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7 Of The Best Australian TV Shows You Need To Binge

Need something to watch? Tired of all the American TV shows you see daily? Why not watch something different? Watch an Australian TV show.
 Over many years, a range of successful movie stars in Hollywood begun on Australian TV. Chris Hemsworth in Home and Away to Margot Robbie in Neighbours, just to name a few. Not only is Australia home to many great actors and actresses, but there are many wonderful Australian TV shows well worth watching. Australia provides a different source of entertainment with their unique style of TV shows. Hilarious comedies and heart-warming dramas – TV shows that only can be produced in Australia. If they were set or made anywhere else, the show would not be the same. Here are 7 of the best Australian TV shows you need to binge.

1. Packed To The Rafters (2008-2013)

Packed to the Rafters is a heart-warming family drama revolving around the Rafter family. David and Julie Rafter thought they could finally settle down and have a quiet life, but that’s not the case. Throughout its run, Packed to the Rafters was in the top 5 shows of Australia each year. It touches on family, life and societal issues, including dementia, fertility troubles, marriage, and heartbreak.

2. Offspring (2010-2017)

Offspring centres around the life of Nina Proudman, a 30-something obstetrician, and her family and friends. Filmed in Melbourne’s inner north, it follows them navigating the chaos of modern life. Arguably one of the best Australian TV shows, it touches on issues of death, finding love again, marriage, cheating, friendship and combining families.

3. Kath and Kim (2002-2007)

When people think of great and iconic Australian comedies, they think of Kath and Kim. A legendary Australian TV show set in a fictional suburb in Melbourne, it is centred around a cheery suburban mother, Kath Day-Knight and her self-indulgent daughter Kim Craig. It is hilarious, funny and the good type of cringe!  

4. Summer Heights High (2007)

Chris Lilley, the series creator and writer plays three different characters from Summer Heights High School. – drama teacher Mr. G, exchange student Ja’ime, and break-dancing delinquent Jonah. This hilarious comedy is a mockumentary TV show from the perspectives of each of the three characters. It is relatable and highly entertaining!

5. House Husbands (2012-2017)

House Husbands is a heart-warming comedy-drama. Set in Melbourne, this TV show follows four fathers who stay at home and look after their children. It centres around the bond between these families and friends. It is a beautifully crafted show touching on topical issues such as cheating, divorce, love, and friendship.

6. McLeod’s Daughters (2001-2009)

McLeod’s Daughters was met instantly with critical acclaim and became one of the most successful series on Australian television. This series centres around two very different half-sisters, Claire and Tess. They are reunited to run a farm in rural South Australia. You’ll be packing your bags and heading to the Australian outback in no time!

7. Please Like Me (2013-2016)

Please Like Me is written, produced and starred in by much-loved Australian comedian Josh Thomas. It centres around the main character, Josh – a 20-year-old gay male – who is trying to figure out how the world works and where he fits into it. It has been praised by many critics and won numerous awards. The combination of raw emotion and comedy is hard to find on TV these days. 

Need something to watch? Why not watch some of these TV shows? These are some of the best comedies and dramas Australia has to offer. Do you have a favourite Australian TV show? Let us know in the comments below!

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