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15 Zoom Games That Will Elevate Your Virtual Calls To The Next Level

15 Zoom Games That Will Elevate Your Virtual Calls To The Next Level

If you’re one of the thousands of self-isolating college students totally missing Thirsty Thursdays, look no further than to Zoom to have fun with your friends! This video chat platform allows you to invite multiple people at once to an access-code only chatroom, where you can share screens and sidebar chat. Lets just say that as far as virtual calls go, Zoom is the place to have ’em.

If you’re going stir crazy and want to make your virtual calls slightly less boring, here are 15 games you can play that will take your next Zoom party to the next level!

1. Quiplash

Designed by Jackbox Games, Quiplash has become a classic game in the past few years. Intended for three to eight players, the goal is literally to be the funniest person in your group. Each player is given a prompt (i.e. “Something you don’t want to hear your dentist say while they’re looking at your teeth”) and a short amount of time to come up with a hilarious answer. After the anonymous answers are displayed on your screen, everyone votes for their favorite. The game costs $4.99 and can be connected to your Zoom account, and it is totally worth it.


2. Most Likely To…

Remember senior superlatives? Kick it up a notch with random and hilarious scenarios, then vote for which player would be “most likely to” do them! You have to have a good sense of humor for this one, since the fun of it is literally making fun of your friends.

3. Power Hour

This game is not kid friendly. If you’re willing to wake up with a nasty hangover, Power Hour is tons of fun while it’s happening. Basically, the goal of the game is to drink something – whether it be a sip of beer or, if you’re brave and in good liver health, shots – every minute for an hour straight. There’s only one goal, and that is to get sloppy. But if that’s not your speed, feel free to take breaks with chasers or water…what your friends know won’t hurt them!

The best part of Power Hour, though, is setting aside time to see your closest pals and catch up with them. And you can bet money the conversation will only get more interesting as time goes on!


4. Dog Show

Don’t knock it ’till you try it. If you have funny friends, screen sharing muted YouTube videos of real life dog shows but substituting in your own commentary is actually so much fun. No dog is safe from criticism. We’re comin’ for you, poodles.

5. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a true staple for your next Zoom party. Each player chooses a category and has one minute to guess as many things related to the category as possible, as performed by another player. That can range from accents, celebrities, et cetera. But no cheating! Don’t you DARE look at yourself in the icon box! 

6. Chopped

This classic Food Network show can easily be recreated via Zoom. Make sure you coordinate in advance which bizarre mystery ingredients you and your “competitors” will have to work with by drawing them randomly from a hat, and then set a time limit on both obtaining them and the meal preparation. While the ingredients are less of a surprise than for the real-deal competitors, you’ll still have loads of fun! 


15 Zoom Games That Will Elevate Your Virtual Calls To The Next Level

7. Never Have I Ever

Drinking Zoom games do not require you to be in the same room with anyone, but for this one, you do have to make sure you see everyone’s fingers for the sake of cheating! It’s simple: you hold up 10 fingers, putting down a finger every time someone says something you’ve done. Go in order of player to player and when each finger has been put down, DRINK. You’ll probably find out some TMI about your besties.

8. Just Dance

Dance-off style Zoom games will give you not only a great workout, but a ton of fun with your friends! There are many ways you can go about this, but I recommend screen sharing a YouTube video of  pre-recorded songs from the game. Have fun watching your friends make actual fools of themselves…unless they really are the next Beyonce.


9. Trivia

There are so many online and homemade trivia platforms, and each one can be customized to you and your friends’ interests or areas of knowledge. This is one of the most simple ways you can elevate Zoom games!

10. Google Earth’s “Voyager” feature

Chances are, if you’re playing Zoom games with your friends, you’re dying to get out of your house. With the “Voyager” feature on Google Earth, you can screen share with friends and go anywhere in the world your hearts desire! Plus, you can program mini tours on the application and plan your dream vacays. How fun is that?

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15 Zoom Games That Will Elevate Your Virtual Calls To The Next Level

11. Where’s Waldo

Also on Google Earth is an easy, homemade version of the classic “Where’s Waldo.” Put your friends’ geography skills to the test by sharing your screen after choosing a random location and making them guess where it is! The winner can get some sort of prize…maybe a virtual pat on the back?

12. PSYCH!

Also from the creators of Heads Up! is PSYCH!, a super personal and interactive game where players are given serious trivia questions but have to come up with fake answers. Once you’ve virtually created your deck, put your friends to the test and whoever guesses the right answer wins! This is the ideal Zoom party game for any tight knight group with tons of inside jokes.


13. Cards Against Humanity

The online version of the hilarious card game is called “Remote Sensitivity,” and can be played on virtual cardgame websites. Once you set up an access link to the adult version of Apples to Apples, split your screen and watch your friends making funny decisions!

14. Would You Rather

Would You Rather requires nothing but good decision making skills and creativity, making this classic one of the most perfect Zoom games. To make things even more challenging, before you get everybody together, have them prepare questions in advance that are group specific.

And if you’re feeling like you want to kick things up a notch, turn it into an easy drinking game by allowing people to pass a question with the stipulation that they have to do a shot! 


15. Pictionary

Using the “Whiteboard” feature on Zoom, share your screen with each player and make them guess what you’re drawing! This is one of the most accessible Zoom games, and is also a total fan favorite. 

Don’t let quarantine deprive you of a good time. While nothing beats hanging with your friends IRL, let us know in the comments which Zoom game was a crowd favorite! 

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