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Zen Decor Concepts That Will Change Your Life

We live a pretty rushed state of mind, always striving for the good life. Within this busy life, there are ample commitments that have been summoned upon us: bills to pay; assignments to finish; jobs to tackle; parents, kids, and/or siblings to take care of; groceries to buy; cars to refuel; emails to follow-up; a gallon of water to chug a dayyou know the drill.  Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that literally means “meditation”. It originated in China as the Chan school of Chinese Buddhism, by which spread to Japan and became “Japanese Zen”. Even though there are many Zen teachings, their core notion emphasizes spiritual practices through meditation.

There are different ways to achieve Zen, and for that, you’ll have to escape your all-over-the-place kind of life for a second. So, why not turn your home into a more Zenful place through decorations that could amplify your ability to meditate and relax after a long, congested day?

Here are a few Zen decor concepts that will change your life:

1. Zen Wall Murals and Luxe Wallpaper

Strive to infuse your home with Zen decor concepts that will create a peaceful space: a space that strips away all of your worries and helps you regain groundedness and peaceful thinking of what truly matters in life–to be alive.

Luxe and mural wallpaper can transform your house into an oasis of calm, and cultivate an exotic and spiritual experience.

2. Home Fountains

An indoor water fountain will undoubtfully create an instant Zen because of the water sound flowing from the top to the bottom of the basin! It instills a sense of tranquility around the premise and helps recharge and release stress after a long, busy day.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism was introduced in Japan as a form of art movement originated from modernism in the post-second World War era. It began to gain attraction during the 1980s’ economic growth that resulted in the skyscraping rapid expansion and a booming population. The minimalistic architecture, as a result, was a healing escape from the chaotic environment.

Derived from the Japanese Zen philosophy, minimalism is a reference to achieving contentment in necessities rather than focusing on thriving from materialistic things.

4. Bathing with Nature

Among its obvious benefits, bathing or showering with a view of mother nature is a great way to expand your Zenful life in your own home.

A little backstory: The nation of Japan loves to soak in bathtubs as it is a significant way of life and a ritual deeply rooted in the nation’s history.

For relaxation purposes in addition to strengthening the connection with nature, part of this ritual is bathing naked in a shared space with others, even though it might be awkward to some.

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Thus, public bathing can be done either at an onsen or a Sentō: an onsen is publicly bathing in the hot springs at 25 degrees Celcius. These onsens are usually developed around a hot spring and contain different minerals that heal the soul, illness, and injury.

Meanwhile, a Sentō or the bathhouse is also a central point for communal nude bathing in nutrient-rich water. The difference is that hot water is bought to a local sentō or brought home to bathe in! It is far less luxurious in a sense, but serves a great solution for adding a Zenful concept into your home!

5. Meditation Room

For an increased serenity and rather an inexpensive way of reaching a peaceful mind and body, creating a private Zen room in your house might be among the greatest solutions.

Seek therapy within your own space by making sure the room reflects the mood you want to achieve by the end of every meditation session.

Which ones of the mentioned Zen decor concepts were your favorite? Share your comments below!
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