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5 Best Study Spots Besides A Boring Library

If you’re someone who doesn’t like being cooped up in a library during midterms or finals, these study spots will save you. This list will give you the best study spots that provide everything you need to study and help you pass those tests! What are you waiting for, check them out!

Coffee shop

The most classic of study spots. Head over to your favorite café, order your pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy the soothing environment a coffee shop offers. Not only does this option fuel your veins with caffeine to keep those fingers typing away at that paper, but most cafés have a very calming ambiance to them. The sounds of beans being ground, the ring of the bell when someone comes or goes, and the smooth jazz playing in the background will have you studying like a pro. Another benefit of doing this is you might make some friends if you go in often and become a regular! Study in there enough and the baristas might be asking if you want your ‘regular’, wouldn’t that be nice!

Community center

Most community centers have a variety of different amenities available for you for quick study breaks so that you don’t lose your mind writing that 100-page thesis. Comfy seating and free Wi-Fi are pretty much the only essentials for good study spots, but community centers hit a few more boxes. Getting a bit too stressed and it’s limiting your ability to think of fresh ideas? Bring your bathing suit to study and hop in the hot tub to give your mind a break for a bit. Getting angry while studying because you realized that your professor is an a-hole for giving this much homework? Bring some gym clothes and run or lift to relieve some of that anger! The community center is a great way to help you be more productive with little things like that.

A park

You might be thinking, “but I’ve got a research paper and there’s no way I can get all my research done in a park without Wi-Fi.” Some parks this may be the case, but we’re in 2019! Most public parks have free Wi-fi now! Even the entirety of Central Park in New York has free Wi-Fi, crazy! Either slap your headphones in and listen to your favorite study beats or enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll be happy that you can say you got some sun during finals season, while everyone else has been a hermit crab locked in the school library.

A class-mates house

It’s important that this is not your house unless you love studying at home, but I find I’m too distracted. Everything is at YOUR house! If you’re at your own house, you’ll want to do anything besides study… You’ll start making food even if you aren’t hungry, you’ll take a nap even if you aren’t tired, or you’ll start cleaning for no reason. BUT these are things you don’t have the freedom to do at a class-mates house. You’ll have to stay focused when you go to someone else’s place, plus if it’s not your best friend, you may get more work done studying together. If it’s your best friend you may get nothing done, so choose your study partner wisely young padawan…

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Empty classroom

An empty classroom may sound as boring as the library but hear us out, this study spot is much better than you think. If no one is in the classroom, you feel a sense of power when you enter the room. A feeling washes over you, and you feel like you are the professor. Sit at the professor’s desk if you’d like! With this flood of confidence, and peace and quiet of the hollow room, you can get everything you need to get done, DONE! Just pick your room carefully, if a class walks in when you’re pretending to be teaching a class to an empty room, it could make for an awkward explanation…

This is our list for our favorite study spots! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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