialize in upscale and luxury fashion. This boutique is perfect for people who are style fanatics and love designer brands at discounted prices. This store is less thrifty in the vintage sense and instead carries donated items that are newer and are in good condition. This is the perfect place to find cute brand name purses, shoes, dresses, accessories, and apartment decor to bring out the fashionistas in all of us.

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7. CHS Upscale Thrift Shop

710 N Main St Gainesville, FL 32601

The CHS Upscale Thrift Shop is a great thrift store to shop at because it benefits the Children’s Home Society, which helps prevent kids from entering foster care by supporting families who struggle to provide for their children. These families can shop at the store for free as well. CHS has a great selection of clothes, furniture, appliances, bedding, household items, books and antique items.

8. Haven Gainseville Attic Resale Store

300 NW 8th Ave Gainesville, FL 32608

Haven is a typical thrift store with a wide selection of clothes, furniture, household items, books and many more items for affordable prices. One cool feature of this thrift store is they have a great selection of vintage vinyl records for cheap prices, which is really hard to find at any other thrift store in Gainesville. All of the money you spend here goes towards Haven Hospice, which helps families provide care and emotional support for patients who need advanced care.


9. Persona Vintage Clothing & Costumes

201 SE 2nd Pl Gainesville, FL 32601

Don’t be fooled by the “For Lease” sign outside, Persona is open and ready for business. Inside you will find vintage costumes, dresses and accessories from every time period and era to fit any theme. Their selection includes Pirates, Roaring 20’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Victorian, Animals, comic and historical characters, wigs, masks, wigs, shoes, and makeup. Another great feature is you can either buy or rent from here and are able to keep the items for 48 hours if you rent them out. The prices are a little higher than your average thrift store, but the high quality and uniqueness of these items makes it worthwhile to invest and make a statement ar your next party.

A glass case filled with jewelry and other accessories at Personas

10. Platos Closet

3441 W University Ave B, Gainesville, FL 32607


Plato’s closet is a chain consignment store that specializes in teen and young adult fashion. You can donate your old clothes there and get money for them, which is a great way to make quick money for college students with too many clothes. Be warned, they are selective about what they buy from you and what they don’t, but this ensures customers are buying from a great selection of brand name, trendy, gently-used items.


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