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7 Ways For A Busy University Student To Stay Healthy

7 Ways For A Busy University Student To Stay Healthy

As a university student, it can be easy to neglect certain things, like your health. Keep reading for 7 ways to stay healthy as a busy university student.

University can be overwhelming at times. You’re so busy that it can be easy to neglect certain things, like your health. No matter how busy you are, there are ways to stay healthy. Keep reading for 7 ways to stay healthy as a busy university student.

1. Take daily vitamins.

I know as a university student and in general a human being, we find it hard eat 2 and 5 a day (two fruits and five vegetables). This is where vitamins come in handy. Now, I’m not suggesting by taking vitamins you throw out any means of fruit or vegetables, but more to give you a leg up or boost during the day, plus your body will love any extra nutrients you put into it.

2. If you can, take the bus, ride a bike or walk to university.

Catching public transport or making your own means of transport is a great way to stay that little bit healthier, plus it’s nice to breath in some fresh air and even look at some scenery along the way. You can also feel good about saving the environment a little more too.


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3. Take adequate breaks.

Whether you’re sitting at a computer desk, at the library at uni or even lying on the couch doing an assignment, it is important to take adequate breaks every now and then. For example, and hour after studying, get up and have a stretch, take a walk outside for a minute or even have a small chat to someone. This way your brain gets a rest and your body doesn’t become all cramped up.

4. Cook a meal for lunch the night before.

There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal, and the advantage of cooking a meal the night before at home is you can take it for lunch the next day! Plus, you can also acquire it to your own personal taste (and not to mention it saves money). There are some links underneath to some really quick and tasty recipes that won’t break the bank and that are quite healthy. For healthy breakfast ideas, click here. For 10 easy recipes every university student should know, click here.


5. Study time is snack time.

I understand, when you’re a busy uni student drowning in assignments you don’t particularly have time to do other things – even eat. Here’s where I say study time is snack time. The night before, pop down to the supermarket and grab a bag of mixed nuts, or make yourself a fruit salad even. So, while you’re studying your able to snack on healthy food whilst still being productive.

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6. Get a decent amount of sleep.

Getting a decent amount of sleep every night is super important not only for mental health but your physical health too. Sleep helps to maintain a healthy weight and can even repair blood vessels and your heart. It is also known to improve memory, give your brain bursts of creativity and sharpen your concentration. Not to mention not getting enough sleep is a terrible feeling.

7. Go to the gym when you have a break between classes.

Most universities have a gym on campus, even if they don’t there usually isn’t one far away. Taking advantage of it is one of the best ways for a busy university student to stay healthy. Even if you’re able to squeeze in a half an hour work out, getting to the gym can boost brain activity, burn calories, build muscle and also fill your brain with feel good chemicals.

What are some other ways to stay healthy as a busy university student? Comment below and share the article!
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