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10 Best Burger Places In Melbourne

Melbourne had done well from the burger renaissance that has occurred in the last several years. There’s a variety of quality burger joints around the city and more and more are popping up. These are the 10 best burger places in Melbourne.

Juanita Peaches

The specialty at Juanita Peaches is fried chicken, but the go-to dish is their cheeseburger. The beef patty is hand-formed, grass-fed and coffee-rubbed. The rest of the ingredients are confit shallots, American cheese, dill pickles, and mustard mayo. To top it off, it’s served in a steamed potato bun.


This Melbourne burger joint has unique and fun burgers and you can play videogames while you wait for your order to be ready. There’s an arcade machine with around 500 games on it. The shop’s architecture features pixelated mosaic tiling and bold, primary colours. The founders were inspired by the fish and chip shops of old that had old arcade machines in them. The burgers are named after their favourite childhood videogames, like Golden Axe, Double Dragon, and Zelda.

The burgers are made with beef, chicken and crumbed mushroom. The 8-bit with cheese has beef, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard, cheese, ketchup, and 8-bit sauce. The Zelda is a unique burger, containing chickpea, corn, and quinoa patty, American cheese, beetroot relish, grilled halloumi, avocado, lettuce, and 8-bit sauce. The After Burner contains quite a kick with beef, tomato, red onion, lettuce, cheese, chilli sauce, jalapenos, mustard, and chipotle mayo. It’s no joke.

In addition to this, they do fries, shakes, hotdogs, tater-tots, and soft serves. The canned soft drinks and beers include Dr Pepper, Mountain Goat, and Sierra Nevada.


With several locations, the menu at Huxtaburger is built around grass-fed Wagyu patties and brioche-like buns. There are also versions with fried chicken and tofu, respectively. Several of them are named after characters on the Cosby Show. You’ll find burgers with basic fillings here, with no interest in wading into gourmet territory. There’s rarely more than tomato, cheese, pickles, lettuce, and bacon.  They’re described as a chef’s take on fast-food burgers.

Andrew’s burgers

Andrew’s Burgers is a way-old place, having opened in 1930. It’s truly a Melbourne institution. The burgers here are made in the tradition of the humble corner shop. When eating here, you have to try the classic burger with the lot. It has a well-done, caramelised patty, egg, beetroot, pineapple, molten tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, chopped white onion, and bottled tomato sauce, all encased in a crusty white roll. It’s totally unpretentious and has a simplistic charm. 

You can also have this exact same burger but with chicken or steak. You’re getting the burger found in any fish and chip shop, with a whole lot of pedigree behind it. You can also add bacon and the only seasoning on any of it is salt and pepper. Classic sides include dim sims, potato cakes, and spring rolls.

Fat Jaks

There are around 15 varieties of burger to try here. They range from traditional to out-there. The signature Fat Jak contains two Angus beef patties, salad, double bacon, American cheese, Fat Jak spread.  There are even burgers with no meat at all, like the “I Know it’s Cheesy”, which has a slab of deep-fried haloumi, American cheese, coleslaw, and a hash brown. Additionally, they do pizza, hot dogs, and four different kinds of fries.

Royal Stacks

Much of the Melbourne burger-boom owes a debt to our American friends, in terms of influence. Royal Stacks unabashedly embraces that, being inspired by the US chain Shake Shack. The 8 burgers that are made here are all beef, except one vegetarian option. The simplest is the Single Stack, which has a beef patty, tomato, lettuce, American cheddar, special burger sauce, and pickles. In contrast, there’s The King which as a mac and cheese croquette wedged into it.

Sides include tater tots, fries, frozen custard (which is in some of the burgers) and of course, a variety of shakes.  They also do doughnut and waffle stacks, to complete the picture. Don’t expect to walk away from this place feeling lighter.

Leonard’s House of Love

This restaurant/bar is set up in a house, decorated in a ’70s aesthetic with wood panelling, and exposed brick. It’s built in the style of a log cabin with a lunge room pool table, stone fireplace, and a picket fence outside. There’s no table service and no formal dining area, you just sit on the wood stools found around the place. You get the burgers in boxes. The double cheeseburger comes recommended. They also do fried chicken, loaded fries, and nachos.

Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill

 This place is set in an industrial area in Moorabin, not the first place in Melbourne that you’d think if going to have a burger. It’s inspired by classic US dinners. The warehouse is covered in neon signs and seating is made up of leather booths and communal tables, all adding to a Southern dinner feel. The Fat Bob Burger replicates the classic Aussie fish and chip shop burger, complete with all the ingredients you’d expect.

Gorilla Grill

Located in the west of Melbourne, Gorilla Grill combines American and Korean food to create a whole new level of artery cloggers. For example, there’s a burger with Korean pork belly and American cheese. There are sides like BBQ pork ribs and chips, but the real draw, the ingenious, insane thing that they make here are waffle burgers. Instead of buns, they use waffles. What more is there to say?

Meet Patty

This place uses the highest quality free-range, grass-fed, organic meat in Mentone. The brioche buns are lightly toasted and covered in sesame seeds. The patty is always slightly pink in the middle, making for juiciness. Also, it isn’t seasoned and slathered with condiments within an inch of its life.

Are you salivating for a burger right now? Which of these burger places in Melbourne are you most excited to check out? Tell us below!

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