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The Best Doughnut Shops In Melbourne That You Must Visit ASAP

Melbourne is proliferated with doughnut shops. We all love doughnuts (maybe a little too much), so you’ll always have options to feed your cravings.  These are the best doughnut shops in Melbourne that you must visit ASAP.

Doughboys Doughnuts

Doughboys Doughnuts comes from humble beginnings. It was founded by Walter McKenzie and Brook James in McKenzie’s mum’s basement. A bakery/cafe now stands on 535 Bourke Street. From the start, they’ve been focused on inventive flavour combinations. They’ve created 30 recipes thus far, with 10 being available at any time. They have a Hazelnut Truffle doughnut, a French Toast doughnut, and an Apple Cider doughnut among many other kinds.


The places where you can find great doughnuts don’t always come in the guise of doughnut shops. This is a rooftop bar and restaurant located on 48 Easey Street, Collingwood. On the said roof, there are old-school train carriages where the bar can be found. The doughnuts here are fried to order and filled with milkshake inspired custards. 

American Doughnut Kitchen

One of Melbourne’s first doughnut shops, located at Queen Victoria Market. The portable kitchen, in the form of a van, has been around, having used to be found at the Zoo, MCG, and The Royal Exhibition Building. It can only be found at the market now. They specialise in hot-jam doughnuts; that’s all they do, and they’ve been using the same recipe since the beginning. Sometimes the old ways are best. They sell in the thousands every week.

Shortstop Coffee and Doughnuts

A small bakery/cafe on 12 Sutherland Street, they pride themselves on the amount of time, research and experimentation that has gone into their doughnuts. They see coffee and doughnuts as the all-time perfect combination. They make both using high quality, natural ingredients. Along with doughnuts they make crullers, which are larger and more like churros, just circular. Types of doughnut include Earl Grey & Rose, and Pistachio & Spiced Orange.

Smith and Deli

 Out of all the doughnut shops on this list, Smith and Deli is the only one that specifically caters to vegans. They should be able to enjoy doughnuts as well, right? The place loosely styles itself as a New York deli, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. They only do one flavour of doughnut per day.  Flavours include a Maple Bacon doughnut.

Daniel’s Doughnuts/Bakery

This family-owned business has two locations: One in Springvale and another in Wyndham. The latter store, Daniel’s bakery, broke records a few years ago when it sold over 10,00 Nutella doughnuts. Living in the area, I can attest to their quality. They cover other less-than-regular doughnuts like M&M, Tiramisu, and the Snickers Podnut, along with the regulars like jam and glazed.

All Day Doughnuts

There are many kinds of doughnut shops and the right one for you depends on your preferences are. Case in point: All Day Dougnuts do fairly large doughnuts, so one may be enough for you. They make 5 varieties of fresh doughnut – they are made on-demand. That’s unparalleled freshness. Flavours include coffee passionfruit, rose creme, and milkberry rubble.

Candied Bakery

Here they make a lot of things that you know, with a twist. They describe themselves as an Australian bakery with American and European influences.  The favourites are vanilla slice, salted caramel crumble, and raspberry pavlova. Wash down the decadence with an apple pie smoothie. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Bistro Morgan

These quirky, highly creative doughnuts, are known for the large syringes that are stuck into them. The toppings are wild and include things like smashed cookies, Smarties, Fruit Loops, and marshmallow. They rotate, but the doughnut that’s always available is the Golden Gaytime Crunch.

Are you of a mind to visit any of these doughnut shops? What kind of doughnut do you want to try in particular? Tell us below!

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Jan Acevedo

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