12 Zodiac Sign Costumes To Try This Halloween

With Halloween inching closer and closer, the time to pick out a costume is quickly winding down. Cant decide on a getup for the evening? Good news, your zodiac sign is here to help. Because we look to our horoscopes to tell us much more than just the current status of our love lives, check out what you should be wearing for zodiac sign costumes on Halloween.

1. Aries

If you were born under the sign of Aries, you’re incredibly strong, confident, bold, and independent. Even though it’s about time to celebrate Halloween, you’re working hard to achieve your goals, so the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear to the annual Halloween party. That’s why you need a costume that is quick to put together and simple, but will still embody how bad ass you are. You’re brave and strong-willed, just like any superhero, which means that you could easily transform into Batman or Wonder Woman.

Best costume ideas: Batman, Wonder Woman, Army Woman, Hercules, Jasmine

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2. Taurus

You’re known to be stubborn and persistent, but at the same time, you’re extremely loyal and protective of your loved ones. You’re also patient, nurturing, and romantic like the gorgeous Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You love luxury and you know the value of high-quality things, so when picking a spunky costume for Halloween, you’re willing to spend a little extra to make sure you look amazing.

Best costume ideas: Belle, Jon Snow, Katniss Everdeen, Unicorn, Tinkerbell

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3. Gemini

Because you’re a Gemini, you have many sides to your personality. You’re lively, clever, fun, humorous, but also a little bit unpredictable, so your zodiac sign costumes should reflect that. You need to choose a classic and simple costume that could be easily altered depending on your mood (for example, a fairy). Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad is also a good choice for your zodiac sign because she is sassy and unpredictable just like you.

Best costume ideas: A fairy, Harley Quinn, Spiderman, Catwoman, Classic Brittney

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4. Cancer

You’re an incredibly emotional, empathetic, thoughtful and sensitive human being. You’re a total homebody that loves spending time at home and prioritizes family and friends over everything. This means that you can be introverted a bit, but you are always there to help when needed. You’re very imaginative and creative, so the perfect costume for you will be a homemade one. Lilo And Stitch would be a great costume for you based on the importance of family you value.

Best costume ides: A penguin, Elastigirl, Lilo/Stitch, Mulan, Soccer Mom

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5. Leo

Much like the lion that is the symbol of your sign, you’re confident, strong, brave, proud, and born leader. You’re determined, fearless, and bossy just like Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. A dramatic, bold, creative, and colorful costume that will make you the star of the Halloween party is the perfect fit for you.

Best costume ideas: Daenerys Targaryen, Harry Potter, Captain America, Moana

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6. Virgo

Virgos are known for being intelligent, honest, analytical, tidy, organized, communicative, and a perfectionist that pays attention to the smallest detail. You need a simple and thoughtful costume that represents who you are and that makes you stand out. So, what do we have in mind for you this years zodiac sign costumes? Hermione Granger or maybe one of the strongest ladies of history, Rosie the Riveter.

Best costume ideas: Hermione Granger, Joan of Arc, Rosie the Riveter, Beyoncé

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7. Libra

If you were born under the sign of Libra, you’re charming, friendly, graceful, and well-balanced, just like a mermaid or a Disney princess. These ideas would be the perfect Halloween costumes for all women born under this zodiac sign. As an air sign, you will also make a great flying superhero like Superman. You’re a lover of beautiful things, so it’s only natural that you would want to be well-dressed for your Halloween party.

Best costume ideas: A mermaid, Cinderella, Princess Anna, Mary Poppins, Superman

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8. Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you’re very passionate, intense, stubborn, clever, assertive, and a secretive person who always speaks their mind. Due to your mysterious nature, you can easily transform into a god or a goddess of darkness for Halloween. We’re picturing you as Morticia Addams, who is dark and gloomy yet sexy and intriguing, just like you. You’re cool and passionate, so you can also dress up like a rockstar.

Best costume ideas: A rockstar, Vampire, Morticia Addams, Voldemort, Pocahontas

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9. Sagittarius

Your constant curiosity makes you crave new experiences. You’re curious, energetic, outgoing, optimistic, independent, colorful and likable. You’re the traveler of the zodiac that can’t sit still for very long and you love your freedom and independence. Your enthusiasm and optimism are infectious, which always attracts people to you. Being a burst of energy, dressing up as a pinata this year is a perfect fit for this years zodiac sign costumes!

Best costume ideas: Princess Leia, Pinatas, Tourist, Rastafarian

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10. Capricorn

You, Capricorn, are one of the most traditional zodiac signs. You’re also ambitious, patient, responsible, and you work hard to achieve your goals in life. Because you’re hardworking, spiritual, and classic, you should wear a costume to depict that. Being your sun or moon sign would be a super creative twist on zodiac signs for Halloween.

Best costume ideas: Queen Elsa, Sun/Moon Sign, Kate Middleton, Rachel Green

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11. Aquarius

You’re an independent, creative, artistic, kind-hearted, and generous person, but you can also be rebellious and cold at times. You’re the thinker of the zodiac and a major humanitarian and problem solver, so your zodiac sign costumes should represent these qualities.

Best costume ideas: Army Woman, Snow White, the Mad Hatter, Sandy from Grease

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12. Pisces

You’re selfless, extremely sensitive, romantic, imaginative person who tends to daydream a lot. You have a strong artistic side and you basically live for movies and TV shows that you can get creative with.  You probably have every little detail of your Halloween costume planned out already, because you want to make sure it is original and artsy.

Best costume ideas: Alice In Wonderland, Aladdin, Dorothy, “Shark Week”

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What are some of your favorite zodiac sign costumes? Let us know in the comments below!

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