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Zodiac Signs And Compatibility: How To Find Out You’re Compatible (It’s More Complex Than You Think)

Zodiac Signs And Compatibility: How To Find Out You’re Compatible (It’s More Complex Than You Think)

Astrology may seem like quite a silly topic, but it actually is way more complicated than people think – and finding out as to whether you’re astrologically compatible with someone might take a couple of extra steps that you might have been unaware of, unless you’re really into astrology like some people.

But how is it more complicated? That’s what I’m about to explain, as well as tell you the best matches in zodiac charts – by default.

So what is going on?

The second you were born, all planets, stars and comets were in very specific, definite points in space.


Our main sign, which is determined entirely by the astrological season, and is also the one that most people are aware of (and, often, the only one) is the Sun sign. That means that when you were born, the Sun was in this particular constellation, if we phrase it as simply as possible.

So if you tell everyone that you’re a Capricorn, that actually means that the Sun was in the Capricorn constellation the moment you were born.


And the problem is…?

While the Sun sign is one of the most important signs of the chart – duh, the Sun – it is also far from the only one.

The Sun has deep effects on our personalities, the way we communicate and our worldviews, but it doesn’t necessarily determine how compatible romantically we are with others – that’s Venus’s job (unsurprisingly so).

The next steps

First of all, you should find out what your Venus sign is.


That is much simpler than you might have imagined. All you need for that is the day and location you were born at – you don’t even need the precise time (that you need for Ascendant, comets and nodes; don’t worry about it, really).

As soon as you have that information, jump onto any possible website that calculates birth charts. My website of choice for that is Cafe Astrology – it calculates and explains everything thoroughly. Hop onto there and put all the info you have in. If will give you a detailed breakdown of every single sign in your chart, including Venus, by the way.

A simple breakdown

Venus in each planet means:


Aries: you’re passionate, bold, unabashed and horny (pun intended).

Taurus: you’re steady, loyal, keep your trust in check, slow on getting used to the other person.

Gemini: talkative, curious, a player who is often ready to run away if needed.


Cancer: sensitive, empathetic, looking for gentlessness, caring and nurturing.

Leo: you’re attention seeking, yet attention giving. Warm, generous, sometimes a bit obnoxious (in an endearing way).

Virgo: practical even in love. Others are either worthy of your time, or wasting it. High standards.


Libra: light, gentle loving; you need the partner to be your anchor, helping you with decisions and judgments.

Scorpio: sexual, intense, in love with honesty. Deep connections, true intimacy are it.

Sagittarius: mostly worried for your freedom. Realness is key. Emotional and brash at times.


Capricorn: distant, logical, individualistic; you seem like an attractive badass others can’t quite grasp.

Aquarius: quirky, slightly detached, highly focused on conversation and intellectuality.

Pisces: obsessed with honesty, obsessed with emotions, in need of mutual supporting – which you will provide to your partner unconditionally.


And onwards to compatibility

Funnily enough, all compatibility charts you have seen actually work for Venus signs – and were most likely originally based on those – but you have probably been looking at them with the wrong signs in mind.

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Now, knowing your Venus sign, you may choose to go back to any of the ones you’d seen before, or you can satiate yourself with this simple summary.

Aries: best – Sagittarius and Leo; all three are fiery, loud, capable of understanding each other’s needs and, at times, erratic behaviour. Worst – Cancer and Capricorn; too soft for an Aries, too much work, too much adapting that needs to be done.

Taurus: best – Capricorn and Virgo; all three have a similar approach to life and values, all three are pedantic and realistic. Worst – Leo and Aquarius; too erratic, too volatile, too unstable.


Gemini: best – Libra and Aquarius; the air affinity lets you understand each other’s instabilities and insecurities without judgment. Worst – Virgo and Pisces; both too dependent on security (in very different way), both too in need of equal effort.

Cancer: best – Scorpio and Pisces; all three are sensitive, empathetic and gentle with emotions, understanding their value. Worst – Aries and Libra; both too volatile, both care too little about others’ emotions, in need of guidance, decisiveness or incredible tolerance.

Leo: best – Aries and Sagittarius; both will understand Leo’s self-absorption and need to shine. Worst – Taurus and Scorpio; both not openly appreciative enough, valuing the small thoughtful gestures more than the giant extravagant professions of love.


Virgo: best –Pisces and Cancer; both hard workers in relationships and emotional affairs, both willing to grow and develop, which is their strongest ground in terms of being compatible. Worst – Gemini and Sagittarius; too unsure, too unstable, too kind to their own imperfections.

Libra: best – Virgo and Taurus; both decisive, both grounded, both sure of what needs to be done – which is exactly something that Libras lack. Worst – Cancer and Capricorn; complete lack of understanding based on entirely different worldviews. Cancers care too much, Capricorns need to see dedication, Libra neither tries too hard, nor cares too much.

Scorpio: best – Taurus and Pisces; stable and secure versus understanding and forgiving, both of those would work amazingly with a Scorpio. Worst – Leo and Aquarius; too selfish, too depthless (as per the Scorpio)


Sagittarius: best – Aries and Leo. Worst – Virgo and Pisces; either too hateful of and disapproving of outbursts as per Virgo, or too sensitive and caring of what the other will say as per Pisces.

Capricorn: best – Taurus and Virgo. Worst – Aries and Libra; not enough security to be compatible, not enough stability, not enough thought put into actions, not enough decisiveness.

Aquarius: best – Cancer, Libra; both compatible with Aquarians because they’re both sensitive and understanding – even if differently, both seeking new things that would deeply impact them, both giving, both air-headed, together with the loud, mighty Aquarius to outweigh them. Worst – Taurus, Capricorn; posessive, too grounded, too unwilling to experiment.


Pisces: best – Cancer, Scorpio. Worst – Gemini, Sagittarius; not compatible because these two are not caring enough, not careful enough, not thoughtful enough, too selfish and focused on their own needs.

Here’s a short summary. Do you care about astrology at all? Tell us in the comments!

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