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The 10 Best Beaches In Adelaide That You Need To Visit This Summer

The 10 Best Beaches In Adelaide That You Need To Visit This Summer

The best beaches in Adelaide are ones you shouldn't miss.Here are the 10 best beaches in Adelaide to visit this summer. These Adelaide beaches are the best.

Is there really anything better than the salt on your skin, the sun beaming down and soaking up the summer fun at the beach? It’s truly what summer is all about- being at the beach with mates. If you live in Adelaide or are visiting Adelaide this summer you are fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia right under your nose. Here is a list of the 10 best beaches in Adelaide that you need to visit this summer…

1- Rapid Bay

Rapid Bay has crystal clear waters, white sands and caves that you can explore if you feel so inclined. It’s a great spot located


2- Port Willunga

Port Willunga is a great beach to swim at, with clear water, nice sand and extremely picturesque surroundings. It’s quite a unique beach which makes it that much more beautiful. This beach looks superb at any time of the day, however, sunset is really something special at Port Willunga beach.

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3- Second Valley

Second Valley is a great beach and is also great for cliff diving if you’re feeling adventurous and spontaneous. Come the summer time, this beach is absolutely packed and it’s clear to see why. This beach is notoriously one of the best beaches in Adelaide.


4- Port Norlunga

Port Noarlunga is a great spot for avid scuba divers or snorkelers with the 16km reef dive trail running just past the main jetty. There is a lot to see under the waters surface and a great deal to explore. It’s a great beach for families, seasoned snorkelers or people who just want to explore the ocean’s weird and wonderful up close and personal.


5- Innes National Park

Set up camp in Innes National Park, explore the walking trails and swim in the bluest of waters. Innes National Park is a bit of a drive away from Adelaide City but it is worth the hike to get there. I definitely recommend booking a site to stay at and making a nice weekend trip out of it. It truly is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in South Australia. Of course this makes the best beaches in Adelaide list.

6- Hallett Cove Beach

Hallett Cove Beach has a great walking boardwalk that you can do and then go for a swim to cool off.
Be mindful where you swim here as there can be a fair few big rocks dependent on which part of the beach you are exploring. There are always some friendly dolphins around this beach and there is even a ‘Swimming with the dolphins’ boat trip you can do if you feel like getting up close and personal with these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

7- Maslin’s Beach

Maslin’s Beach is a really lovely spot and great for swimming. There are 2 parts to this beach, one being a nude side where you’re free to frolic in your birthday suit, and the other side being like a regular beach where clothes or bathers are appreciated. Entirely up to you, do what you feel comfortable doing but make sure you check this beach out because it really is beautiful and the water is incredible.

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8- Normanville Beach

Normanville Beach is a great, family friendly beach with a lot to offer. The surf is often really great at Normanville for avid surfers or boogie borders…
I definitely recommend staying in the caravan site up there as it’s convenient, basically on the beach and a whole lot of fun to stay at. You can ride horses on the beach here too! How cool is that?!

9- Glenelg Beach

This beach is local to the city and really easy to get to. It’s a lovely beach and there are always people hanging out. With shops off of Jetty Road and a picturesque beach with refreshing water waiting to be jumped in to, there is a lot to love about Glenelg Beach. I definitely recommend going for a swim, coming back to shore to enjoy the sunset with a basket full of picnic food to share with your mates.

10- Aldinga Beach

The really cool thing about this beach is that you can actually drive on it and park your car. The relatively flat ground and the smooth yet hard sand makes it easy for every car to drive on (big or small). The beach itself has great water to swim in, and is the ideal beach for beach picnics!

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