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The Ultimate South East Asia Travel Guide

The Ultimate South East Asia Travel Guide

Your south east Asia travel guide is here. Find out the best places to do and see in south east Asia. These Asia travel tips are so useful.

South East Asia is filled with amazing, wonderful and hidden treasures that are worth exploring. If you’re travelling to South East Asia, no matter where in the beautiful country you are going, here are some pointers that will come in handy when you’re over there. Here’s your ultimate South East Asia travel guide.

Be open minded

South East Asia is such a beautiful part of the world; however, it is more than likely very different to the life that you are used to. It is so important that you go to South East Asia with an open mind.

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Bum-bag FTW

I know what you’re thinking. ‘A bum-bag??…Really?’ But trust me! I know they may not be the trendiest item on the market, but they are brilliant and such a great way to ensure your money is on you always. Chuck one of these on under your top and it will decrease the likelihood of you losing your money or being pick-pocketed.

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Hostels in major cities

Hostels are of surprisingly high standard in most parts of South East Asia. Whilst I can’t comment on every single hostel in Asia, I would say it’s a good idea to stick to hostels in major cities, such as places like Ho Chi Minh.

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Street Food is good food

Street food is incredible and will give you a genuine taste for the place you are in. It’s also authentic, tasty and cheap. This will be on any, and all, South East Asia travel guide tips.

Talk to the locals

The locals know what’s up, after all they are local to the place. Locals will help you find where to go, where the best places to eat are, what there is to do and how to make the most of your trip.

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Air BnB in South East Asia (especially in Vietnam), are great, affordable and the people who run them can give you so much insight in to the place you are visiting. No matter if you are in a share house with a whole heap of other tourists, or in a house all by yourself, your host is sure to look after you and ensure that you have the best time possible. Air BnB’s can be more expensive than hostels but are genuinely much cheaper than most hotels you will find.



Make sure that before you travel to South East Asia that you have all your immunisations and vaccinations up to date. Your doctor will be able to tell you what ones you need and help you in ensuring that you are all set to go before you leave.

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Currency Converter

The currency all around South East Asia is very different so you’ll have to get used to that. I highly recommend having a currency converter app on your phone so that you can quickly find out how much the item costs in your home currency (e.g.; AUD), at least until you get used to the conversions for yourself.  This will save you from spending unnecessary money.

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