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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect For Leo Season

Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect For Leo Season

Take a look at what each zodiac sign can expect for this Leo season. Leos have there own personality and we are ready for it.

Leo season is officially upon us now. From July 23 to August 22, be prepared for Leos to be even more extra, if that’s possible. However, during this particular Leo season, Mercury (and Mars!!) will also begin to retrograde again on July 26th. Things may be a little out of whack this time because of this, but the main thing to take away from any time in Leo is the confidence.


The Leo season will bring out your adventurous side, Aries. Spontaneous adventures are around every corner this month, so don’t be afraid to just dive in! Don’t lock yourself into any serious obligations, this is the perfect time for fun and pleasure. However, with Mercury in retrograde until August 19th, be cautious of your words. Thinking before you speak is especially important right now with Mercury putting everyone’s communication skills out of whack.


Take this time to think about what you truly want with your relationships, Taurus. This Leo season will greatly affect your love life. This whole Mercury in retrograde thing is really going to bog you down too. Everything will feel like a misunderstanding, but take some of Leo’s confidence and keep moving, everything will work out.


Which of these signs are ready for Leo season?


 Now is the time to get everything off your chest, Gemini. The first few weeks of Leo season will provide you with a clear path to communicate whatever you need to say. The sun is in your communication zone, so really take this time to talk things out. With this, you may spark up some new relationships, but don’t be so quick to sign someone as a partner… wait until the retrograding is done.


 Coming out of your season, Cancer, everything may feel like it’s spiraling into chaos. However, after the initial shock is over, you’ll be ready for the fresh start that Leo season is going to give you. Leo’s confidence will push you to really trust your intuition and push new ideas to become reality. You will come out of this season stronger than ever.


Which of these signs are ready for Leo season?


 It’s hard to know what to say other than IT’S FINALLY YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Take this time to be the most authentic and full version of yourself, Leo! It’s your time to be in the spotlight, so take it! Live it up! Happy Birthday!!!!

Which of these signs are ready for Leo season?


Which of these signs are ready for Leo season?


Because of Mercury retrograding right now, it will be especially hard for you to take in as much of Leo’s confident energy as you’d like, Virgo. This retrograde in Leo will force you to stop bottling up all of your feelings and really express yourself. Giving in to your wants and needs is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing during this season. It will definitely benefit you in the long run.


 This Leo season is your time to ask for the help you always give out to others. You’ll need those closest to you to help get you through a stressful situation this month, Libra. However, Venus will also move into your sign the season during the beginning of August, which will give your confidence a much needed boost.

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This Leo season may not be a great one for you, Scorpio. You may suffer an intense loss that will feel devastating in the moment, but the universe works in mysterious ways. Whatever it is, it will end up being a blessing in disguise in the long run. This is also a time to really think about the big ideas/dreams you have and how to achieve them. With Mars and Mercury both in retrograde though, it may be a good idea to hold off on actually starting anything until later.


With Leo’s confidence and energy radiating through all the signs, you are more than ready to take on the world, Sagittarius! For the next month, the world is yours, so take in everything and every experience you’ve been waiting on. During this time, relationships will also be a big focus for you. Use your actions to show how you feel as Mercury continues to retrograde through this season.



For you Capricorn, this season may throw you into a bit of a nosedive. You may be feeling lower than usual and a bit confused. Spending time with your family and friends will get you out of this funk and keep you going through anything Leo season may throw at you. This is also a time to check in on everyone in those groups as well, making sure everyone is as content as possible.


Be prepared for Leo season to pull you out of your shell Aquarius! Leo’s don’t know the meaning of the word “shy,” so take in as much of their confident energy as you can while you can. You’re already feeling good about yourself, so this is just a little push to keep you in that same positive direction. Keep working on yourself, you have a lot to show for it!

Which of these signs are ready for Leo season?



This Leo season should be spent focusing on you, Pisces. This is the best time to take for some good old self-care. During this season, you’ll have  bit of a flare for the dramatic, as a Leo always does, and be a bit more playful than normal. Take that in and keep it for your everyday life! You may run into some tough decisions that need to be made, but just trust your gut to take you in the right direction.

Which of these signs are ready for Leo season? Let us know below.

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